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20 Thoughtful Ways to Show Appreciation & Gratitude to Workers

updated: December 14, 2023

How to Express Your Gratitude to Those Who Serve

Whether it’s for employees, teachers, healthcare workers, store clerks or providers of other services we rely on, there’s no time like the present to express your thanks for everything they do. Limited budgets need not deter you, because an activity or gift need not be extravagant to be effective. As we all know, it’s the thought that counts.

Often, however, it’s the “thought” that presents the real challenge in expressing gratitude. Some of us have a knack for picking out the right gift, while others struggle so much to find the right gift that we just forget it.

We can help with that! Since Crestline is in the gratitude-expression business, we’d like to offer ideas for activities and promotional gifts sure to please and get your message of thanks across, with great choices for employees, vendors, customers, clients, volunteers or members of your community.

10 Activities to Express Appreciation

Some are elaborate and some are simple, but all these activities will be well received.

  1. Birthday celebrations in the office
  2. Company lunches: One on one or group
  3. Extra vacation days
  4. Feature employees in social media posts or company website
  5. Free snacks and beverages
  6. Generous tips
  7. Outings to sporting and cultural events
  8. Spa days
  9. Spot bonuses
  10. Write glowing reviews of your service providers

10 Promotional Gifts That Say Thank You

Crestline offers tens of thousands of gift options, all customizable with your logo or message.

In addition, this list of gifts are proven winners for expressing thanks and appreciation.

  1. Caps. Whether for style, sun protection or sports, custom hats and caps are always appreciated when they’re comfortable, functional and stylish. We have the right cap for you!
  2. Coffee Mugs. When your coffee mug gift has the right style and message, it will bring a grins to faces at the start of every day. Add a funny saying about coffee for double the smiles.
  3. Drink Tumblers. Everybody craves a high quality, insulated, eye-catching tumbler for their hot and cold beverages. Add a fun twist to your gift with sparkling quotes about wine.
  4. Fleece Blankets. When people snuggle up in a blanket for a long winter’s nap, they’ll remember how warmly you said thank you.
  5. Journals. People still need paper, and a journal for writing and holding papers, notes and receipts will be used daily.
  6. Lunch Coolers. It’s hard to find the perfect lunch cooler for snacks, lunches, picnics and travel – but you can find it at Crestline.
  7. Pens. Pens are the world’s most popular promotional gift category because everybody uses them. Laser-engraved pens, pencils and writing gift sets are other excellent options.
  8. Power Banks. A power bank is a portable charger for phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It’s one of those things people really need but seldom buy for themselves.
  9. T-Shirts. With the right message and design, a custom t-shirt will be worn until it wears out – and then the recipient will want another!
  10. Totes. Totes help people help the environment by reducing the use of paper and plastic bags. That’s a great message to send – along with a very practical gift.

Can’t decide which items are right for your audience? Give them everything! Our custom kits & bundles are becoming more popular all the time, because they make it easy to wow recipients with a variety of gift items. Just pick out your favorite kit. We’ll add your logo to each piece, handle all the assembly and we can even drop ship to individual addresses! Speaking of mailing, if your staff is working from home, consider gifts that are intensely useful as well as flat and lightweight. For ideas, check out The Best Promotional Gifts for Direct Mail.

Engage Your Team!

Expressing gratitude is a good thing to do in and of itself – but recognition also helps you in practical ways. Studies indicate 69% of employees would work harder if they were better appreciated. The same dynamic no doubt holds true for teachers, nurses, retail personnel and home services providers. In addition to improving performance, appreciation gifts and activities boost engagement, which in turn reduces turnover, errors, injuries, and other bad things that happen when people feel undervalued.

Today we’ve all gained a much deeper appreciation of the people we rely on. Let us help you show them you care!