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How to Use Promotional Floor Mats for Your Marketing

published: May 24, 2019  |  updated: September 10, 2019
Custom Outdoor Floor Mat

When it comes to making your brand memorable, creating a look that is uniform and clean can have a big impact on your success. One way to tidy up your brand’s appearance is with floor mats and indoor/outdoor rugs. Promotional rugs can serve as indoor billboards for your brand. They are a great vehicle for sharing your message and they provide high exposure at a low cost.

Why Use Floor Mats?

Whether it is in your storefront or by your booth at a trade show, rugs can brand your space and add to your overall presentation. Custom floor mats will tie in perfectly with the rest of your branding elements such as table throws, signage, and other accessories.

Floor mats help protect the surface that they cover. Putting floor mats in high traffic areas such as the entrance, in front of your desk, point of purchase area or any other area that is frequently used will help protect the floor below it. Hardwood, carpet and many other surfaces tend to wear down and fade in areas of heavy traffic; a floor mat can help you maintain the appearance of your more permanent flooring.

Sand, water, and other debris can easily be tracked into a building from the outdoors as people enter. If you have a flooring surface that is slippery such as tile or natural stone it can be hazardous to those walking in on rainy or snowy days. Adding a floor mat to your entrance is an easy way to absorb the water and debris that can be tracked in on footwear and provide good traction to prevent people from slipping in your entrance.

Floor mats are portable branding solutions that can be transported to events or moved throughout your building. They do not require any installation; they can be easily placed on the floor or stored for later use. They are also easier to clean and can be replaced if need be at a lower cost than other flooring materials.

How Can Floor Mats Support Your Marketing?

Promotional Display: Placing a customized floor mat in front of a display for a product that you are promoting or that is a top seller for your brand will attract more attention to the display. It also gives you a surface that can be used to communicate more information about the product or promotion to interested customers. Adding floor mats to your trade show display can help you attract traffic to your brand and to share information with attendees.

Point-of-Purchase: Adding a floor mat to your point of purchase area will allow you one last opportunity to present the customer with your message. Point-of-purchase displays are often used to trigger last minute purchase decisions, promote new products or remind customers of other offers or ways to shop. For example, your point of purchase floor mat may promote a product that you offer and remind customers that they can shop your store online or find you on social media.

Improve Brand Awareness: Promotional floor mats provide enhanced brand awareness for businesses in many industries. Banks, real estate companies, franchises, dealerships, and retailers are just a few of the areas that floor mats can be helpful for. For example, a realtor may choose to put a custom doormat that represents his/her agency in the doorway of a listed home for an open house. This is a great way the agent to bring awareness of the company they represent to the client that is viewing the home. Floor mats do not require any installation and can be transported easily which makes them ideal for branding spaces temporarily.

Fundraising: Floor mats can also serve as successful fundraising items. Selling floor mats that are imprinted with a local sports team, club or organization is a great way to raise funds and brand awareness. Many people already use floor mats inside their home or in their entryway and would enjoy having one that represented something that they care about.

This simple promotional product can give your company a clean and professional look while sharing valuable information and gaining impressions for your brand. Are you currently using floor mats as a part of your branding or promotional efforts?