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Promotional Custom Bags with Logo

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Item # 126426

$39.19 - $26.76
Min qty: 50

New Bio-Liiv Produce Mesh Tote
Bio-Liiv Produce Mesh Tote
Item # 126386

$4.06 - $3.12
Min qty: 150

New Elite Clubhouse Duffle
Elite Clubhouse Duffle
Item # 126556

$23.98 - $18.45 $21.95 - $17.69
Min qty: 20

New LL Crossbody Belt Bag Fanny Pack With Metal Zipper
LL Crossbody Belt Bag Fanny Pack With Metal Zipper
Item # 126452

$18.50 - $15.37
Min qty: 250

New Igloo® Terrain Cooler
Igloo® Terrain Cooler
Item # 126420

$85.78 - $65.98
Min qty: 8

New Igloo® Seadrift™ Coast Cooler
Igloo® Seadrift™ Coast Cooler
Item # 126421

$109.18 - $83.98
Min qty: 6

New LL Crossbody Portrait Side Bag With Metal Zipper
LL Crossbody Portrait Side Bag With Metal Zipper
Item # 126454

$17.49 - $14.53
Min qty: 250

New Anywhere Belt Bag
Anywhere Belt Bag
Item # 126499

$7.19 - $5.53
Min qty: 100

New Hefty Cooler Bag With Fleece Blanket
Hefty Cooler Bag With Fleece Blanket
Item # 126444

$44.44 - $36.92
Min qty: 50

New Igloo® Seadrift Hard Lined Cooler
Igloo® Seadrift Hard Lined Cooler
Item # 126486

$87.08 - $66.31
Min qty: 6

New Rambler Lunch, Cooler or Toiletry Bag
Rambler Lunch, Cooler or Toiletry Bag
Item # 126402

$27.24 - $20.96
Min qty: 25

New Samsonite® Ascentra Carry-on Spinner Suitcase
Samsonite® Ascentra Carry-on Spinner Suitcase
Item # 126493

$234.43 - $191.47
Min qty: 6

New Igloo® Repreve Tote Cooler
Igloo® Repreve Tote Cooler
Item # 126487

$38.98 - $29.84
Min qty: 12

New Sustainable Lunch Gift Set
Sustainable Lunch Gift Set
Item # 126614

$49.99 - $41.53
Min qty: 25

New Out of the Woods Hedgehog Lunch Bag
Out of the Woods Hedgehog Lunch Bag
Item # 126488

$38.96 - $31.36
Min qty: 25

New Specter Go Laptop Bag
Specter Go Laptop Bag
Item # 126524

$36.00 - $27.70
Min qty: 10

New Bagito Original Tote
Bagito Original Tote
Item # 126364

$18.90 - $13.47
Min qty: 100

New Bagito Grande Tote
Bagito Grande Tote
Item # 126365

$23.60 - $17.08
Min qty: 100

New Dryad Large Washable Kraft Tote
Dryad Large Washable Kraft Tote
Item # 126505

$11.42 - $9.48
Min qty: 100

New Out of The Woods® Walrus Mini Lunch Bag
Out of The Woods® Walrus Mini Lunch Bag
Item # 126424

$47.27 - $35.89
Min qty: 12

New Nurses' Week Care Package Kit
Nurses' Week Care Package Kit
Item # 126598

$37.19 - $28.61
Min qty: 25

New Bagito Premium Tote
Bagito Premium Tote
Item # 126366

$24.80 - $18.00
Min qty: 100

New Multifunctional Backpack
Multifunctional Backpack
Item # 126404

$65.40 - $50.31
Min qty: 10

New RuMe® bFold Tote
RuMe® bFold Tote
Item # 126422

$10.78 - $8.29
Min qty: 65

New Bagito Produce/Bulk Bags- Set of 4
Bagito Produce/Bulk Bags- Set of 4
Item # 126368

$48.90 - $29.50
Min qty: 100

New BBL Bag
Item # 126380

$1.58 - $0.67
Min qty: 150

New Linen Wine Gift Bag
Linen Wine Gift Bag
Item # 126339

$5.32 - $3.79
Min qty: 100

New Himalayan Outdoor Kit
Himalayan Outdoor Kit
Item # 126450

$68.33 - $56.76
Min qty: 25

New Corporate Structure Laptop Backpack
Corporate Structure Laptop Backpack
Item # 126500

$53.99 - $41.53
Min qty: 10

New Bagito Original Cotton Tote
Bagito Original Cotton Tote
Item # 126367

$29.50 - $21.77
Min qty: 100

New Heritage Supply Tanner Deluxe Computer Backpack
Heritage Supply Tanner Deluxe Computer Backpack
Item # 126418

$59.98 - $46.14
Min qty: 12

New Osprey® Flare Backpack
Osprey® Flare Backpack
Item # 126495

$139.57 - $105.99
Min qty: 6

New Mobile Office Hybrid Computer Backpack
Mobile Office Hybrid Computer Backpack
Item # 126496

$71.98 - $54.82
Min qty: 8

New Nurse's Week Executive Gift Set W/ Northwoods Tote Bag
Nurse's Week Executive Gift Set W/ Northwoods Tote Bag
Item # 126599

$33.59 - $25.84
Min qty: 25

New Bagito Produce/Bulk Bag - Mesh
Bagito Produce/Bulk Bag - Mesh
Item # 126373

$15.50 - $11.05
Min qty: 100

New Bagito Produce/Bulk Bag - Solid
Bagito Produce/Bulk Bag - Solid
Item # 126374

$15.70 - $11.20
Min qty: 100

New Out of the Ocean® Pocket Tote
Out of the Ocean® Pocket Tote
Item # 126563

$14.28 - $10.98
Min qty: 50

New NBN Recycled Utility Insulated Backpack
NBN Recycled Utility Insulated Backpack
Item # 126575

$54.00 - $41.54
Min qty: 10

New Out of the Ocean® Reusable Large Shopper
Out of the Ocean® Reusable Large Shopper
Item # 126565

$9.08 - $6.98
Min qty: 100

New Field & Co. Fireside Eco Utility Tote
Field & Co. Fireside Eco Utility Tote
Item # 126584

$51.58 - $39.68
Min qty: 15

New Out of the Ocean® Reusable Lunch Shopper
Out of the Ocean® Reusable Lunch Shopper
Item # 126564

$7.78 - $5.98
Min qty: 100

New 24-Can Heather Backpack Cooler
24-Can Heather Backpack Cooler
Item # 126613

$29.60 - $22.77
Min qty: 20

New Terra Thread Fairtrade Erdig 15" Laptop Sleeve
Terra Thread Fairtrade Erdig 15" Laptop Sleeve
Item # 126578

$55.99 - $43.07
Min qty: 8

New 24-Can Heather Cooler
24-Can Heather Cooler
Item # 126612

$23.70 - $18.24
Min qty: 20

New 9-Can Lunch Cooler
9-Can Lunch Cooler
Item # 126611

$15.28 - $11.76
Min qty: 20

New Terra Thread Fairtrade Executuive Work Tote
Terra Thread Fairtrade Executuive Work Tote
Item # 126581

$69.80 - $58.72
Min qty: 5

New Brooks Brothers® Wells Duffle
Brooks Brothers® Wells Duffle
Item # 126632

$190.17 - $158.62
Min qty: 12

New ORCA® 26 Quart Cooler
ORCA® 26 Quart Cooler
Item # 126658

$543.20 - $417.85
Min qty: 1

New JanSport Fifth Avenue Waist Pack
JanSport Fifth Avenue Waist Pack
Item # 126585

$30.79 - $23.69
Min qty: 20

New ORCA® 20 Quart Cooler
ORCA® 20 Quart Cooler
Item # 126657

$417.58 - $321.22
Min qty: 1

New ORCA® 40 Quart Cooler
ORCA® 40 Quart Cooler
Item # 126659

$669.48 - $514.99
Min qty: 1

Custom Bags for Business Make Great First Impressions

Custom bags with logo are incredibly popular promotional products. Whether it’s for school, work, the gym, shopping, or travel, we all use bags in everyday life. When you put your logo on promotional bags, your brand will be noticed by everyone in class, at the office, in the store, and on the street. The branding value of printed bags with logo reaches far and wide, and Crestline has custom bags for business for any style or budget.

Promotional Backpacks

Custom logo backpacks come in a variety of sizes and have multiple pockets to hold all your gear. Screen-printed custom promo logo bags are available in many styles and colors and made from durable materials. Our most popular printed promotional bag, the Stylin’ Backpack, is perfect for schools. Cheap custom bags with logo, like lightweight drawstring backpacks, are easy to carry and ship, making them great for retreats, trade shows and run/walks. Plus, laptop backpacks protect valuable company equipment when your employees travel or commute. No matter what you’re looking for, Crestline is sure to have the perfect printed promo bags for you.

Custom Drawstring Logo Bags

Custom drawstring bags are handy, multi-purpose custom work bags that can help ensure that your brand makes a favorable impression. Promotional drawstring bags are easy to stuff and go, making them great giveaway bags with logo for your next corporate event. Crestline carries an extensive collection of custom drawstring bags in a range of colors, patterns, and materials. Some of our most popular branded event bags include the Drawstring Backpack and Destin Drawstring Backpack.

Branded Duffle and Gym Bags

Promote your logo on the go with imprinted bags for the gym and custom duffle bags for weekend getaways or to use as standard gear for sports teams. Our large custom-made bags with logo can be printed with your team, business, or school name. The Around Town and Carry-All duffle bags are durable promotional bags for events and games that are sure to leave a positive impression of your brand.

Personalized Grocery and Shopping Bags

Many municipalities are passing restrictions on single-use plastic shopping bags. Get ahead of the game and send a responsible environmental message by putting your logo on cheap custom-logo bags. Reusable custom bags with logo can be used as custom event bags for trade show giveaways or as gifts for shoppers at grocery stores. Try our best-selling grocery bags or fabricator laminated totes for tried and true business promotional bags that will positively represent your brand.

Branded Tech Bags and Cases

Protect your important tech devices with personalized bags for business laptops, custom messenger bags with company logo, and branded tablet sleeves. Laptop and shoulder bags come in TSA-compliant, checkpoint-friendly styles that make business travel a breeze. Printed covers and neoprene sleeves are made to accommodate tablets and other small devices. Printed tablet bags such as the Ovation Portfolio are effective giveaways for corporations, schools, or colleges.

Printed Insulated Cooler Bags and Lunch Bags

When you give custom lunch bags and coolers such as the Lunch-N-Carry Enviro Tote, you are providing a thoughtful and environmentally friendly daily essential while also getting your logo seen by a large audience with every use. Whether it’s camping, tailgating, or simply packing an everyday lunch, make sure your logo is always on display during mealtimes.

Custom Briefcases and Messenger Bags

Display your business logo professionally on a personalized messenger bag or briefcase that your employees and clients will proudly use daily. Logo bags for businesses—like a custom embroidered crossbody bag—are convenient for college students and business professionals. An alternative to bulky backpacks, custom messenger bags such as the Risso Business Briefcase are the perfect welcome gift for new staff and clients

Personalized Paper Gift Bags

Great for giveaways, corporate gifts, and pop-up shops, paper company bags with logo are an affordable way to add an attractive touch to the contents that are placed inside. Available in several sizes and colors, we can help you choose cheap paper logo bags that are right for you. Billboard Brown Bags offer a traditional kraft paper look while Matte Finish Paper Bags come in various attractive colors.

Promotional Plastic Bags

Custom plastic bags are perfect for use as gift bags to hold small trade show giveaways or retail store purchases. For any occasion, customized plastic bags are light, handy, and make budget-friendly brand amplifiers. Our personalized plastic bags come in a variety of USA-made and eco-friendly options, such as our top-selling Biodegradable Plastic Bags.

Custom Promo Bags for Travel and Personalized Accessories

Let your brand travel with personalized travel bags. Customized luggage bags are a great way to let the world know your company is hard at work. A company bag with your logo printed on it, plus custom luggage tags and accessories, gives your brand maximum exposure. Finally, imprinted toiletry and cosmetic bags keep personal care items neatly stowed away while spreading the word about your brand.

Branded logo bags are a sure-fire way to stand out in the crowd. Whether you need printed bags for exhibitions or want to gift your staff with personalized bags with your logo, we have options for any style and budget. Plus, when you order your business printed bags through Crestline, you’ll save with our wholesale pricing.

Customer Reviews of our Custom Bags With Logo

“Great quality and spot on logo positioning!” – Cealean, NC  9" x 12" Biodegradable Plastic Bags

“Great bags, we use for packaging curriculum materials. Sturdy and fits materials well.” – Howaida, VA  Grocery Tote

“This is a great, inexpensive tote that we use for staff swag and for promotional events. Well worth the value!” – Cassandra, OH  Budget Boat Tote

“Great product! We needed bags to use for our site tours that have our logo on it. I worked with someone via email and it was so easy! I was able to email with whatever I needed and would answer all my questions. The bags arrived and look awesome! Everyone is very happy with them and we will be using you for all of our logo needs!” – Kara, IL  Boutique Tote 8" x 10" x 4"

FAQ About Custom Printed Bags & Totes:

A swag bag contains an assortment of goodies and is handed out to attendees of trade shows, conferences, and other events. It’s a promotional gift bag intended to thank the guests for attending the event. Swag bags are usually tote bags filled with sweet treats, stickers, stationery, and/or branded merchandise.

Swag bags are also known as goodie bags or giveaway bags. They are usually given away for free for promotional purposes, but there may be other intentions such as to impress guests, increase awareness of a company through branded gifts, reward teams, welcome new employees, or simply serve as a reminder for giftees to follow-up with a business after the event.

In corporate trade shows, for example, it is common for companies to hand out branded swag bags to those who visit their kiosk. These swag bags can contain brochures, flash drives, and useful stationery goodies like pens and notepads. The idea behind this gesture is to give visitors a sneak peek into the company’s products and/or services and motivate them to engage with the company well after they have left the event.

The origin of the term “swag bag” is unclear. However, according to a take by Merriam-Webster, the term started being used as a way to describe “a tote bag containing promotional items” only in the early 1960s.

What you put in a swag bag should resonate with your brand as well as align with the intention of why you’re creating the bag. You can put any of the following items in a swag bag:

  • Candy/Snacks
  • Pens, pencils, and highlighters
  • Sticky notes and notepads
  • Portable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speakers
  • Socks, hats, t-shirts and other clothing items
  • Gourmet food items
  • Stickers
  • Water bottles
  • Earphones
  • Smartphone accessories

The list of potential swag bag items is endless. You can choose virtually any number or type of items in your swag bag, as long as they meet your giveaway requirements. Just ensure that the items do not make the swag bag heavy or bulky. While it’s a good idea to include a few branded merch items, try not to prioritize pushing your brand and focus instead on picking items you think a giftee would want to receive.

In recent years, themed swag bags such as corporate onboarding kits, gardening collections, grocery tote bags, and wellness items have become popular.

You can put any number of items in a swag bag, but it’s good practice to choose 3-10 memorable and useful goodies. Include as many items as you want, while keeping the total cost in mind. Whatever number you choose, make sure that you do not overfill the bag, or else your receivers will have a hard time carrying it and it will become more of a burden than a gift. The type and quality of the tote bag you choose is also important, since the bag itself will be the receivers’ first impression of your company.

It’s important to consider the total cost of a swag bag while choosing the contents. Your overall budget should be sufficient to purchase swag bags for all your intended receivers.

If you’re a retail business, you can also consider giving a logoed swag bag to your customers with room for them to carry other gifts that they may receive throughout the event.

Making a swag bag can cost anywhere between $10 and $50, though there is no one-size-fits-all pricing model. The total price of a swag bag can vary depending on its contents, which are bound to change according to the occasion, purpose, and budget.

You can use different strategies to manage the cost of your swag bags. Choose to fill a cheaper tote bag with lavish products, or reduce the number of items in a bag to keep the average cost per swag bag low. There are even great gifts for under $1.00 to fill swag bags.

If you’re gifting swag bags to your employees and planning to claim a tax break, make sure to keep the cost per bag below $25. The IRS can consider gifts that cost $25 or less per person per year as business gifts for tax deduction purposes.

Promotional bags are usually made of polypropylene, polyester, cotton, plastic, polyethylene, paper, cardboard, synthetic fibers, or other eco-friendly materials like cork or jute. Promotional bags can come in different types and shapes, such as bags with handles, drawstring bags, tote bags, and bags with zipper enclosures. You can choose your promo bag according to the material, type, size, and color that seems most fitting for your brand and for the event.

Many companies prefer tote bags made of cloth fiber or paper as they are both attractive and eco-friendly. Biodegradable and reusable promotional bags made of all-natural materials are also a popular choice. These giveaway bags help brands make a statement while showing that they care for the environment. Clear (transparent) bags made of plastic are also popular as they reveal their contents, which gets the giftees excited about what they’re receiving.

Yes, custom bags are highly effective in promoting your brand and boosting its visibility offline. According to a study performed by the Advertising Specialty Institute in 2019, 50% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that gave them promo bags. In this context, a promo bag would mean anything that is customized (with at least the logo) by a brand and which may or may not include freebies.

In 2022, swag bags were found to be among the most influential promotional products in the United States, especially in states including Michigan, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho. The survey also suggested that custom bags are amply reused, giving your brand’s visibility a multiplier effect. Whether you are commissioning customized bags for packaging or giveaways, they can help get your brand much-needed attention. Custom bags can help find you loyal customers who will feel proud to use them.