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Fitted Table Covers with Logo

Custom-Fitted Tablecloths for 8- and 6-Foot Tables

Not sure whether to choose a standard tablecloth or a fitted one for your upcoming event display? You’ll need to take a few factors into account. Standard table covers hang loosely over a tabletop and while they are a quality choice, they pose difficulties for intricate logo designs as they may fold, wrinkle, and slide around. Fitted tablecloths, on the other hand, are great for keeping complicated images flat and visible, while providing you with a larger imprint area.

6-Foot Fitted Tablecloths with Logo

Whether you’re participating in a trade show, conference, or expo, you’ll likely be working with a 6- or 8-foot table size. Crestline offers several rectangular fitted tablecloths for 6-foot tables, many of which are also available in an 8-foot size. Our table covers are customizable so you can proudly display your logo and organization name.

Our 6ft Fitted Table Cover is a stretch tablecloth that fits tightly over any standard 6-foot table. It’s made of polyester poplin fabric that is wrinkle resistant, perfect for displaying complex images. Choose the Fitted Table Cover if you need to store items under your table – your tablecloth will effectively conceal everything. Still looking for a 6-ft fitted tablecloth? Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. 6ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Front Panel
  2. 2’ x 6’ Cutom Color Fitted Table Cover
  3. 6’ Outdoor Fitted Table Throw

Custom Printed 8-Ft Fitted Tablecloths

Looking for a spandex tablecloth that fits an 8-foot table? Crestline has you covered – our 8’ Outdoor Fitted Table Throw, constructed of durable 400 denier polyester, is water- and spill-resistant and perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. The entire throw is dye-sublimated so you can print anywhere on the tablecloth in stunning full color. Browse through our other top sellers:

  1. 8 ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Front
  2. 2ft x 8ft Custom Color Fitted Table Cover
  3. 8’ Outdoor Fitted Table Throw

Branded Full Color & Dye Sublimated Stretch Table Covers

Full color throws give you complete control over what your tablecloth will look like. You’ll essentially start with a white spandex tablecloth and design the entire throw – background, logos, images, and lettering. Then your design will be printed using dye-sublimation to create vibrant colors. Complicated designs and photographic representations are most effective in a fitted style, as it prevents the warping problems common with standard tablecloths.

We offer full-color fitted tablecloths for folding tables in both 6- and 8-foot sizes. Made of polyester poplin, these throws are machine-washable and flame-retardant. Take a look at our fitted custom spandex table cover options.

  1. 6ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Dye-Sub
  2. 8ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Dye-Sub

A great stretch tablecloth with logo and custom-printed event banner takes care of the first step at an event: it attracts attendees to your table. Then it’s up to you to explain what your organization does, offer promotional giveaways (personalized trade show totes are a great giveaway option) and other materials, and leave people with a great impression. Success starts with your display, and your display starts with a first-rate custom-printed spandex tablecloth.