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Make a Great First Impression for Your Business with Custom Bags

Whether it’s for collecting giveaways and pamphlets at a company convention or shopping at the local grocery store, everyone needs and uses bags daily. Get your business’s name and logo on custom bags that fit any style and budget.

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Promotional Custom Bags with Logos

When you're in public today, you’re bound to spot at least someone carrying a bag. What if everyone who saw that bag also saw the name of your company and your logo?

When you put your logo on promotional bags, your brand will be noticed by everyone at the office, in class, in the store, on the plane, and walking down the street. It’s no wonder that customized bags with logos are incredibly popular promotional products!

Most Popular Custom Bags & Totes Categories

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Custom backpacks are a great way to get your brand noticed at work, school, and travel.

Tote bags

Canvas, cotton, zippered, and more – we've got the perfect tote bag for your upcoming event.

Reusable Grocery Bags
Grocery Bags

Grocery tote bags for every budget that can be used time and time again.

Plastic Bags
Plastic Bags

Our branded plastic bags can be customized with your logo front and center.

Cooler bags
Cooler Bags

From lunch bags to cooler backpacks, you'll find a cooler bag for every occasion.

Merchandise bags
Merchandise Bags

Take checkout to the next level with customized shopping and retail bags.

Success Stories

“We purchased personalized lunch bags for our entire school staff ... an exceptional quality lunch bag with our school logo that everyone loved!”

“The bags were the PERFECT touch to our family night event. They were sturdy and held up to lots of hands-on activities throughout the event. The design looked great on the bag as well!”

“We have used these bags for many years as an incentive ... the bag looks great and is very durable.”

“My team loved the bags that we bought with our logo on them. They were made from recycled plastic and there is a label on each bag that says so, which is good for our customers idea of us.”

“We are very pleased with the drawstring bags made for the CVPA at Kutztown University. The colors were perfect and they will be a nice addition to our open houses.”

“I ordered 500 two tone coolers to give out to our VIP's and every owner has been so thrilled with the bags. The quality of the bags to their look is just perfect.”

“The backpacks are made to last and were a great deal. Our employees thoroughly have enjoyed them and use them on a daily basis.”

“Great quality poly-fiber grocery tote. Fabric is durable and straps are long enough to fit over the shoulder. Perfect for our KIDS Network Safe Sleep Demonstration Kits.”

Custom Swag Bags

8 standout ideas for creating the best swag bags.

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Custom Bags for Businesses Make Great First Impressions

Custom bags with logos are incredibly popular promotional products. Crestline can put your logo on the perfect bag for any occasion - whether it’s a cooler lunch bag for your employees to use on the road, a light canvas tote for trade show attendees who stop by your booth, or a sleek wine tote for a well-deserved gift. Crestline’s custom bags are available in bulk in any style and to suit any budget.

Promotional Backpacks

Custom logo backpacks come in a variety of sizes and have multiple pockets to hold all your gear. Screen-printed custom promo logo bags are available in many styles and colors and are made from durable materials. Our most popular printed promotional bag, the Stylin Backpack, is perfect for schools. Cheap custom bags with logos, like lightweight drawstring backpacks, are easy to carry and ship, making them great for retreats, trade shows, and community 5k races. Plus, laptop backpacks protect valuable company equipment when your employees travel or commute. No matter what you’re looking for, Crestline is sure to have the perfect customized bags with your logo.

Custom Drawstring Logo Bags

Custom drawstring bags are handy, multi-purpose bags that can help ensure that your brand makes a favorable impression. Promotional drawstring bags are easy to stuff and go, making them great giveaways for your next corporate event. Crestline carries an extensive collection of custom drawstring bags in a range of colors, patterns, and materials. Some of our most popular branded event bags include the Drawstring Backpack 2.0 and Zip-Front Drawstring Backpack.

FAQs About Custom Printed Bags & Totes

Swag bags are gifts handed out at events like trade shows, conferences, and awards ceremonies or as a welcome to new students, employees, members, or investors. They consist of a bag which can be anything from a paper gift bag to a backpack, and a variety of goodies within. The bag and the items in it are typically imprinted with a logo or commemorative art design. Swag bags are a tool to express thanks and appreciation, to promote a company, product, or organization, and to create good will. After all, what’s more fun than a mystery bag of surprises? What you put in your swag bags depends on your audience and occasion, but popular choices include promotional items like customized stainless-steel tumblers, tech accessories like phone wallets, chargers and power banks, apparel like hats and t-shirts, water bottles, pens, notebooks, flashlights, and prepackaged snacks. Check out our pre-assembled swag bag choices or let us help you to create your own.
Many schools event venues require the use of see through bags, totes, and backpacks for security reasons. Retailers and hospitality businesses like spas and hotels will often use transparent bags so that customers and recipients can see the contents of gift sets or toiletry items inside them easily. Crestline has a line of clear customizable bags in every shape and size, ready to display your logo.
Although tote bags are not made to be washed frequently in the same way that clothing items are, you can and should still wash them from time to time. Check the bag’s tag for washing instructions and follow those. If your bag doesn’t have its own cleaning directions, use the following regimen. Empty your bag, pre-treat stains with stain remover, and then either wash by hand or in a washing machine. To wash your tote bag by hand, soak in cold water with a little detergent meant for delicate items for 15-20 minutes, gently scrub with a brush or cloth, rinse thoroughly, then lay flat on a clean dry surface or hang on a clothesline, reshaping the bag as it dries. To wash a tote bag in a washing machine, turn inside out, place inside a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag, and wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. You can also choose promotional tote bags specifically designed to be washed and re-used.
Recycled bags can be made of natural fibers like jute, cotton, paper, or hemp, or can consist of synthetic cloth made from various kinds of plastic. Recycled polyester and polypropylene bags give petroleum-based plastic another life. Recycled PET bags are made from plastic water bottles and containers. Learn more about how plastic bottles are turned into eco-friendly bags from totes to backpacks.
It’s easy when you choose a partner like Crestline. Figure out what logo or art you would like to see on your bags and send us the best and clearest version of it that you have. Our experts will make sure it looks great on your tote and send you a proof beforehand to make sure that you think so too. No art? No problem. Our art services team can take your organization’s name, a sketch, or any inspiration you have and turn it into a print ready design to be printed or embroidered onto your bags in one sleek color choice or dazzling full color. Just browse our large selection of customizable tote bags or contact us for a recommendation that fits your budget, occasion, and audience and we’ll walk you through the rest. Extra tote bag printing tip: custom tote bags are purchased in bulk quantities with savings that grow with your order size. If you want to drive down your per unit costs, volume orders and our wholesale pricing are your budget’s allies.
The purpose of a bag is to hold items so that they can be easily carried from place to place. Who needs that? Oh, only all people, all the time. When that bag features your logo or message on its generous imprint area, it is clearly and easily seen by everyone on each stop of the trip! Promotional bags are also a relatively inexpensive giveaway that is lightweight and easy to transport to trade shows and events, unbreakable, and easy to store.