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Custom 3-Sided Table Covers with Logo

Custom Printed Open-Back Table Covers for Trade Shows, Conferences, and Exhibitions

Three-sided tablecloths cover the top, front, and short sides of a table while leaving the back open, whereas standard flat or fitted tablecloths cover all four sides of a table. A 3-sided table cover presents a professional and neat appearance to the public by completely covering all visible areas of your table and anything stored underneath it. At the same time, your giveaways (for example, customized totes), booth supplies, and personal belongings are easily accessible. Additionally, open-back table covers provide space for sliding chairs if you intend to sit behind your table.

6-Foot 3-Sided Tablecloths

You’ll find that, at most corporate events, conferences, and expos, tables are typically six or eight feet long. If you’re provided with a 6-foot table, purchase a table cover of an appropriate size, whether one specifically designed for a 6-foot table or a convertible cover that can be used with multiple table sizes.

Take a look at Crestline’s custom 3-sided table covers, such as the 6ft Economy 3-Sided Table Throw, which is made of flame-retardant polyester. It covers the front and three sides of a table with a 9” overhang in the back for a finished look. Browse through Crestline’s other 6-foot open-back tablecloths:

8-Foot Open Back Table Throws

Another table size you’re likely to work with is 8-foot tables. Purchase either a convertible table cover or one made for an 8-foot table.

Crestline offers a number of 3-sided printed table covers for 8-foot tables. Made in the U.S.A., our 8ft Flat 3-Sided Table Cover is machine-washable and features a rolled hem, non-fray seams, and rounded corners. Our 8ft cover can also be used for 6-foot tables, as well as different table heights, so you can repurpose it at other events. Consider Crestline’s other 8-foot custom 3-sided tablecloths:

1-Color Imprint Open Back Tablecloths

If you’re looking for simplicity, adaptability, or affordability in a tablecloth, a full-color imprint might not be the way to go. While bright colors are certainly eye-catching, at certain events, a more professional, polished appearance is the best achieved with a one-color tablecloth. Simple tablecloths are also perfect for layering under table runners. Whether you’re participating in a convention, trade show, or exhibition, it’s worthwhile to consider a one color imprint table cover.

Our 6ft Flat 3-Sided Table Cover is a printed 3-sided table cover available in a great selection of classic colors. This quality tablecloth is flat and hemmed and works well for 29” high tables. You can also purchase a similar style in an 8-foot size. Crestline’s best-selling one-color tablecloths are listed below:

Full Color 3-Sided Table Covers

If you’re willing to invest a few extra dollars and a little more time into your convention or expo display, a full-color table cover is sure to attract attention. A great 6ft table cover, our 3-sided Economy Table Throw is completely customizable – any image, photograph, logo, or art piece can be printed anywhere on the throw. You’ll also get to design the background; use solid color or gradients to get the effect you want. The Economy 3-Sided Table Throw is available in an 8-foot size as well. For maximum impact, pair with dazzling dye-sublimated banners, signs and displays. View our full-color throw options below:

When you’re at a trade show, conference, or exhibition, chances are you’ll have little storage behind your table, but many items that need to be stored. As a result, the space under your table shouldn’t be left unused. You’ll need to access boxes, supplies, giveaways, and other items during the event. Open-back tablecloths and 3-sided fitted tablecloths work best in these situations – they provide accessibility and coverage at the same time.