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Bulk Graduation Gifts with Your School Logo

Featured Graduation Gifts & Favors

Bulk Graduation Gifts & Wholesale Favors with Your School Logo

Graduation should be a memorable experience. Institutions invest in school logo gifts to make the graduation ceremony special. Parents look for personalized graduation gifts for guests to give to groups of students, as well as custom graduation party favors to give to guests. Local businesses even get involved with graduation swag that features their brand name.

So, where do you begin? Regardless of why you’re looking for bulk graduation gifts, our collection of customized keepsakes, favors, and decor will help you make this milestone as unforgettable as it should be. Here’s a look at some of our best-selling items with some unique ideas on how to gift them.

Custom Graduation Gifts for the Class of 2024

Custom grad gifts are a great way to commemorate the end of a student’s high school or college career while giving them a keepsake that they can hold dear for life. Some popular items in our large collection of grad gifts include speakers, charging pads, journals, and so much more.

The following gift ideas are completely customizable with your school’s name, logo, and class year, giving you something special for grads to hold. This time of commemorative memento is important for any student, but especially for those who have attended school remotely and need ways to feel more connected with and included in their alma mater.

Personalized Graduation Keychains in Bulk

Keychains are a great modern alternative to the lapel pin and they’re surely something that your grads will be able to use daily. Our selection of personalized graduation keychains includes a sleek metal version that’s adorned with your logo and stored in a beautiful gift box.

School Logo Blankets and Towels

A customized graduation blanket is a practical and comforting gift that’s especially suitable for high school seniors who are going off to college. No matter what you choose, these custom graduation blankets will quickly become your students’ new favorite keepsake.

To make it extra special, choose our Collegiate Sweatshirt Blanket, which is as soft and warm as your grad’s favorite pullover, and can feature the signatures of the graduating class. For something ultra-portable that students can take to picnics and hikes, we also sell a roll-up blanket with a handy carrying strap.

Meanwhile, if you think your students would prefer a beach towel that they can bring to the water, we offer one specifically designed to be signed by staff and students. We also have a number of other towels and waterside items in our catalog if you think it’s the best fit for your school or climate.

Custom Graduation Frames

Grads and their families have lots of photos from the big day and the parties to follow, so commemorating the event with custom graduation frames that feature your school name and class year is a fantastic and practical idea.

Our Elan Photo Frame has your logo printed on top of the sleek metal design and it comes in a custom box so that every bit is personal. If you want something a bit more festive, our silver glitter frame sparkles when shaken, covering the photo with a silver confetti effect that will always remind grads of their special ceremony.

Commemorative Souvenir Drinkware

Whether they’re off to college or headed out into their new career, customized tumblers and drinkware are a functional gift that grads will end up taking with them everywhere. Our Basecamp bottle holds 20 ounces and features a straw lid for easy sipping at the gym, at school, or at work. We also offer the Himalayan Tumbler, which works with both hot and cold beverages, keeping them at their best for up to six hours.

Graduation Gift Boxes & Sets

Have gifts already sorted out, but need a unique way to package them up for your grads? Our selection of custom paper bags and gift bags will make any gift feel a little more memorable while providing a convenient way for your students to carry their keepsakes with them.

Of course, if you don’t know what to give your grads, that’s okay too. Graduation gift boxes are a fast way to assemble gifts for a crowd and they offer a little something for everybody. Our gift boxes are already filled with handpicked items that your grads are sure to love, and they’re available with wholesale discounts.

One of our best-sellers is the Snack Attack Sugar Rush, which includes gummy bears, jellybeans, skittles, and other grad favorites. If you need a non-food item that will last, consider the Triple Play Swag Bag, which features a custom drawstring tote packed with a school t-shirt and water bottle.

Custom Graduation T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

T-shirts are a comfy, everyday wear item that anyone can appreciate. Plus, custom graduation shirts that feature your school name, class year, and logo or mascot are an affordable keepsake that you can buy in bulk.

Our Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt is a fantastic choice for schools that just need a basic option that they can dress up with their own logo. This particular design has a unisex fit and it comes in plenty of colors to match your school’s theme. You can choose a mono-color logo or feature all of your school colors with up to a three-color design. We also offer a distressed option.

For colder days, we offer a heavy blend hoodie that’s available in a variety of colors. Print on both the chest, the back of the hoodie, the sleeve, or in a combination of locations with our flexible customization service.

Personalized Graduation Favors

It’s tough to find personalized graduation that are functional and fun while being cheap enough to buy for a large crowd. Crestline has you covered with tons of options that your grads will hold on to long after the party is over.

Some of our best-selling graduation favors include retro sunglasses and a durable, squishy stress ball that’s shaped like a grad cap. We also offer a Koozie, which is fantastic for college grads. Treat these items as favors at your graduation parties or give them away at the ceremony itself as commencement gifts.

Graduation Ceremony Essentials

The graduation ceremony needs decor, favors, and certain accessories to ensure that the day goes off without a hitch. Paying due attention to these “little” details is really what allows schools to make the day feel so special. At Crestline, we have a long list of products to help you pull off a flawless graduation ceremony.

Custom Graduation Fans

When you pack a bunch of anxious grads into a gymnasium or event center, it can get hot fast. Whether or not you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, don’t overlook the practicality of hands fans to keep your grads cool on the biggest day of their academic career.

We have lots of fun hand fans that will come in handy while acting as a promotional keepsake. We even have a fan shaped like a grad cap, making it an unmistakable item of the day.

Certificate Holders for Diplomas & Awards to Recognize Achievement

The commencement ceremony is the perfect opportunity to recognize students with outstanding performance and attendance. To make it extra special, consider items like the bronzed cherry plaque or the wreath tribute medal. We also sell certificate holders and cases that will protect a grad’s newest prized possession.

Custom Banners & Decorations

Welcoming your graduates to the big day with a lot of fanfare is critical to creating a memorable event. Our AdRite balloons can be printed with your logo and are great as a backdrop, archway, or as part of your big balloon drop to end the ceremony. To celebrate and let everyone know where to go, you can’t go wrong with double sided sail signs.

With the right banners and custom balloons, you can add a lot of excitement on the cheap, and they also provide the perfect backdrop for photos with family and friends.

Graduation Party Supplies

No party is complete without decor to match, and a graduation party is one that’s worth going all-out for. Custom napkins, plates, and disposable cups are only the beginning—we offer a range of balloons and party supplies that will make your graduation party feel extra special.

For an eco-friendly confetti alternative that doesn’t have to be cleaned up, your entire staff will thank you for giving students a bag of confetti flowers. These colored confetti packets made from flower seed infused paper are entirely biodegradable and safe for outdoor use, plus they come packaged individually so everyone can grab one to celebrate.

Graduation Yard Signs

Graduation yard signs became wildly popular a couple years back when seniors weren’t able to attend graduation in person, and they’re now a graduation tradition. Yard signs are a fantastic way to show your pride for this year’s graduates and they’re an awesome backdrop for photos with friends.

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

If you’ve read this whole list and you’re still not sure what to get this year’s high school grads, we have even more ideas to share. If you want something unique, items like our light-up cinema board are a fun addition to their future college dorm or their new desk.

Another item that will help your grads remember the best of their high school memories is a stuffed version of your mascot with a custom t-shirt. For instance, our Little Paw Teddy Bear comes in brown or white and has a colorful shirt that can feature your school’s logo, making for a small gift that’s sure to be held onto. To find a closer to match to your football team’s mascot, check out the animal options available with our Furry Friend Keychain  or Mini Stuffed Animal.

College Graduation Gift Ideas

As your students join the ranks of alumni, finding the perfect college graduation gift to commemorate the moment can be tough. At Crestline, we have a number of items that we think fit the bill.

Assuming that your grad’s aren’t letting their school spirit go, consider a custom stadium seat. This is a practical item that allows them to show off their Alma Mater at events, concerts, and all the games to come.

If you are the buyer for your learning institution or PTA/PTO and you need help coordinating the customization, kitting, and drop shipping process, we can help there, too. With our friendly service team and a large catalog of customizable items, we can help just about any buyer get the perfect graduation gift into the hands of their students.

Customer Reviews of our Bulk Graduation Gifts & Ceremony Supplies

“Our graduating class last year absolutely loved this towel. We had every graduate's signature on it. Such a great idea!” – Sally, TN  Autographed Beach Towel

“Love this idea for our graduating class!” – Abby, MN  Swanky™ Graduation Pen

“We gave these away during finals for our graduates. Cute idea!” – Marcey, FL  Graduation Cap Stress Ball