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18 New, Must-Have Phone Accessories & Cool Tech Gifts: The Best Ideas for 2024

updated: January 10, 2024
18 New, Must-Have Phone Accessories & Cool Tech Gifts: The Best Ideas for 2024s

Not only is technology moving at a breakneck pace, but the best tech giveaways are working hard to keep up. Your employees, clients, and other stakeholders deserve the best new tech gadgets to help keep them productive and communicative while passively working to promote your brand.

Here are the best new tech gadgets and the latest mobile phone attachments for 2024.

3-in-1 Travel Charger

1. 3-in-1 Travel Charger

With everyone using multiple devices each day, there’s nothing more useful than wireless chargers. This multi-purpose travel charger is perfect, providing flexible functionality to charge a phone, wireless headphones, and a smart watch simultaneously. It’s a compact and portable wireless charging mat that keeps your stakeholders’ Qi-enabled devices going for hours.

Modern Office Desk Lamp

2. Modern Office Desk Lamp

If your employees are working on the move, whether that be in the office, at home, in a coffee shop, or at the airport, they need great light to stay productive. This modern lamp easily folds away in a backpack, ready for work at a moment’s notice. It also comes with features such as a touch dimmer switch and a 10-minute timer. It’s perfect for video conferencing.

Casely Power Pod Wireless Charger

3. Casely Power Pod Wireless Charger

If you’re looking for a wireless charger that your employees or customers will value throughout the year, look no further than the Casely Power Pod. Your recipients can simply snap the pod onto the back of their cell phone or case to keep charging wherever they go–and keep your brand just as nearby. It's also a versatile power source for charging both wireless and non-wireless-enabled devices.

Courant Classics Catch: 3

4. Courant Classics Catch: 3

Wireless chargers don’t need to be an unsightly item on a desk or kitchen counter. Keep your employees and customers in style with this luxurious yet practical gift. The CATCH:3 features a multi-coil, single-device wireless charging technology with a sleek silhouette wrapped in quality materials like leather and aluminum alloy. It makes a great tech gift for 2024.

Dryfter Remote Control Car

5. Dryfter Remote Control Car

Office technology gifts don’t have to be all about work. Have a little fun with this Dryfter remote control car. Your team will love taking a break with this action-packed thrill ride. With 20 minutes of charge, this toy car will be the perfect lunchtime entertainment or the centerpiece of a team-building activity.

mophie® 3000 mAh Power Bank

6. mophie® 3000 mAh Power Bank

Tie your organization to this well-known retail brand. The mophie® 3000 mAh Power Bank features a 3,000 mAh/11.1Wh Grade A Lithium Polymer battery and is compact enough to fit in a pocket. Your employees or clients will appreciate this handy device, ready for easy on-the-road charging.

 Magnet Phone Wallet & Stand

7. Magnet Phone Wallet & Stand

Serious business professionals need to keep an eye on their phones, and the Magnet Phone Wallet & Stand is a stylish way to prop up a phone on any busy office desk. Your team or favorite customers will appreciate this convenient multi tasker that also holds important cards and attaches and detaches from phones easily without adhesive.

Recycled ABS Fast Wireless Charging Pad

8. Recycled ABS Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Give your important stakeholders something that’s not only useful but also gentler on the environment. This wireless charging pad is a must-have for anyone who depends on their devices. Its case is made of 100% recycled ABS plastic material, and this company is a partner with 1% For The Planet.

Popl Digital PhoneCard™

9. Popl Digital PhoneCard™

Looking for a unique corporate gift? Help your employees and customers skip scrambling for their business cards that will usually end up getting lost or thrown away. Give them the Popl Digital PhoneCard™, which is a digital business card on the back of a phone. Recipients can tap their PhoneCard™ to the back of any compatible phone or use the QR code to instantly share contact info, social media, payment apps and more.

Reclaim RPET MagClick Fast Wireless JournalBook

10. Reclaim RPET MagClick Fast Wireless JournalBook

Your employees and clients will appreciate the Reclaim RPET MagClick Fast Wireless JournalBook. Not only is it made of post-consumer recycled fabrics, this notebook features a front pocket for storing documents, smartphones, and other essentials. The book also includes a 15W wireless charger with magnet and a TPE charging cable.

Pop for MagSafe

11. Pop for MagSafe

Give the PopGrip For MagSafe, which securely attaches to a MagSafe-compatible case for maximum grip and stand utility. When your employees need it for wireless charging, it slides off easily. The classic PopGrip means it sticks flat to the back of any phone, ready to be extended for a media stand and grip.

Hands-Free Rechargeable Neck Fan

12. Hands-Free Rechargeable Neck Fan

Let your employees or clients take charge of their personal climate control wherever they are with these hands-free rechargeable neck fans. Bladeless and lightweight, these light fans feature side and back vents for 360° air flow. Recipients can select high, medium or low settings and enjoy a refreshing breeze for about three hours.

Cork Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

13. Cork Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

For a fun and useful gift, select the Cork Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. Your employees or clients will love being able to save desk space by simply placing their phone on this mouse pad's wireless charging spot. Not only is cork a trending look and renewable resource, one percent of all EcoSmart® product sales are donated to environmental nonprofits.

Juice Tech Kit

14. Juice Tech Kit

Treat your most important stakeholders to this Juice Tech Kit, which includes blue light blocking glasses, a soft touch aluminum stylus pen, plug and power wall charger, and earbuds. The kit also has a 3-in-1 lanyard charging cable. This kit makes a great welcome gift or holiday present for your remote team.

Volt 10w Bamboo Phone Stand Wireless Charger

15. Volt 10w Bamboo Phone Stand Wireless Charger

With bamboo growing in popularity today, you can bring this trend to your business by giving out bamboo phone stands with wireless chargers. With its double coil construction, this charger will deliver the fastest full battery charge available, keeping your team productive and connected.

Sound Zone TWS & ANC Earbuds Set

16. Sound Zone TWS & ANC Earbuds Set

Help your team stay connected and agile with these active noise cancellation earbuds. Featuring high-definition Bluetooth® 5.0 wireless technology and built-in microphone with volume control, these earbuds can facilitate dynamic stereo sound or productive hands-free calls.

Cardsafe Cork Cell Phone Wallet - RFID Blocker

17. Cardsafe Cork Cell Phone Wallet - RFID Blocker

Help keep important cards belonging to your prospective customers safer with the CardSafe Cork Cell Phone Wallet. Made from sustainable cork tree bark, this wallet attaches to the back of a cell phone with removable 3M adhesive. Its special shielding effectively blocks the transmission of RFID signals, protecting recipients from potential theft of account information.

iHue Light Bar

18. iHue Light Bar

Whether your employees or clients need some additional light for their workspace or for the next video conference, the iHue Light Bar provides the perfect adjustable ambience. Featuring 11 vibrant color options, this light bar offers lots of color-changing modes as well as speed and brightness controls for the ultimate lighting experience at the click of a button.

If you’re looking for the latest tech gifts, be sure to browse through our constantly updated choices. Besides charging stations, power banks, cables, and speakers, we offer headphones and phone stands that can do double duty of showing appreciation to your most important stakeholders and promoting your brand.