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Promotional Personal Care Items with Custom Logo

Promote Your Brand with Custom Personal Care Products

Promotional personal care products are interactive, useful company giveaways to enhance brand connection at a very affordable Cost Per Impression (CPI). Handled often through daily routines, personal beauty products and toiletries can yield an excellent CPI. Every glance in a custom imprinted mirror is accompanied by your logo. Opening an imprinted pill box for a daily vitamin reminds patients how much you value their well-being and is an opportunity to convey a healthy promotional message.

Customer personal care items are intuitive giveaways for salons, spas, medical/dental offices, drugstores, and health-conscious retailers. From pampering to healthy living, your logo is linked to a positive activity as recipients use their promotional personal care supplies. Handy health, beauty, and nail kits will be eagerly scooped up by clients, students, and volunteers. Lip balms and grooming products add a personal touch that customers will keep in their bag, pocket, or a desk drawer. Your brand benefits from the intimacy and the utility of imprinted personal products.

Consider adding promotional fitness items, custom hand sanitizers, sun safety items, and travel accessories to your next education, trade show, or healthcare event and show that you care!