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Custom Carabiners & Engraved Carabiners with Logo

Branded Carabiners Make the Perfect Promotional Hook

At first glance, custom carabiners might not seem as flashy as alternative giveaways, but they provide a ton of usability other promotional items don't have, including hooking water bottles to backpacks, attaching keys to belt loops, and clipping cords onto a wall for storage. With these various functions and handiness, people are going to use them, and if you choose promotional carabiners designed with additional accessories like bottle openers and flashlights, recipients are sure to be impressed.

Branded carabiners also make inexpensive giveaways that are going to last for years. And when you purchase carabiners in bulk, you save, making them not only a clever gift but a budget friendly one. Use them to stay top of mind with trade show attendees, attract attention to your outdoor business, or help employees stay organized and ready to go.

Best-Selling Custom Carabiners with Logo

Looking for promotional carabiners that are small in size but big on style? These promo carabiners come in an assortment of styles with multiple colors for you to choose from to ensure your logo pops. Add in unique accessories like personalized carabiner keychains, bottle openers and screwdriver heads, and these wholesale carabiners are guaranteed to be a popular giveaway at any event. Here are a few of our top-selling custom carabiner clips to get your brand out there:

Engraved Carabiners That Go the Distance

Your logo or message will last the test of time when you engrave it on the side of any of these personalized carabiners. Aluminum and stainless-steel designs create high-quality custom carabiner clips that are very difficult to damage, and since they are delivered individually poly-bagged, you know they're showing up in pristine condition.

Durability makes them excellent gifts for the outdoors. The Carabiner™ Signature Collection, for example, comes with a lock to secure the attachment point, a battery-powered flashlight and a bottle opener to complete any outdoor adventure. So, if you want to leave a lasting impression, be sure to check out these engraved carabiners:

Multi-Function Carabiners to Enhance Your Promotion

Increased functionality is an excellent way to ensure printed carabiners are used regularly, meaning more eyes on your logo, and personalized carabiner keychains and bottle openers are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to additional accessories. Look no further than the Nite Ize® DoohicKey Carabiner Tool designed with a screwdriver, wrench and box cutter to make it a must-have tool for employees and clients that can be used around the house or out in the field. No matter where they go or what they need, they will have these customized carabiners clipped on close by.

If you're looking for additional giveaways to go with your bulk carabiners, Crestline is here to help you build your brand.