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How Many Giveaways Should You Bring to a Trade Show?

When determining how many giveaways you should bring to a trade show, focus on the size of the event. For smaller trade shows, you should bring enough giveaways for about 75% of the expected attendees. For larger shows, you should have enough supply for 25% of the attendees.
Here are some examples to give you an idea of how many giveaways you’ll need at a trade show:
  1. Small shows: If there are going to be 400 attendees, have 300 promotional items. At smaller shows, attendees can visit the majority of booths without feeling overwhelmed or running out of time. Therefore, you’ll likely see a higher percentage of visitors.
  2. Large shows: If 2,000 attendees are expected, have 500 promotional items. For these larger shows, connecting with 25% of attendees would be an excellent result. It might not sound like a good percentage, but with that many people and booths, attracting 1 out of 4 attendees is a big win.
  3. VIP Prospective Customers: In order to target your spending for maximum show ROI, you may want to bring a larger amount of smaller swag items for all booth visitors, and a small quantity of premium gift items for some of your best prospects with whom you have arranged special meeting times in advance.
As you prepare your supplies, consider having your trade show giveaways shipped directly to the event venue. This is particularly important if you’re traveling out of town or out of state. You can have your product delivered directly to the event venue to make the logistics a little easier. Plus, when you do it this way, you can order a few extra products just to ensure that you’ve got everything you need!