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Patient Information Brochures for a Medical Office

Share Critical Information with Customizable Medical Pamphlets & Healthcare Brochures

As medical research and studies in healthcare continue to advance, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. While just about everyone turns to the internet for immediate answers to questions, having printed custom pamphlets and brochures can still be an excellent way to not only provide targeted information but also tie your organization to that knowledge.

Crestline offers several brochure and pamphlet designs that optimize your waiting area and help you share important healthcare information with your patients, clients, and community.

Custom Slider Brochures on Medical Topics

Our custom slider brochures provide a fun and innovative way to share key information about specific health topics. Recipients need to line up bullets while sliding a card through the brochure to reveal important tips. For example, our Cholesterol Control Slider Brochure provides healthy eating tips, information on good and bad cholesterol, and more. Slider brochures also fit easily into #10 envelopes for a direct mail campaign.

Other favorite slider brochures include:

Paneled Pamphlets with Healthcare Info for Patients & Customers

If you’re looking for a more traditional folding pamphlet, Crestline offers several eight-paneled brochures to help your organization spread the word about important health topics. Our Men's Health Guide & Brochure offers tips for men's health while promoting your organization. This brochure fits into #10 envelopes and features a chart to help track exams.

Other top-selling paneled brochures include:

The next time you’re looking for a great way to share health information in a printed brochure, pamphlet, or booklet, check the personalized patient information brochures that Crestline has to offer. Our custom printed materials can not only help you share useful tips and critical data but also spread the word about your healthcare facility, gym, or wellness organization throughout the community.