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Custom Closed Back 4-Sided Table Throws with Logo

Personalized 4-Sided Table Cloths for Exhibitions

Four-sided table covers are exactly what they sound like: tablecloths that hide all four sides of the table. Though three-sided tablecloths have become increasingly popular for their accessibility, in some cases attendees are able to see your table from all sides. This may occur if your table is located in the middle of a room instead of against a wall. While it might not be a big deal if visitors see the supplies stored underneath your table, you may want to consider sacrificing accessibility for appearance.

6-Foot Closed-Back Tablecloths

While some tablecloths are advertised as versatile, it’s best if you find a tablecloth that’s made to fit your table size. 6-foot tables are very common at trade shows, expos, and conferences. If possible, confirm expected table sizes with the event coordinator before you purchase a closed-back table throw in a 6-foot length.

If you’re using a 6-foot table and you’re going for a polished and professional appearance, look into our 6ft Fitted Table Cover. Made of wrinkle-resistant polyester material, the Fitted Table Cover can be pulled smoothly over standard 6-foot tables, hiding anything stored underneath. Price includes a 64” x 25” logo imprint area. Still searching for the perfect 6-foot closed-back tablecloth? Crestline has custom table covers for every event:

  1. 6 Foot Standard Table Throw – Full Color Front Panel
  2. 6ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Front Panel
  3. 6’ Stain Resistant Table Throw

8-Foot Closed-Back Table Throws

Another typical table size at trade shows, conventions, and corporate events is the 8-foot length. If it’s at all possible, purchase a tablecloth designed for your table size; however, in some circumstances, you may simply not know. If this is the case, an 8-foot size is your best bet – it’s better to have a tablecloth slightly too long rather than too short.

Looking for a basic and affordable closed-back table throw in an 8-foot length? Our 8ft Standard Table Throw is available in a wide variety of colors; you’ll be sure to find one that matches your booth’s aesthetic. Check out Crestline’s 8-foot best sellers:

  1. 8ft Standard Table Throw – Full Color Front Panel
  2. 8ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Front
  3. 8’ Stain Resistant Table Throw

Full-Color Four-Sided Table Cover

At certain events, full color is the way to go. Attendees’ eyes are naturally drawn toward bright hues, and you can use this to your advantage at any conference, expo, or convention. With a full-color tablecloth, large trade show display, and custom-printed banner, you’ll make your booth impossible to miss.

Crestline offers the Standard Table Throw in a dye-sublimation option for both the 6- and 8-foot sizes. When you place your order, you’ll design your entire throw from the background to the logo to your organization’s name. Look through our favorite dye-sub table covers:

  1. 6ft Standard Table Throw – Full Color Dye-Sub
  2. 8ft Standard Table Throw – Full Color Dye-Sub
  3. 6ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Dye-Sub

Every detail of your booth requires a certain amount of attention, and tablecloths are no exception. When purchasing a table cover, ask yourself if accessibility to stored promotional giveaways, branded convention totes, and extra supplies is more important than a professional appearance. If hiding unattractive boxes is a higher priority, it’s a good idea to purchase a closed-back tablecloth.