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Custom Table Covers for Six Foot Tables

Customizable 6’ Folding Table Covers

If you have a trade show, convention, job fair, or other event on the calendar, you’re probably looking into the nitty-gritty details of your display table – such as table cover options. Tables have a few standard sizes and 6-foot tables are among the most common. Wondering what size tablecloth works for a 6-foot table? We’ve taken the guesswork out of your purchase by gathering all our 6-foot table covers on this page.

Standard 6 Ft. Tablecloths with Logo

Sometimes simple is the way to go. You can’t go wrong with a classic 6-foot table cover. Our Standard Table Throw or Enviro Table Throw look elegant and professional while remaining fully functional.

If you’re looking for a floor-length tablecloth for a 6-foot table, take a look at the options below. Our 6 Foot Standard Table Throw is four-sided and comes in many different colors to help your table either stand out or blend in. Made of wrinkle-resistant polyester material with finished edges, the tablecloth is customizable as well. The 6’ Enviro Table Throw is another stylish tablecloth choice, made from polyester poplin fabric that contains 45% recycled material. The Enviro Throw covers all four sides of a 6-foot table and features draped corners. Browse through our favorite standard tablecloth options:

  1. 6 Foot Standard Table Throw – Full Color Front Panel
  2. 6’ Enviro Table Throw

Personalized 6-Foot Fitted Tablecloths (Spandex/Stretch)

Your event branding may be bigger than a simple logo. In that case, instead of a standard rectangular tablecloth, consider a 6’ spandex table cover that stretches across your table. A fitted tablecloth for a 6-foot folding table won’t slide around, and your intricate or photo quality artwork won’t get lost in hanging folds of fabric. A stretch table cover is perfect for showcasing giveaways, promotional materials, and detailed designs.

Our 6ft Fitted Table Cover is made from heavy-duty wrinkle-resistant polyester. It gives any standard 6-foot table a tailored, polished appearance. Carrying cases are available for purchase as well. Check out our favorite fitted tablecloths:

  1. 6ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Front Panel
  2. 6ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Dye-Sub

Full Color & Dye Sublimated Tablecloth for 6-Foot Table

If unique, colorful designs are right up your alley, choose a full-color tablecloth for a 6-foot folding table. These table covers are dye sublimated, which creates maximum vibrancy and is sure to attract attention at any event.

Our 6ft Standard Table Throw in full color is made from polyester and covers all four sides of a standard 6-foot table. The throw only comes in white, but the price includes a full-color imprint over the entire tablecloth, which is perfect for photos and other detailed designs. For a more luxurious feel, check out our 6’ Satin Table Throw. Made from satin poplin fabric, the Satin Table Throw has a lovely sheen and drape that instantly makes a table look expensive and polished. Check out our colorful tablecloth options below:

  1. 6ft Standard Table Throw – Full Color
  2. 6’ Satin Table Throw

3-Sided 6’ Table Throws / Open Back Table Covers

Underneath a table is a great place to store supplies, giveaways, and personal items, but reaching under the tablecloth to grab them looks messy and unprofessional. Solve access issues by purchasing a 3-sided table throw. These table covers for a 6-foot table hide the front and sides of a 6-foot table, giving your booth a neat appearance while allowing easy access to the storage space under it.

Our Flat 3-Sided Table Cover is made from machine washable fabric with rolled hems and rounded corners. It’s a 6-foot long tablecloth that covers the top and three sides of tables 29 inches tall. With a great color selection and a 34” by 22” imprint area, the Flat Table Cover is a simple and affordable 3-sided option. Look through our other 3-sided tablecloth choices:

  1. 6ft Economy 3-Side Table Throw – Full Color Front Panel
  2. Flat 3-Sided Table Cover – Fits 6ft Table

4-Sided 6 Foot Table Covers / Closed Back

In some event setups, attendees are able to see all sides of your table. A 4-sided table cover may be a better choice to hide stored items and give a polished presentation from every angle. If you’re unsure how long of a tablecloth for a 6-foot table, 4-sided table covers designed for 6-foot tables will fit your table perfectly.

Our 6’ Stain Resistant Table Throw is a great 4-sided tablecloth with draped corners. It’s constructed of stain-resistant polyester treated to repel liquids, making it a great choice if spills are likely to happen. The Stain Resistant Throw is a 6-foot custom tablecloth available in a wide variety of colors, all with the option to imprint a 50” by 17” image on the front. View our other 4-sided table covers:

  1. 6’ Stain Resistant Table Throw
  2. 2’ x 6’ Full Color Table Throw

When planning a trade show booth or table display, every element is important. From the table cover to the personalized giveaway totes to the custom-printed banner or sign, attendees only see what you exhibit. As a result, putting effort into your booth contributes to success at any event.