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Personalized Prom Party Favors, Souvenirs & Keepsakes

Prom Souvenirs, Favors, and Gift Bags For the Dance

High school isn’t all about grades, and every year school proms help remind students to take a little time to have fun and enjoy friendships. Prom is a big deal, and high schoolers spend hours every year preparing, whether for an outfit, after-party, or special dinner. It’s a day teenagers look forward to for weeks, and a day they look back on with fond memories years later.

Prom memorabilia can add to the fun during the event and help your students remember the best parts afterward. You have plenty of options when it comes to deciding on the best prom favors for your event, whether you’re looking for an affordable bulk prom favor, like personalized sunglasses, or prom party favors that require a little more planning, like gift bags filled with little keepsakes. Match your favors to the prom theme or personalize them with school colors to make them extra special. 

Personalized Prom Favors

Sometimes simple and cheap prom favors are the way to go but consider bringing it to the next level with some personalization. Whether you choose to inscribe the year, school name, or theme of the prom, a personalized party favor helps tell a story about the special day. 

Prom sunglasses are a great way to get students excited for summer break, so hand out our Rubberized Mirrored Sunglasses at your event. These sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and are perfect to wear while driving, at the beach, or hanging out with friends. 

Check out our other personalized options:

Custom Printed Prom Keepsakes & Souvenirs

Prom favors don’t need to be practical. A picture is worth a thousand words, so teens might appreciate a Silver Glitter Acrylic Desktop Photo Frame to hold a special photo. This frame holds glitter snow globe-style – shaking it creates beautiful glitter movement over the picture. 

Picture frames and photo albums are unique prom keepsake ideas that will bring back amazing memories for recipients. They may sit on a coffee table or in a storage bin for months, but when teens pull them out years later, they’ll remember each moment like it was yesterday. 

Don’t forget to consider our other prom favor ideas: 

Prom Swag Bags

If you’re willing to put some extra time and effort into your handouts for a more unusual and personalized giveaway, try these prom swag bag ideas. Purchase a custom gift bag – a great option is our Billboard White Paper Bag – and fill it with little gifts of your choice. Some great filler options include custom keychains, cups, sunglasses, and other school swag

Or, if you like the idea of prom gift bags but don’t have the time to fill them yourself, purchase our Terrific Trio kit as an alternative. Each giveaway includes a drawstring backpack, sunglasses, and a water bottle.

Here are some other prom gift bag ideas to inspire you:

It’s often difficult to find gifts that teenagers will actually use and love, but prom giveaways can add something truly special to an already memorable event. Hours are put into preparation for prom, but it’s over in a few short hours. Memories are just as special as the event itself. As a school, you can help your students relive the best moments by gifting souvenirs. Favors don’t need to be incredibly expensive to be special – a pair of prom sunglasses, a picture frame, or a keychain makes the perfect gift.