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Event Goodie Bags & Gift Bags – Best Conference Swag Bag Ideas

updated: December 28, 2023
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Whether you're setting up a conference to exchange information with guests, planning a banquet to reward employee achievement, or attending a trade show to show off your products and services, it's important to leave a positive first impression. One of the best ways to do that is with imprinted swag bags customized with your logo or message and perfectly targeted to your audience.

There is one caveat, though: You want to make sure your swag bags don't end up in the garbage. If you've ever been part of a conference or trade show, you know how depressing it is to see trashcans filled with branded bags and promotional items.

Luckily, by putting a little thought into your convention swag bag ideas, you can provide functional and stylish bags filled with useful gifts that recipients will want to keep. Read on for great ideas and get ready to connect!

custom bags for events

Pre-Bundled Swag Bags

Coming up with quality business meeting and conference swag bag ideas doesn't have to be complicated, and we are here to help. Our pre-bundled promotional swag bags come with top items in sturdy bags that guests will appreciate.

Get started by ensuring your promotional bags are stuffed with goodies that have a purpose. Whether you're putting together a conference in person or virtually, you will want to make sure your items are shaped for the event you're hosting.

custom totes for conferences

Swag Bags for Conferences

Your next conference will go off without a hitch with the right conference swag bags. The perfect way to welcome guests to your event, these bags can be given out with itineraries outlining the schedule and details on what's to come.

Exclusive kits like the Terrific Trio are great if your event is outdoors since they come with items like a BPA-free plastic water bottle and sunglasses featuring UV400 lenses, or choose The Essential Five that includes swag for conferences that will impress in any situation like a 16 oz tumbler and cooler tote bag.


Virtual Conference Swag Bags

The recent pandemic has shown companies the benefits of virtual conferences, providing them with more opportunities to reach new customers and clients who might not traditionally attend an in-person event. Of course, that doesn't mean they're ignoring the power of branded supplies. The best virtual conference swag bags incorporate supplies that attendees can use to engage in the event.

Send out the Snack & Learn Meeting in a Box filled with tasty treats to be enjoyed during the presentation.

Here are a few more swag bags you can send out a week in advance to remind attendees to tune in:

virtual conference

High-End Convention Swag Bags

Don't wait to get names on the list for your next convention. Increase early registration by offering high-end convention swag bags to the first 100 people who sign up. Conference-goers will be happy to have their names on the list early when they receive a sound machine and massage gun in our Calm and Relax Cozy Gift Set. Or make them feel like an executive with the classy Tech Backpack Welcome Kit featuring a roll-top backpack and tech gadgets including earbuds and a power bank.


Corporate Event & Conference
Tote Bags

As with any event, it's important to stay one step ahead when hosting a conference by having the necessary event items for everything to run smoothly, and that includes providing attendees with custom convention bags to fill with the swag, information, office supplies, and branded gifts they’ll receive.

Whether you're looking for budget-friendly, eco-friendly or tech-friendly goodie bags for your event we have the swag bag ideas you need. On top of that, these bags are reusable, meaning attendees can continue to use them long after the event for grocery shopping, transporting supplies to and from the office or any other purpose. Top picks include:

custom tote bags on event table
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Best Items to Fill
Event Swag Bags

Companies and organizations are always looking for the best giveaway items to engage employees and energize event attendees. By choosing the right swag for your goodie bags and gift bags, you can ensure that all attendees feel welcome and primed for the days presentations, and they will remember your convention for years to come. Here are some top items to include in your event tote bags:

custom giveaways to fill event bags
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Haven't found the perfect swag bag for your next conference, corporate event, or trade show? Create your own kit with products of your choosing by using Crestline's kitting services. These services allow you to customize highly personalized gift sets for any occasion, and we can send your swag bags to your business location, the convention site, or even to individual addresses in advance of the event.

custom giveaways to fill event bags