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What is the Purpose of a Trade Show?

The purpose of a trade show is to attract new customers and meet other members of an industry in person, breaking away from the often-impersonal methods of sales and communication. When businesses and consumers can meet face-to-face for discussions and demonstrations, they form personal bonds and stronger impressions of the products and services being offered.
Trade fairs have been around since medieval European times, when the gathering of traders made up for the lack of rapid long-distance communication and travel methods. In today’s age of the internet, phone calls, and delivery services, gathering in person is no longer strictly necessary. However, relying solely on these methods creates an impersonal atmosphere where consumers and businesses have little connection.
Trade shows today get their allure from creating a unique, enjoyable experience that can’t be found on a webpage, email, or phone line. Attendees enjoy the sense of wandering an expansive world of new ideas and products while making valuable human connections with others with similar consumer and business interests. One great way to connect with visitors is by giving away branded promotional items that they can use during or after the show. Attendees will remember your brand in a positive light and tell others about it.