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Have an A+ First Day with Custom Printed Back to School Gifts for Students – 24 Great Ideas

Have an A+ First Day with Custom Printed Back to School Gifts for Students – 24 Great Ideas
published: May 29, 2024

It happens every fall. Summer starts to wind down and families begin preparing for the hustle and bustle of the school year. Teachers, administrators, and parent-teacher organizations gear up for another busy term. Start the year off right with back to school gifts for students. Giving new and returning students a small token from your school community can make all the difference in ramping up school spirit. Imprint your school logo or mascot on useful items that can help students begin their learning once again. Below we’ll look at some fun first day of school gifts for students in every grade.

Back to school student gifts for K-5 kids

The first day of school is extra special for young children who may have been anticipating kindergarten or elementary school with excitement. Although many students come well-prepared with necessary supplies, teachers and administrators won’t go wrong with some of these basic back to school student gifts such as 10 Piece Crayon Box Set.

Popular gifts for elementary students include youth apparel, fun toy and novelty items and everything else kids love:

2. Hanes® Youth Tagless® 100% Cotton T-Shirt
Hanes® Youth Tagless® 100% Cotton T-Shirt

“We ordered these shirts for the baseball team with hopes that they would be durable and last at least through the season where t-shirts usually don't make it through without a lot of damage, holes, and rips. We were absolutely pleasantly surprised when these shirts held up through the season no problem and our message was still standing out and easily seen. Needless to say we were pretty excited and will most likely be coming back for most future orders of things like their shirts!” – Jason, NV

3. Scholar's Essentials Kit
Essentials Kit

“I selected these for our after school programs and requested that they be imprinted with the course names under our school name. I was very happy when I received these, they look great. Thank you!” – Miranda, TX

4. Best Value Calculator
Best Value

“The students in my summer program were excited about the calculators, and the bright green color will help them find it when they need it. Each calculator was individually gift-boxed which added to the appeal to students. Worked right out of the box.” – Seline, AZ

Back to school gifts for students in middle school

Hitting the transition from elementary school to junior high or middle school can be a big step for many young people. Make taking that step toward “big kid” an easier change with a welcome gift, complete with a new school slogan and mascot to help these students feel part of something bigger than themselves. Fun gifts like our MopToppers® Stylus Pen can help break the ice with new friends.

Check out other best sellers:

9. International Foreman Pencil
International Foreman

“The pencil sharpens to a nice point. The "Paw" logo and school name printed clearly. The staff responded very well to the product.” – Kate, NY

10. Zip-Front Drawstring Backpack
Zip-Front Drawstring Backpack

“We designed a Red Knight Back to School Survival Kit that included: Drawstring backpack, flash drive, pen, 2 pencils and a planner. Other than the planner (previous contract) everything was from you and came directly as ordered. The students and parents are enjoying the idea.” – Donna, FL

11. Smilez Mechanical Pencil
Smilez Mechanical

“We gave these pencils away to students on the first day of school this year. There were so many smiles! Teachers even came into the office asking if they could have one.” – Jan, NE

12. 27 oz Poly-Squeeze Translucent Sport Bottle
27 oz Poly-Squeeze Translucent Sport Bottle

“We ordered water bottles for our students at our middle school. They were excellent quality, and the turnaround time was extremely quick!” – Laura, MD

Back to school student gifts for high schoolers

High school can be an exciting and stressful time for many young adults as students struggle to fit in, find their niche, and set a direction for the future. Help enhance your school community with back to school gifts for students that are imprinted with your school logo and mascot.

At this age, be sure you select something that students will find useful in their day-to-day studies and life like Crestline’s Pocket 4000 mAh Power Bank.

Other top-notch back to school student gifts include:

17. Silicone Tech Pocket Phone Wallet
Silicone Tech Pocket Phone Wallet

“The pockets are great. They are a big hit with our students.” – Deanna, RI

18. Stylin’ Swivel Hook Lanyards
Stylin’ Swivel
Hook Lanyards

“The product is well made and the imprint looks great, and the colors we selected matched each of our campus colors perfectly. The other reason we continue to come back is not just for the product, it is the customer service we receive.” – Claudette, AZ

19. Stylus Grip Pen
Grip Pen

“When we received the product we were quite surprised to find that the color perfectly matched our company's color guidelines and the suggested color imprint by the representative was just perfect! Cool giveaway to our students and faculty!” – Deborah, NY

Regardless of the age of your students, back to school is an exciting time of year. Help your student body coalesce with branded spirit swag. Welcome them back and start the school year off right. Crestline has you covered throughout the year with our complete line of promotional products for schools.