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How to Keep Data Safe with Privacy Tech Items & Security Gadgets

published: August 24, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the landscape of the modern workplace. recently reported that about half of all Americans who were employed before the coronavirus outbreak are now working from home! The numbers are highest with managers and IT professionals, the employees that handle a firm’s most sensitive data.

With record numbers of people working from home, attending school via distance learning, shopping online, and attending virtual events, it is more important than ever before to keep hackers from recording activity and stealing data. The good news is that there are a variety of smart tech gadgets that make it easy to stay safe while using phones, tablets, and computers. Let’s take a look at the top privacy and security tech products.

Security Tech Infographic

Webcam Covers


How to use:

Protective Webcam Cover
  • Stick on to your device in front of the camera lens
  • Slide the cover open for meetings and chats, and closed for privacy
MopToppers Webcam Security Cover
  • Slip on and off to operate for thinner devices
  • Double up on function with an attached screen cleaner

Mic Blockers

Benefit: Prevent uninvited from ears from hearing or recording audio

How to use:

Mic Check Microphone Blocker
  • Plug in to your laptop, phone or tablet's earphone jack to keep conversations private

Data Blockers

Benefit: Allow safe device charging while blocking the transfer of data that hackers may try to steal

How to use:

Data Blocker
  • Plug the Data Blocker into any device USB port
  • Plug your charging cable into the Data Blocker to only charge your phone

RFID Wallets


  • Block credit card and ID scanners to prevent identity theft. Hacker’s scanners can not penetrate the wallet
  • Lightweight, budget-friendly and easy to mail

How to use:

Defender RFID Card Holder
  • Add ID cards and credit cards to the card holder
  • Slip the card holder into your wallet


Cardsafe™ RFID Adhesive Cell Phone Pocket
  • Use the adhesive back to stick the phone wallet to your phone
  • Add your ID and credit cards

Privacy & Security Tech Gift Sets


  • Amp up your organization’s cyber security program in one easy step
  • Create a thoughtful corporate gift for your employees, students, customers, and clients
Private Eye/Ear Combo
Work from Home 4 Pack

How to use:

  • Add your custom logo
  • Distribute to your audience, or have Crestline drop ship to individual recipients

Customize your privacy and security tech gadgets today at!

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