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6 High Tech Giveaways You Can’t Live Without

updated: May 08, 2020
Tech Accessory Giveaways

With new technology being developed all the time, it can be hard to keep up with the latest tech trends. Here at Crestline, we have all the most popular tech giveaways and ideas that you can use to make your next promotion a big success. Read through each category or skip right to the one you want to learn about first.

Chargers and Power Banks

By far the most useful tech giveaways are those that recipients can use to power up their devices. Custom promotional chargers are great because they are used by nearly everyone. In fact, 40% of consumers keep promotional power banks for 2 years or more which can generate 900 impressions for your brand. Give your business a jump start with these charging devices that can all be customized with your logo.

Power banks and chargers

Power Banks

Custom portable power banks are a very well-received giveaway. These neat tech items allow anyone to charge their devices on the go. Simply pre-charge the power bank, take it with you, and use it when your battery starts getting low. These make great promotional products, corporate technology gifts, and take-home items for your conference.

Metallic green power bank

Charging Cables

You can now get charging cables imprinted with your logo. These are the perfect giveaways for almost anyone, especially those that lose their chargers often. Pair them with a branded wall charger or custom car charger for a giveaway no one will forget. We recommend this all-in-one auto and wall charger that customers can use at home and on the road.

Metallic charging cords

Qi Chargers

Custom Qi chargers allow compatible mobile phone users to charge wirelessly on contact by placing their devices on top of a Qi charging pad or station. They are quick and convenient products that can be used as giveaways or as in-house charging stations for customers. Find the full list of Qi compatible devices here.

Qi charger with phone on desk

Get the Most Out of Promotional Chargers

Make your booth, display, or store the place to get power! At trade shows, conferences and events like local awareness walks and fundraisers, it pays to have charging capabilities. Create charging stations so people can keep their devices juiced and stay connected. Imprinted USB hubs are perfect for charging multiple devices at once. Offer adapters or charging cords as giveaways so that if people forgot to bring them, you will really look like the hero. You could even set up a bunch of wireless chargers to make the charging process easier. While they are there getting power, try to get to know them a little bit, share your product or service with them and exchange information.

Phone Stands and Accessories

Two of our top-selling items both fall under the category of phone accessories. Branded items that work with a recipient’s phone are not only extremely popular, they are also very affordable. Browse the products featured in this section for a tech giveaway that is sure to be a hit with almost any audience.

Metallic Popsockets on iPhones

Tech Pockets

Try an alternative to the typical business card hand-outs by putting your card into a tech pocket. They are more likely to keep your card when it comes with an item that they can continue to use. Alternatively, if you need a quick corporate gift, fill the phone wallet with a gift card instead.
Customizable tech pockets and wallets are very popular items that nearly anyone will be happy to accept. These handy products take up little space while also allowing customers to attach them to their phones to carry cards, money, and other valuables. From our most sought-after standard silicone tech pockets to phone pockets with a ring, that can be used as a grip or stand, Crestline has several variations of these trendy giveaways to choose from. There are even professional-looking bifold and trifold phone wallets for convenient storage of multiple items.

White phone pocket holding cards


Promotional phone holders and stands are another popular giveaway that have a wide likability. Popsockets®, a grip and stand in one useful product, are loved by many and offer great branding possibilities for your company.

Silver faceted popsockets on phone

Phone Ring Holders

A more recent emergence in promotional tech stands is the phone ring. No, we don’t mean the noise you hear when you get a call. Custom phone ring holders adhere to the back of your device and easily swivel to allow for easy holding and propping up. There are several attractive designs for you to imprint your logo on. We even offer a SpinSocket™ which, on top of the normal benefits of a standard phone ring, also functions as a fidget spinner.

Ring holder on phone pocket

Tech Bundles and Kits

Maximize the value of your branding efforts by putting your logo on multiple items at once with our custom imprinted tech kits and bundles. Separate the products in the sets for quality individual giveaways or keep them all together for a unique corporate or employee appreciation gift.

Royal blue 5 piece set, lunch bag, tumbler, notebook, charger, pen

Stretchy Charging Sets

Our Stretchy Charging Accessory Sets are a terrific value. With an assortment of sizes to choose from, there is a kit to fit any need. The most popular of these is the Large Stretchy Charging Set which comes with a 3-in-1 charging cable, a square wall charger, and a car charger all stored in an imprinted polyester and spandex pouch. At a reasonable price point, this set is well worth every penny.

Blue tech charging accessory kit in stretchy bag

Corporate Gift Bundles

If you’re looking for some corporate branded gadgets that you can use to welcome employees, honor business partners, or reward staff, the Tech Backpack Welcome Kit just might fit the bill. This high-end kit includes a quality backpack, wireless Bluetooth® earbuds, a power bank, a charging cord, and a phone ring. Each of these items are imprintable with the backpack being laser engraved and the tech accessories available with a full color imprint. With all of this included, the welcome kit will be a gift your recipients won’t soon forget.

Travel tech accessory set, hiking bag, earbuds, and chargers

Tech Kits with Earbuds

Much like our line of stretchy accessory sets, our selection of kits that include earbuds come in a wide range of price points. Our most affordable is the Carry All Techie Set while a mid-price range kit like the Dune Capistrano Tech Set offers a more styled appearance. Regardless of what kit you choose, it is sure to leave your customers happy with your brand.

Orange travel charging accessory kit

Give Together or Separately

If you want bundles that will allow you to hand out the included products individually, it is best to find a set where all, or most of, the items are imprinted. The Kickstarter Kit, Platinum Portable Phone Accessory Kit, Great 8 Essentials Gift Set, and Phone Accessory Kit are bundles where all or most of the items include an imprint of your logo. Use each item as their own giveaway or use them as prizes to go along with a prize wheel at trade shows and other events.

Speakers and Audio

Give the gift of easy listening with custom branded speakers, earbuds, and other audio equipment. These products are great for any purpose promotional products might hold for your company or event.

Blue modern style headphones

Standard Earbuds and Headphones

You can never go wrong with a useful pair of plug-in earbuds or headphones. Our top-selling Color Pop Earbuds are the perfect choice for a giveaway item and allow for easy storage. Imprint the case with your logo for a product anyone would appreciate and use.

Blue earbuds with carrying case

Wireless Earbuds 

The latest trend in audio-listening are wireless earbuds and headphones. These hot items allow the user to listen to audio through Bluetooth® technology without worrying about plugging them into a device. Our Wireless Earbud Pods with Rechargeable Case feature a built-in microphone for easy phone compatibility and mimic the style of the most popular retail brand wireless headphones at a fraction of the cost. They make an excellent gift for gym members or business partners who are on-call often.

White rechargable earbuds with charging dock

Bluetooth® Speakers

Most anyone would appreciate having a Bluetooth® speaker that they can use to amplify their music or other audio. We offer a variety of options to fit just about any need you may have. Our most popular, and most affordable, Bluetooth® speaker is the Fusion Bluetooth® Speaker. Small but mighty, these powerful, battery-operated speakers can be easily transported. The slightly pricier, but just as cool Illuminated Logo Bluetooth® Speaker offers a larger imprint area, charging capabilities, and even lights up your logo when audio is playing.

Graphite Bluetooth speaker with illuminated logo

A Trade Show Tip

If your company has a presentation that includes audio, make it easier for event attendees to hear it with custom earbuds or headphones. When someone approaches your booth or table, give them a pair of earbuds to use while listening to your presentation so that they can hear over other outside noises. As a thank you for their time, offer the earbuds as a gift after they have finished listening. Once they leave, simply replace the earbuds and wait for the next visitor to appear.

Tech Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cloths are no longer just for cleaning glasses. In fact, there are even promotional tech cleaning cloths made specifically for making your device screens and lens smudge-free. Try out one of the products in this section for a light, multipurpose giveaway.

Royal blue tech cleaning cloth

Pocket Cleaning Cloths

Your customers will love the convenience of being able to carry their customized cleaning cloths in their pockets or bags. Try our Pocket Cleaning Cloth with imprint on the case or imprint your logo directly on the cloth with the Rectangular 3 1/2" x 2" Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Pocket-size gray tech cleaning cloth with pouch

Full Color Cloths

Custom full color imprinted cleaning cloths offer a great opportunity for you to imprint a colorful image or detailed artwork right onto the cloth. Now, we even offer heart-shaped, house-shaped, and truck-shaped full color cloths in our Screen Mobile Phone Cleaner line.

Full color microfiber cleaning cloth


The Microbuff™ is a screen cleaner that can adhere to the back of your device or case for repeated use. They come in mini and large sizes and, as always, can be imprinted with your logo for repeated brand impressions.

Microbuff™ tech cleaning cloth


Our MopTopper™ collection features several products that function as screen cleaners. Aside from the Moptopper branded cleaning cloth, we also offer pens, stress balls, keychains, plushies, earbuds, and phone stands that each have microfiber “hair” that can be used as a screen cleaner. These multi-functional novelty items are great conversation starters.

Red microfiber cleaning cloth with smiley face

Identity Protective Tech

As our society becomes more and more technologically advanced, so do the techniques of criminals who seek to steal our identities and defraud us. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses radio waves to wirelessly transmit data. While RFID technology can be used for good, it can also be used to collect private information without your permission. Luckily, Crestline has products that can prevent RFID and other identity stealing tactics.

RFID Protective Tech Accessories

Apart from our standard pockets, we also offer RFID protective tech wallets that protect the cards inside from being scanned by identity thieves. The KANGA™ PROtect, bifold Premium RFID Phone Wallet with Stand, and RFID Card Smart Phone Wallet are all fantastic options.

Royal blue RFID Phone Wallet

Scan Resistant Tech Packs

Tech backpacks in general make excellent corporate gifts but adding RFID protection could be that element that pushes your gifts, and your brand, to the top. Try it out for yourself with our drawstring bag, messenger bag, or backpacks, all of which include an RFID protective pocket.

Backpack with scan resistant tech pockets

Webcam Covers

An affordable yet useful giveaway, promotional webcam covers prevent unwanted camera access. Ensure that your customers, clients, and employees protect their privacy by imprinting your logo on a webcam cover.

Silver webcam cover with company logo

Anti-fraud Ink Pens

Shop our selection of pens with anti-fraud ink. This special type of ink cartridge has been tested to verify its resistance to several methods used by those who try to “check-wash” in order to forge their own information. The Guillox® 9 Stylus and Sugar Pen Stylus are both attractive pens that, aside from using anti-fraud ink, also feature a stylus that can be used on touch screen devices.

Regardless of your tech needs, Crestline has all the swag to make it happen for you. Reach out to one of our helpful sales reps. They would be happy to help you find what you need.

Blue and silver Guillox stylus pen

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