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Reusable Gifts, Giveaways & Promotional Products

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Promote Sustainability with Zero Waste Corporate Gifts & Reusable Promotional Products

Looking for an easy way to go green? Outfit your employees, clients, and customers with reusable alternatives to single use plastic items and you’ll help them to live greener both at home and at the office. Add your logo to a reusable water bottles and you’ll keep disposable plastic water bottles out of landfills. Customize a coffee tumbler, and you’ll keep your staff productive without creating waste in the form of Styrofoam cups. Personalize shopping totes for your customers, and you’ll cut down on paper and plastic bag use. Engrave customized reusable straws, and you’ll keep plastic straws out of the oceans.

Zero Waste Gift Ideas

When you plan your corporate gifting programs, consider reusable products to reduce waste. Not only are eco-friendly reusable products good for the planet, they’ll get more eyes on your brand over time. Need a few good reusable product ideas? One very clever gift idea is our bamboo utensil set in a travel pouch, which allows recipients to leave disposable plastic forks, knives and spoons alone when eating on the go. Bonus: reusable bamboo products are also made from a renewable resource and biodegradable! Reusable food storage bags replace disposable bags while they prevent food waste in the home. Our Parisian cotton market bag makes grocery shopping stylish and environmentally friendly.

Reusable Swag & Giveaways

Company swag and promotional giveaways get the word out about your brand. Ensure that sustainability is part of that brand message everywhere it is seen, from the corporate lunchroom to trade shows, with reusable customized items like these:

Adding your logo to useful reusable items isn’t the only way to make your corporate gifting program eco-friendly. Explore full line of eco-friendly promotional items including custom printed plant gifts and gardening accessories, wheat straw products, recycled promotional products and solar/energy saving gifts.