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Red Ribbon Week and Other Ways to Support Substance Abuse Awareness

Red ribbon keychain

Red Ribbon Week and Other Ways to Support Substance Abuse Awareness
Schools, public safety, healthcare, and other nonprofit organizations all do their part to raise awareness about alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse and its prevention. October is Substance Awareness Month and one such effort is The Red Ribbon Campaign™, which promotes Red Ribbon Week® in the last week of each October every year. The 2018 dates are October 23-31st.

What is The Red Ribbon Campaign™
The Red Ribbon Campaign™ was launched in 1985 after the National Family Partnership gained knowledge of the serious drug trafficking problem in Mexico that was making its way to the U.S. It began as a way to encourage families and educators to talk to their children about substance abuse prevention. Specifically, the anti-drug campaign encourages people to wear red double-looped ribbons in order to show that they have taken the pledge to educate children and youth about the dangers of drug abuse. While Red Ribbon Week® comes around just once a year, the need for substance abuse education is year-round. Promotional products are a great way to generate ideas and get the word out in schools, healthcare practices, and community service organizations.

The Red Ribbon™ Pledge
“I Pledge… to be Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco free and lead a healthy and positive lifestyle. I pledge to tell others about the dangers and consequences of drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse. I value my life and the lives of my family and friends!”

Encourage students and other children to sign the Red Ribbon Pledge. Imprint the pledge, this year’s campaign slogan, and a place for a signature onto a bookmark or keychain giveaway to make it convenient and quick for them to do so. It also serves as a great reminder to stay drug-free and to come back to your business for other anti-drug resources.

The Red Ribbon™ Slogan:
“Life Is Your Journey. Travel Drug-Free ™”
Add this slogan to awareness bracelets, stadium cups, pens, and pencils for fun giveaway ideas that kids will likely hold on to. Choose age-appropriate educational materials that reinforce the message. Hand out Drug & Alcohol Awareness Brochures to educators and parents in order to help get their kids talking about substance abuse, and your company, with their children. There are also fun enrichment materials available for kids, such as the Say No to Drugs Coloring Bookand the customizable Drug-Free and Me Storybook, that will give them all the facts they need to say no to drugs.

Other Drug and Alcohol Awareness Events
Raising awareness about the risks associated with drugs, tobacco, and alcohol is a year-round effort. Here are some ideas for how your organization can promote awareness promotions and events
-April is Alcohol Awareness month
-College campuses frequently put on awareness events such as festivals, rallies and walk/runs. –-Many towns and schools put on Say No to Drugs and DARE to Keep Kids Off Drugs events throughout the year
All of these events present the opportunity to promote education and fun with giveaways such as buttons, color changing items, and stickers. Plus, it will show that your company makes the effort to help the community and believes in maintaining a drug-free environment for kids. It’s a win-win situation!