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How Much Do Trade Shows Cost?

Trade show costs vary but are usually between $40,000 to $60,000 in the US for exhibitors. To estimate the potential price range for a show, multiply the booth cost by three and four. For example, if the venue charges $15,000 for a booth, you can expect to spend between $45,000 and $60,000 total to display at the trade show.
The price varies because of the multitude of factors that play into the final cost of displaying at a trade show. These variables include:
  1. Size of the booth
  2. Price per foot of the venue’s floor space
  3. Booth design and decoration
  4. Booth services and utilities
  5. Booth installation
  6. Travel and logistics
  7. Staff salaries and amenities
  8. Product samples and demonstrations
  9. Marketing and advertising
  10. Promotional products and giveaways
Keep in mind that the location of the booth also affects the cost. For example, booth spaces near the entrance will likely be more expensive compared to spaces in the back with less exposure to the crowd. Thus, if saving money is crucial, aim for less crowded spaces and divert some funds to advertising, such as eye-catching signs and brochures to encourage wanderers to head to your spot.
If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of effective and inexpensive trade show booth ideas. You can also save money by handing out fun giveaways that cost under $1, like chapstick, pens, and goodie bags.  When purchasing your booth, you might also be able to search for promoter deals at small shows that often offer simple 10x10-foot booths for about $2,000. Alternatively, it is possible to be part of a larger company’s partner pavilion at larger shows, reducing the costs compared to going solo.