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6 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients

updated: May 10, 2024
Give Thanks with Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that’s entirely dedicated to showing gratitude, so take the opportunity to let your business partners know that they are valued. Don’t wait for December to send out year-end client appreciation gifts. Since everyone else sends gifts during the Christmas season, it’s easy for yours to get lost in the pile. Shine a spotlight on your brand by getting out ahead of the pack with personalized corporate Thanksgiving gifts. Surprise and delight employees who may be expecting gifts closer to Christmas with an out of the blue Thanksgiving treat. Whether you’re looking for customer appreciation ideas for Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving themed gifts for an office party, or a budget-friendly touchpoint like printed Thanksgiving cards, we’ve got you covered.

1. Wine Glasses, Candles, & Cookware

Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees

Embrace the season of giving with corporate thanksgiving corporate gifts to express your gratitude and appreciation for your employees. Some of the best thanksgiving gift ideas for employees are those which your staff with be able to use on Thanksgiving and beyond, such as a wine glass, or kitchen accessories like a cutting board or apron. Home-related gifts like a blanket or candle will be appreciated as the chilly winter months approach. Here are some great thanksgiving gifts for staff to get you started:


Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

Your clients and customers could be doing business with other companies, but they choose to work with you – thank them with these corporate Thanksgiving gift ideas. Customer appreciation ideas for thanksgiving don’t have to break the bank, and a simple gift such as a wine tool set or serving board can make a lasting impression and keep them coming back time and time again.

2. Snacks, Cups, & Other Thanksgiving-Themed Party Favors

Take your holiday office party to the next level with thanksgiving office gifts and party favors for your employees to take home after the event. Even if you’re not planning a party this year, leave a thanksgiving employee appreciation giveaway on each everyone’s desk to celebrate the season.

Office Party Favors

3. Candy, Sweets, & Charcuterie Boards

With food being an integral part of Thanksgiving celebrations, food gifts are both appropriate and highly desirable. Add to your clients and employee’s festivities with deserts like chocolates or brownies, or appetizers such as nuts and charcuterie boards.

charcuterie holiday gift box

4. Thanksgiving-Themed Greeting Cards & Business Cards

Custom thanksgiving cards are an inexpensive yet effective way to connect with clients or employees during the holidays. The gesture of sending a physical greeting card is much more personal and meaningful than an email. Thanksgiving cards for clients are a great way to thank them for their continued service, as well as let them know you’re thinking of them and their families. Check out these elegant business thanksgiving cards for clients and employees:

Card for business

If you’re looking for unique thanksgiving card that will be kept all year long and set your company apart from the rest, look no further than the Farmers’ Almanac. With advertising space on the front and back cover, this time-trusted publication is the perfect vehicle to get your well wishes into the homes of customers and clients. Autumn is a great time to give out the Farmers’ Almanac as it’s full recipes that are perfect for Thanksgiving, as well as weather predictions for the upcoming winter months.

5. Small Gifts: Pocket Gadgets & Tchotchke

Personalized thanksgiving cards will only stick around on your clients’ desks for the holiday season, so don’t miss the opportunity to include a branded promotional item in the card. From pocket calendars to magnets and seed packets, there are plenty of easy to mail small thanksgiving gifts for employees, clients, and prospects that are flat and lightweight. When the card gets thrown away, recipients will still have something to remind them of your brand. Consider these thanksgiving gifts for customers to include in your thanksgiving cards:

6. Sets & Gift Boxes

Gift boxes make it easy to reach your employees on Thanksgiving no matter what the distance. With less in-person interactions and events, it’s more important than ever to continue finding ways to stay connected and express gratitude. And often, the smallest gesture makes the biggest impression. With Crestline drop shipping services, it’s simple to get a gift on employees and clients doorsteps. Shop these customer favorite gift sets:

Remote Employee