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Custom Safety Keychains, Alarm Keychains & Floating Keychains

Promote Safety with Custom Safety Keychains, Personalized Whistle Keychains & More

What better way to deliver your brand message than with a custom safety keychain that can be critical in a dire situation? Convenient to carry and easy to use, our wholesale safety keychains are must-have safety items for nurses, restaurant workers, students and first responders. All you have to do is customize them with your logo or message, and recipients will have your brand there to protect them at all times.

We carry an assortment of keychains that easily attach to backpacks, car keys and purses for quick accessibility and come with safety tools such as compasses, whistles, alarms and floatation devices. Whether you need education giveaways for Campus Safety Awareness Month, support items for Domestic Violence Awareness Month or protective gear for any other safety awareness event, a custom safety keychain is a great place to start.

Unique Wholesale Safety Keychains

Custom safety keychains help protect users when the moment calls for it. Our selection includes keychains with auto accessories like a tire gauge to ensure safe travel for employees as well as keychains for first responders that are designed with a spike tool for shattering car windows and a seat belt cutting tool for when emergencies call for immediate action. Durable and reliable, these keychains won't let them down. Check out a few of our favorite bulk safety keychains:

Whistle Keychains for Fast Response

Whether its college students walking to and from their dorm or healthcare workers on night shift, safety should always be a top priority for your school or industry. That's why we carry personalized whistle keychains that are loud enough to quickly draw attention in a desperate situation. Choose keychains that come with an LED light for additional safety benefits and usefulness when entering and exiting a building or vehicle. Here are a few of our top promotional keychains with built-in whistles:

Wholesale Personal Alarm Keychains to Enhance Safety

Blowing into a whistle isn't always an option when panic sets in. Luckily, we also have wholesale safety keychains that come with a built-in alarm. A top pick in this category is the Personal Safety Keychain Alarm that's designed with a pin that can be pulled to activate the alarm, which can be heard from up to 225 feet away. These are great gifts for students who might be out late at night or for hikers who hit the trail regularly.

Custom Floating Keychains for Lakes, Rivers & Pools

Personalized floating keychains are an excellent way to secure belongings for a day out on the lake or some relaxing pool time since they can easily be attached to keys, water-safe bags or other important items people take with them. They work by attaching to the item and serving as a floatation device if the item happens to end up in the water. With plenty of colors to choose from, locating the keychain should be a breeze as well. Hotels and resorts are sure to benefit from promoting with these keychains, but any business can use custom floating keychains to protect customers.

If you're looking for other personalized keychains with unique accessories or safety items to protect your team, Crestline can meet all your promotional needs. Shop our full selection or contact our support team to ensure you find the products to fit your event.