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Custom Tablecloths for 8 Foot Tables

Stun with Standard, Fitted & Full-Color Custom Tablecloths for 8-Foot Tables

You may be looking for a durable all-purpose tablecloth with your logo to use at various upcoming events, or you may simply need an affordable table cover for a one-time use at a convention, trade show, or conference. When designing a table display for any event, little details like your table cover need attention – your booth’s custom promotional giveaways, display, and overall appearance are what will distinguish your table from the rest.

Crestline has options for every need. If you’re not sure what the right size tablecloth is for an 8-foot table, not to worry, we’ve gathered lots of great choices right here!

Standard 8-Ft Tablecloths

Standard tablecloths are basic, loose-hanging covers that drape down over the sides of a table. They’re the most common type of tablecloth; similar styles are often used in homes and restaurants.

Choose a standard table cover if you’ll be using it for a wide variety of needs, if you don’t have time to research tablecloth options, or if you’re not sure what size table you’ll be using. Our 8ft Standard Table Throw is a simple 8-foot tablecloth made of flame-retardant, wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable material, making it a perfect all-purpose tablecloth. With finished edges and a lovely drape, our Standard Throw has a rainbow of color choices so you can find just the right shade for your presentation. Check out our other tablecloths for 8-foot rectangular tables:

  1. 8ft Standard Table Throw – Full Color Front Panel
  2. 8’ Enviro Table Throw

8-Foot Fitted Tablecloths (Spandex/Stretch)

Fitted tablecloths hug your table from all angles, eliminating slipping and sliding issues. If tabletop contents won’t help anchor your tablecloth, a fitted 8-foot rectangular tablecloth size may be the right option. Spandex tablecloths also create a sleek, modern look and make sure that no part of your printed design gets lost in the drape.

Our 8ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Front features a 96” x 29” imprint area, allowing you to cover the entire front panel with your design, company name, or logo. Our 8-foot tablecloth dimensions are 96” x 29” x 30”. The Fitted Table Cover comes in plenty of colors and is also available in a 6-foot length. Look through our top-selling fitted tablecloths listed below.

  1. 8ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Front
  2. 8ft Fitted Table Cover – Full Color Dye Sub

Full Color & Dye Sublimated Throws for 8-Foot Tables

If you’re looking for a lively and colorful look, consider a dye-sublimated table throw. These table covers are treated with a dye process that creates vivid, dynamic colors – throughout both the base color and the custom design printed on it. For example, you can personalize every side of our 8ft Standard Table Throw. Initially, the Standard Table Throws are simple white tablecloths for 8-foot tables, but any background design, organization name, logo, or image can be printed anywhere on the tablecloth at no additional cost, with photographic quality. Take a look at our favorite 8-foot throws:

  1. 8ft Standard Table Throw – Full Color
  2. 8’ Satin Table Throw

3-Sided 8’ Table Throws with an Open Back

Our 3-sided table covers, also called economy tablecloths, cover the visible sides of a table while leaving the back open. Economy tablecloths make sense if you’ll be sitting behind your table as you would at a desk. They’re also a great choice if it’s essential to have easy access to the storage space underneath your table. Finally, if event attendees won’t see the open side of your table, purchase a 3-sided throw to save on costs.

Consider our Flat 3-Sided Table Cover as a great economy tablecloth. It’s available in many popular colors, in addition to a dye-sublimated version. Our 3-Sided Cover can be purchased in 8-foot and 6-foot lengths and fits a 29-inch high table perfectly. Find the perfect economy tablecloth size for 8-foot rectangular tables:

  1. 8ft Economy 3-Sided Table Throw – Full Color Front Panel
  2. Flat 3-Sided Table Cover – Fits 8 ft Table

4-Sided 8-Foot Table Covers with a Closed Back

It may be the case that you don’t know the layout of your expo hall; perhaps the event venue hasn’t informed you or you’re planning on using your custom table throw at multiple events. Undecided table placement – and whether or not attendees will see all sides of your booth – may also be a factor in your table cover decision. In these situations, purchasing a 4-sided tablecloth for an 8-foot table is your best bet. These tablecloths are sure to entirely cover any table, making it appear professional and polished from all sides.

If you’re looking for a durable table cover that will last for years, check out our 2’ x 8’ Full Color Table Throw. Made in the U.S.A., this throw is made of machine-washable polyester fabric that’s entirely customizable – you can print any background and any design over any part of the tablecloth. Looking for a 4-sided table cover? Peruse Crestline’s options below:

  1. 8’ Stain Resistant Table Throw
  2. 2’ x 8’ Full Color Table Throw

We all know that the tiniest details make the biggest difference, whether it’s the custom tote and promotional goodies visitors take home or the eye-catching show tent, banner, or sign that draws them to your booth in the first place. While researching and ordering custom table covers seems like a ten-minute task, you’re probably not aware of the many available tablecloth styles and the impact they can have on your stand’s overall appearance. Giving such specifics the attention they deserve is a surefire way to success.