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Back to School 2020 – Custom Supplies for Safe Learning this Fall

published: August 11, 2020  |  updated: September 1, 2020
Classroom with ppe and social distancing safety measures

This fall, schools of every type will be heading into uncharted territory. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, some schools are going completely online, some are blending remote and classroom learning, while others plan to hold classes, but with many adaptations.

The big question students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents are asking is, “How can we learn safely, in a healthy environment?”  

In this article, we will review the many products Crestline offers that provide answers to that very important question. With deep experience in educational promotional products, we have much to offer for this upcoming school year in particular. School supplies and safety products, customized with a school logo and/or safety message, can help make going back to school in fall 2020 a time where everyone involved can have the confidence to make the most of the K-12, college or university experience. Uncharted territory — yes. But the good news here is, forging ahead into uncharted territory is a tremendous learning experience, and one that we are very proud to support.

Safety First

Before exploring our products, you may want to review this very important information from the CDC about coronavirus-related preparation for K-12 school reopening. Many of the ideas, strategies, and general recommendations are useful for schools at any level, as well as for parents who want to be sure every precaution is being taken.

Let’s take a look at pandemic protection products you can use to help make the fall semester a rich and safe learning experience.

On Campus

School Supplies Kits

The CDC recommends that students do not share supplies. School supplies kits address this issue by giving students the essential items they need for learning — pencils, erasers, rulers, etc. Personalizing kits with the student’s name discourages sharing and helps prevents supplies from getting lost. For small group learning, supplies and accessories can be color-coded to restrict usage to each group. Students can leave these kits at school, where they can be washed frequently.

Face Masks & Shields

  • K-12. It’s important for schools to have a supply of reusable youth masks , since children are very apt to forget them. Crestline offers cotton masks for youths as well as handy mask keepers, which are lanyards with dual clips that hold masks close at hand even as students frequently take them off and put them on. Make mask wearing fun with our exclusive line of school themed prints, available in adult and child sizes and in 2-ply and 4-ply styles.
  • Face Masks with Education Designs
  • College and University. Crestline offers a wide range of masks and other protective face coverings, many of which can be imprinted. Two popular varieties for students include our comfortable cotton reusable masks and polyester masks. In addition to these, we have a large selection of mask styles and materials.
  • For Teachers.
    • The same face masks that work for older students will also protect teachers, but there are few more options that come with different benefits. Students can be put off by not being able to see their teacher’s faces and expressions, and many learn better when they can see the instructor’s lips moving. Consider face shields with replaceable front panels for easy daily cleaning. We also offer a face mask with a transparent panel that achieves the same purpose.
    • When teachers are wearing traditional face masks, pair an antimicrobial lanyard with a clear badge holder. That way students will at least be able to recognize their teacher from their ID photo. Lanyards also make is easy to keep pens and hand sanitizer on hand at all times.
    • Make masks more comfortable to wear during long school days with ear savers, or headbands with buttons.

Hand Sanitizers

Travel Hand Sanitizer with Logo

Hand sanitizers are a must for a safe school year. Students with lots of supplies to keep track of can benefit from a mini sanitizer with carabiner that clips on to lanyards, backpacks and belt loops. For classroom use, sanitizer stations make healthy additions, and can be imprinted with the school logo and a safety message that students will notice.

PPE Kits

PPE Kits

Pre-assembled PPE kits from Crestline, with masks, sanitizers and other items, simplify the job of organizing a healthy classroom, and make excellent welcome-back-to-school giveaways. Just give us your school logo or the design of your choice, and we’ll put the kits together for you. We’ll even handle the shipping to individual students! Don’t see the perfect kit for your needs? Mix and match our many PPE products for a custom solution.


No Contact Thermometer

Crestline offers several thermometers well suited for school environments, including reusable forehead thermometers that students, teachers and staff can use to self-monitor and non-contact infrared models that can be used quickly and safely for on campus fever checks.

Handwashing Instruction Signage for Bathrooms

Wash Your Hands Stickers

Teachers know repetition is important for learning. Our stickers and magnets give you a variety of ways to remind students, faculty and guests how to wash hands properly.

Kooty Keys and Other Touchless Tools

No Touch Tool Keychain

Don’t touch that doorknob, light switch or keypad! Instead, use an anti-germ Kooty Key or one of our other no touch tools to reduce exposure to germs and other contaminants. These “handy” giveaways are extremely useful on and off campus, as they allow the user to pick up bags, open doors, operate touch screens, flip light switches and more, all without risking exposure. 


Tissue Pack with Smiley Face

Students of all ages should come to school equipped with tissues, especially at the K-12 level. Our selection of tissue packs helps you help students keep them handy, and also display a health-related branding message.

Sneeze Guards and Counter Shields

Tabletop Barrier Kit

Transparent counter barriers provide protection without being obtrusive or intimidating. Our protective counter barriers come in a variety of sizes, can be imprinted, and are ideal for reception desks, administrative offices and other areas around campus where physical interaction should be limited.

UV Sanitizers for Surfaces & Tech

UV Light Sterlizing Wand

Continual cleaning throughout the day is extremely important during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we offer several items to assist in that effort. UV sanitizers use light to kill germs on surfaces like desks, as well as hard to clean tech items like cell phones and computers. Wand styles can cover more ground, while box styles are perfect for sterilizing small devices.

Floor Mats and Decals for Social Distancing and Direction

Rectangle Social Distancing Floor Decal

School campuses have many areas where people gather, which can easily lead to crowding and unnecessary physical contact. Directional arrow and social distancing floor decals and mats help manage movement in these areas and keep activities flowing more safely.

PVC Plastic Backpacks

Clear Backpack with School Logo

Imprinted, clear PVC plastic backpacks are not only excellent for security, but they can also be wiped clean with disinfectant every day without causing damage.

For Outdoor Activities

Notebook and matching pen set

Outdoor spaces are suitable alternatives to cramped classrooms and are sure to be popular meeting areas around school grounds and campuses. Crestline can make outdoor gatherings more comfortable with logo picnic blankets, logo sunglasses, sunscreen and event tents where al fresco learning centers can be created.

Virtual Learning

Mail-Out School Spirit Items

Plush Mascots with School T-shirt

From clothing to tech tools to school mascot stuffed animals, keep morale high with students engaged in remote learning. If you’re not sure what to send, water bottles, tumblers, phone wallets and PopSockets® are among our most popular and universally loved items among students.

Tech Items for Distance Learning

Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

Crestline offers an enormous selection of custom technology accessories essential for distance learning, including phone chargers, antimicrobial mousepads, screen cleaners, USB hubs, charging cables, noise cancelling and wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and privacy items such as webcam covers, mic blockers, and data blockers that prevent hackers from seeing, hearing, recording or stealing data.

Classic School Supplies

Notebook and matching pen set

There’s more to remote learning than laptops. Notebooks, pens, and pencils are still important to make the grade, and Crestline’s selection of school logo items helps you combine practical gifts with morale building!

Hybrid Learning — For Students Learning On and Away From Campus

Laptop Bags, Sleeves, and Backpacks

Computer Messenger Bag

Students will appreciate any help you can give them for toting school gear back and forth from home to the classroom. We have all sorts of options, including durable computer bags, versatile totes, and laptop bags and backpacks with extra space, compartments and pockets to organize tech items, school supplies and assignments.

Power Banks

Solar Charging Power Bank

Education is wherever you are in 2020, so portable power banks are a must. Two popular options at Crestline are the compact but powerful 1500 mAh power bank, and the even more powerful and eco-friendly Off The Grid Solar Power Bank.

Deluxe Padfolios

Faux Leather Padfolio

For many students from middle school on up, a school logo padfolio is standard operating equipment. Crestline’s selection of logo padfolios is second to none, with options that are stylish and with functional design that will help keep items together on the go. All our padfolios are durable, too, and will last for years.

Pens that Fight the Spread of Germs

Antimicrobial Bic Pens

With a logo stylus pen, students can reduce contact with germs while they type or use touch screens on their devices. Antimicrobial pens fight germs on the hands, making them a great companion to hand washing and hand sanitizer.

We are adding items for our school safety collection to our website every day. Call or chat in to ask about our not yet online items including antimicrobial water bottles, hand washing instruction signs, and desk barriers!

Need More Help?

If you need assistance narrowing down your search for back-to-school promotional items, or have special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced customer service team is eager to help you get the 2020 school year off to a healthy and successful start.

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