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Trade Show & Convention Tote Bags with Logo

Make Your Brand the Event with Printed Trade Show Bags

Conference giveaway bags are great items to hand out at trade shows, events, and fundraisers. Printed convention tote bags increase company visibility and give recipients an easy way to carry items–both at the show and later. Attendees may pick up many different swag items at an event, so make sure that your totes are unique, so your company stands out among the crowd. Plus, printed trade show bags make great swag bags to carry other giveaways – consider adding a branded water bottle or a few customized pens, along with information about your business or other promotional materials.

Custom Printed Trade Show Bags

If you’re planning to attend or organize a trade show, conference, or other promotional event, Crestline offers a wide variety of custom exhibition tote bags to cover your needs. We have something affordable for every event, whether you’re looking for conference welcome bags to hand out at as people check in, a large convention bag with a logo for your conference attendees, unique conference giveaway bags that make your organization stand out at a community event, or inexpensive eco-bags to keep advertising costs down.

Our Tri Colored Tote Bag is made from sturdy 600D polyester and features a small front pocket, an outside mesh pocket, and 24” handles. It’s a great choice if you’re looking unique convention totes. If you’d like a more professional style, check out our TranSport Tote, which has a water bottle pocket, small side pocket, and pen and business card pockets, as well as convenient shoulder-length handles. Check out some of our best-selling custom event bags:

Conference Totes with the Features You Want

Specific features can do a lot to make custom printed conference bags more useful. Crestline has options for everyone – if you’re looking for a bag with a water bottle pocket, check out our Elevate Tote or our Tablet Trade Show Tote. If your event has security concerns, consider our Clear Tote Bag as an option. Made of PVC, the Clear Tote is a great size with durable 22” handles. Your company’s logo will be certain to stand out on this printed conference bag at your next event. Check out some of our other favorites:

Eco-Friendly Conference Bags with Logo

Showing that your company cares about the environment is an awesome way to support a great cause while targeting your eco-conscious customers. Since swag is generally purchased in bulk and widely distributed, it can seem like a waste of resources to the eco-conscious. Sustainable conference bags and other eco-friendly swag are a great way to protect the world we live in and help others to do the same.

Our canvas Eco-Tote comes in a beautiful natural color. With comfortable shoulder-length handles, this bag is perfect for carrying large or heavy items. Our 100% RPET Material Tote Bag is made entirely from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and features a zipper closure, side mesh pocket, front pocket, and 26” handles, making it much more than your average tote. Browse through our other eco-friendly custom exhibition totes:

Budget-Friendly Convention Bags with Logo

If your company is small or you’re hosting an event with thousands of attendees, it may not make sense to spend a fortune on expensive swag. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hand out great custom show bags or that you’ll have to sacrifice quality for expense. Our Staunch Tote is a classic promotional conference bag made from 80 gsm non-woven polypropylene. With 18” handles, it’s a great affordable option. Our Exhibition Tote is another great choice, with die-cut handles and a flat design. Also, consider our customized shopping bags and grocery totes as a reusable and budget-friendly alternative to branded event bags. Take a look at our other favorite low-cost options.

Buying your personalized conference bags in bulk is a smart way to get convention bags cheap. When you order your promotional trade show bags wholesale through Crestline, the more you buy, the more you save!

Promotional bags for events are classic branded merchandise for trade shows, conferences, or community galas. Crestline offers a wide variety of promotional totes and other custom trade show items (such as promotional table covers) to ensure that there’s something for every organization, whether you’re looking for  eco-friendly conference bags,  expo bags wholesale, or unique printed tote bags for an event.

Customer Reviews of our Branded Convention Bags

“The conference bags were colorful and durable. We love the real canvas material rather than the cheaper, disposable shopping bag material. Our conference attendees loved the colors and pockets in the bags. For the price, we feel like we had a great product for bargain price.” – Anissa, AR  Conference Tote

“I love these totes...they are perfect for the conference!” – Norma, TX  TranSport Tote

“We love this bag for its style and functionality. Our logo printed great in one color and since the bag has 3 colors, it looks like a multi color, way more expensive bag.” – Max, IA  Enterprise Tote