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What Is Trade Show Marketing?

Trade show marketing is when a company attends an industry-specific trade show to promote the company’s products and services. Trade show marketing is one of the oldest and longest relied-upon marketing strategies, because it gives businesses lots of exposure in their industry and connects them with targeted leads.
Trade shows give your company a chance to connect with current and potential customers, share information about your business and products, give out memorable branded gifts, network with others in the industry, and even establish yourself as a thought leader through speaking opportunities or participation in panels.
Perhaps equally important, trade shows let you see what competitors are doing and ensure your team stays current with all trends in the industry. You’ll see any new products or services that your competitors are offering, which will help you stay up to date on customer needs and industry trends.
Ultimately, trade show marketing is a great way to help your business make sales, build leads, and network in your industry.