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Bulk Christmas Ornaments with Custom Logo

Deck the Halls with Custom Holiday Ornaments

Promotional ornaments printed with your holiday message, design, or logo are the perfect way to get your customers, clients, and employees into the holiday spirit. Custom ornaments make great gift or giveaway ideas for seasonal retail sales or holiday parties. Browse our collection to find the best shapes, designs, and colors to display your brand message.

Custom ornament designs that fit your brand

Our custom logo ornaments come in a variety of traditional and unique designs, so you can find one that speaks to your brand. Make your logo shine brighter this season with one of these bulk custom Christmas ornament options:

Find the right material for your Custom Branded Christmas ornaments

  • Personalized glass ornaments – If you’re looking for a more exciting piece, the Light-Up Glass Ornament and the Captivating Globe Ornament are sure to help your logo shine a bit brighter this season.
  • Custom shatterproof ornaments – If you’re looking for kid, pet and shipping proof ornaments, try the Shatterproof Holiday Disc Ornament or USA-made Holiday Ball Ornament.
  • Branded wooden ornaments – For a more sustainable option, choose from 4 shapes of our Keepsake Wooden Ornament –Tree, Snowman, Snowflake, or Round Holiday Ornament.
  • Engraved ornaments – Engraved ornaments come in glass or shatterproof plastic, and many of our options come in ready-to-present gift boxes. You can also choose to custom laser engrave your logo or message on our Crystal Holiday Ornament to give off a high-end feel and ensure that your clients feel valued.

Looking for more seasonal ideas to promote your company alongside branded ornaments? Check out our selection of holiday greeting cardsparty accessories,  and corporate gifts. Also look through our ideas for the best Holiday Gifts for Employees and Clients.

Customer Reviews of our Custom Christmas Ornaments in Bulk

"These ornaments are perfect for a giveaway. I love the fact that they were individually packaged." – Becky, AZ, Custom Flat Star Ornament

“The snowflake ornaments are large enough to be seen prominently, revealing the agency logo while capturing and reflecting the lights and colors on the tree. The flakes are lightweight, so they won't bend the tree branches. They are nice as a keepsake for both staff and guests. The semi-clear material is reflective on its own, adding a hint of brightness as it gently swirls when touched by the natural airflow around it.” – Yvonne, NY, Snowflake Holiday Ornament

“I recently bought some Christmas ornaments, and they are just as I wanted. Plus, the company is excellent! The best so far! I will certainly buy from them again and again!” – Edy, NY, Classic Holiday Ball Ornament

FAQ About Custom Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are good gifts, as they bring joy to those who receive them during the Christmas season.  Personalized Christmas ornaments are even better, since you can customize them with a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. Christmas ornaments with brand logos and holiday messages are also popular gifts during the holiday season.
Christmas ornaments make good gifts because:

  • They are easy to pack and ship
  • They will be cherished for many years to come
  • They can be easily customized with logos and text

While gifting Christmas ornaments to employees or clients, consider including non-Christmas specific or winter themed gifts to encourage diversity and inclusion (D&I) for people who do not celebrate Christmas. You can pair ornaments with other gifts such as other decorative items, pairs of socks, and holiday treats.

Christmas ornaments should be packed for shipping individually, with multiple layers of bubble wrap or generic wrapping paper around each one. If the ornaments are delicate, you should use additional cushioning materials such as packing peanuts. Ideally, you should keep the wrapped Christmas ornaments in a cardboard box and fill the box with packing peanuts to avoid breakage.

While packing Christmas tree ornaments for shipping, choose a box that’s not too small or too big. That way you can ensure that the gifts do not wobble inside the box during transit. Applying a “fragile” sticker outside the box can alert shipping employees to be gentle with the box, especially if the ornaments are shipped internationally.

Alternatively, opt for Christmas ornaments that are made of shatterproof materials, such as plastic and pewter alloy coating instead of glass or ceramic. Such ornaments require less care when it comes to packing and shipping. If you buy custom ornaments from Crestline, take advantage of our drop shipping services and we’ll see that your decorations reach the door of each person on your list.

People buy Christmas ornaments as gifts or to decorate their Christmas tree according to their style, taste, and family traditions. Some may choose to buy traditional ornaments like colorful balls and glass Santas or snowflakes. Others may buy customized ornaments with logos and holiday greetings. It’s common to see Christmas trees decorated with glitzy ornaments and stockings that say “Happy Holidays!” or “Baby’s First Christmas”. People also like to commemorate events in their lives or organizations they belong to with new custom ornaments each year that freeze a moment in time.

For most people, decorating their Christmas tree (and their house along with it) is an opportunity to enjoy the Christmas season. It’s a time to spend with loved ones and enjoy a celebration before the new year begins.  In that regard, receiving tree ornaments as a Christmas gift is bound to bring joy to the receiver and their family. Plus, they’ll think of you when they hang your ornament on their tree next year.

Most retail stores and small businesses in the United States start decorating for Christmas between late October and early November, though there is no standard consensus on the ideal or appropriate time. This tends to be more than 45 days before Christmas. Some establishments choose Halloween or Thanksgiving as a marker to start displaying their Christmas décor.

According to Statista, about 34% of people (the largest group in the survey) in the United Kingdom think it’s acceptable for shops to start decorating for Christmas by late November. While it might be assumed that the earlier you start decorating your store the better it is to attract shoppers, that is not proven.

Ideally the acceptable time to start decorating for Christmas is the day from which you think your decorations will still look fresh and lively when Christmas arrives. You can decide based on the type of decorations and lighting you choose to adorn your shop with. Try using branded ornaments with your company logo on them for a special touch that will stand out to your customers.

Christmas marketing and advertising is important for brands because the season is a good time to boost sales and improve brand awareness. The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a crucial sales period for most stores and small businesses, as many potential customers are looking for gifts to buy for their loved ones.

Some common ways in which you can strategize your Christmas marketing efforts are:

  • Commission nostalgia-inducing items
  • Arrange giveaways, raffles, contests, and in-store celebrations
  • Build up anticipation by decorating your store days or weeks ahead of Christmas
  • Create offline marketing campaigns with a countdown to Christmas
  • Sell personalized and Christmas-themed items
  • Gift discounts and coupons to patrons on revisits