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24 Awesome Customized Cast and
Crew Gifts for Your Wrap Party

published: February 8, 2023
24 Awesome Customized Cast and Crew Gifts for Your Wrap Party

That’s a wrap! You’ve finished filming your movie or TV show, so it’s time to celebrate with a wrap party for the cast, crew, and everyone involved in making the production happen. Wrap gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for your cast and crew and give them a commemorative item they’ll treasure for years to come.

Items that allow for full-color graphics make it possible to tie in visuals from the film, adding a little more life to your gift. From high-end tech accessories to gift boxes and coolers to customized name-brand items, here are the best wrap gifts for that closing event.

Sonic Charge Tech Kit

Consider wrap gifts for your film crew that support a nomadic lifestyle filled with travel. Get inspired by this tech kit that makes a practical wrap gift that everyone will use, regardless of where they go next.

Movie Night Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

Combine your wrap event with opening night with this Movie Night Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set. Whether you watch your production at the event or send this gift set home with the cast and crew, this seasoned popcorn makes a great addition to any movie night.

16 oz S'well® Ice Cream Pint Cooler

Looking for unique cast or crew gifts? Give this mobile ice cream miracle to the coolest crew in the biz, personalized with the name of your production or an iconic quote from your film.

Batch & Bodega Pass The Remote Gift Box

Your cast and crew may not have everything in common, but you do share a passion for films and shows. Encourage that love with our Batch & Bodega Pass The Remote Gift Box. This cast and crew gift set will keep them munching away during their own at home movie nights.

Ekosphear ANC Headphones

A practical gift idea for your film crew, our Ekosphear ANC Headphones can be used for up to 17 hours. Adjusting volume, changing songs, and answering calls is easy with these headphones, making them perfect for the airport, the office, and the gym – as well as the film set.

Igloo® Seadrift™ Coast Cooler

Give one of our coolers to crew members who love parties, cold drinks, or both. Stylish and sturdy, our Igloo® Seadrift™ Coast Cooler holds 36 cans in a leak-resistant main compartment. It’s a movie wrap party gift that just might come in handy during the event.

16 oz MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

After weeks of working together, you know exactly who loves starting their day with a morning coffee, and who needs it to work long into the night. Personalize our 16 oz MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler to make caffeination more convenient.

Batch & Bodega Trailblazer - Deluxe

Everyone loves a good snack, but you can’t exactly hand your cast a bag of chips and call it a wrap gift. Up your game with our Batch & Bodega Trailblazer - Deluxe, which contains a variety of classic snacks as well as a few accessories.

Sonosphear Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

Let those music lovers blast their music with our Sonosphear Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker, personalized with a full-color photo or imprint of your choice.

Copley Backpack

One of the best film crew wrap gifts out there, the Copley Backpack gives your production team a stylish way to carry miscellaneous items. It features a large main pocket, front pocket, and zippered side pockets. Make it unique by printing a special photo on the front pocket.

17 oz Deluxe Halcyon® Bottle - Full Color

Hydration is important on set, so encourage your team to drink with your film crew wrap gift. Our 17 oz Deluxe Halcyon® Bottle - Full Color has a soft touch finish, full-color imprints, and vacuum insulation, and they’ll reach for this bottle whenever they leave the house.

Octoforce 2.0™ Qi 8000mAh Wireless Power Bank

Our Octoforce 2.0™ Qi 8000mAh Wireless Power Bank ensures that their devices never die. Put a photo from your production on this power bank to create both a practical tool and a keepsake, a combination that makes for the best film crew gifts.

Foto Vision™ Plush Throw Blanket

Give them some cozy memories of your time together on set by printing this super soft Foto Vision™ Plush Throw Blanket with a special snapshot. It’s the perfect addition to any living room sofa and it’s a cast and crew gift idea that anyone can use.

Environ Wireless Speaker

Another practical wrap gift for your film crew, our Environ Wireless Speaker features an eight-hour play time so this speaker will last throughout the day. And, with its compact design and full-color imprint, their memories of your film set will last throughout the years.

11 oz Mystique® Full Color Stoneware Mug

Our 11 oz Mystique® Full Color Stoneware Mug looks like a standard mug – until you pour a hot drink. The mug contains a unique surprise for those coffee and tea lovers; when heated, the coating disappears to reveal your full-color photo underneath it. This mug combines a unique surprise, a special photo, and a practical use for one of the best crew gifts you can purchase.

Amplifiears Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds come in handy in an office, on car rides, on airplanes, and on set. Make it easy for them to listen to their favorite playlists whenever and wherever they want with this practical cast and crew gift. These Amplifiears Wireless Earbuds are durable, lightweight, and small so they fit easily into a pocket.

Massage Gun

Give your cast and crew members the gift of relaxation with our easy-to-use Massage Gun. With four different attachments, they can customize it to their needs, whether they’re looking to relieve soreness, loosen tissue up, or relax muscle knots.

Turntable Bluetooth Speaker with Custom Record Sleeve

A classic record player look combined with the practicality of a bluetooth speaker, this speaker lets them play their movies, music, videos, and podcasts in style.

Throwback Metal Lunchbox

Combine the nostalgia of this Throwback Metal Lunchbox with the fun memories your team had together on set by printing this lunchbox with a full-color photo.

Superior Stripe Recliner

Our Superior Stripe Recliner is a film crew gift that makes the perfect practical solution for those who found themselves standing around between shots. These recliners encourage those conversations that unite the cast and crew and fill a movie set with memories.

Tech Backpack Gift Set

Upgrade their tech devices with this crew gift set that includes a power bank, earbuds, charging cord, and phone multitool. A perfect gift for those who were in charge of the more technical side of production, our Tech Backpack Gift Set is easy to transport.

Boxed Whiskey Glass Gift Set

A thoughtful gift box to help them celebrate, our Boxed Whiskey Glass Gift Set is packaged in canvas bags and a natural wood box.

Travel Accessories Bundle

Whether they’re traveling to see the world, back home, or to the next gig, this matching Travel Accessories Bundle makes packing and unpacking fun and organized. This bundle includes a dopp kit, passport holder, tech organizer, and luggage tag made from sturdy denim and polyester materials.

Batch & Bodega Speakeasy

Fun packaging adds a little mystery to this cast and crew gift and conceals a variety of tasty treats. It makes the perfect deluxe gift for any production team member.

Souvenir Wrap Party Giveaways & Party Favors

In addition to the gifts you’ll hand out at the end of your wrap party, have some fun film-themed giveaways and swag at the event. Our Single Serve Butter Popcorn Bag makes a great snack, even if you’re not planning on watching a film. Just pile these single-serve bags onto your snack table and enjoy!

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Create Wrap Party Photo Ops for Cast & Crew

As your time together comes to a close, cast and crew members will appreciate a way to remember it. Our Double Face Cutout Banner Kit reminds them to snap a few photos – and makes those pictures fun and memorable. Customize this banner with something from your film, whether that’s a photo, a special quote, or an inside joke.

Create the perfect photo corner with these kits:

FAQ About Wrap Parties

A wrap party is an event held at the end of film production for cast and crew members. It’s an opportunity for everyone involved in the production to spend some time together and celebrate what they’ve been able to create. It’s also a time to say goodbye. 
Wrap gifts are given to cast or crew members to say thank you after a film is completed. They should be customized with the film’s logo and art, to serve as a souvenir of the production. Wrap gifts can be small handouts or expensive, personalized gifts. A wrap party is a great time to hand these out.
Your entire production team will love gifts that commemorate your time together and the art that you have created. Gifts personalized with movie art, inside jokes, the film’s logo and the date freeze a moment in time, and give recipients a unique memento that no one else has. 
It depends on your budget. Remember that thoughtful and personalized gifts mean more than expensive ones. However, a good range to shoot for is $25 to $50 per gift.