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Full Color Tablecloths & Dye Sublimated Table Covers

Full-Color Dye-Sublimated Tablecloths & Runners with Logo

Corporate events, exhibitions, and conventions usually host large numbers of tables, and oftentimes unexciting booths get lost in the crowd. One- or two-color tablecloths are right for certain occasions, but you may want to up your game at big league events. To prevent fading into the background, purchase dye-sublimation table covers with your own background print, logo, and lettering designs. 

Though full-color table throws used to come with a higher price tag, better technology makes more affordable dye-sublimated tablecloths possible. Crestline sells a variety of different throw sizes to provide for your particular needs.

Custom Full-Color Tablecloths

Generally, “full-color” means that a tablecloth has one or more full-color imprint locations. Some tablecloths can be printed only on the front, others on both the front and the top. 

Our 6’ Enviro Table Throw includes a 50” x 17” print area on the front of the tablecloth. It’s a great option for the eco-conscious as it’s made of 45% recycled polyester material. The Enviro Table Throw can be purchased in an 8-foot size as well. Check out Crestline’s full-color top sellers:

Dye-Sublimated Table Covers for Trade Shows

Dye-sublimation is a printing process that makes images become part of the actual fabric. As a result, images appear in photo-like quality across the entire throw. Crestline’s dye-sublimation table throws are completely customizable; when purchasing your tablecloth, you’ll be able to design the entire throw in full color – including the background, photos, logos, and lettering.

This type of throw is great if you plan to reuse your table cover, as designs wash well and hold up to many uses. We offer multiple different dye-sub styles and sizes:

Full Color Table Runners

Looking for an inexpensive option that still provides that pop of color? Purchase a full-color table runner instead of a standard tablecloth. Runners are easy to swap out for different events, table sizes, and logo iterations. Some runners are completely customizable with full-color dye-sublimation, others only allow for printing over a designated area on the front.

Choose a runner size that fits your table – long tables look best with a 57” runner, while the 28” option works well with shorter tables. Our sublimation table runners are constructed of durable wrinkle-resistant polyester poplin. They’re available in the following sizes and print options:

Full-Color 4-Sided Standard Tablecloths

A standard tablecloth is a traditional rectangular tablecloth that lays over a tabletop and hangs straight down over all four sides. If you intend to pair your throw with a runner, a standard cover makes an ideal base  – it’s very versatile and can be used on different table lengths and heights.

Though 6- and 8-foot tables are often used at events, sometimes 4-foot tables are used for displays, additional booth tables, product demo tables, or sample stations. Crestline provides all three table cover sizes:

Dye-Sublimation Fitted/Stretch Table Covers

Often made of a spandex material, fitted table covers stretch tightly across a table’s top and legs to create a sleek modern look. If you plan on showcasing an intricate design on your tablecloth, consider a fitted table cover. With a standard tablecloth, images may get lost in draping; fitted tablecloths ensure that your designs remain completely visible throughout the duration of any reception, conference, or trade show. 

Our 6’ Outdoor Fitted Table Throw is a full-color table cover that works well for outdoor events – it’s sure to stay in place throughout a windy day, and humidity and rain won’t harm your tablecloth as the material is water-resistant. Take a look at our other fitted favorites:

Whatever purpose your table serves – whether it’s the front or reception desk at your office building, a conference booth to show attendees what you do, or an expo table to display your product – it starts with your tablecloth. But it doesn’t end there; adding other details gives extra energy to your table. Signs or banners show who you are, displays explain what you do, and giveaways such as convention totes ensure that attendees remember your organization for years to come.