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Boost Office Productivity & Morale with
Custom Sticky Notes

updated: July 30, 2020
Sticky notes on white board

We are all familiar with the benefits of sticky notes in the home, school, or office. It’s likely that at some point, we have all taken advantage of the convenient notes to write a reminder or mark a page, but what about using custom sticky notes to promote your business, keep things organized, and boost your company culture at the same time?

Promotional sticky notes are a great way to share your brand or business name in a professional manner on a product that will always be useful. Just like custom pens and journals, sticky notes are one of those staple items that will always be in demand, especially in an office or educational setting.

In addition to sending home potential customers and clients, students, and patients with a promotional product they can use, there are a multitude of creative ways to put your custom sticky notes to good use in the workplace. Read on to learn how promotional sticky notes can increase office organization, productivity, and cohesiveness:

Increase Office Organization and Productivity

  1. Office Calendar Solution: Create an office calendar using sticky notes. This is especially useful if you have a schedule that is not always consistent or is likely to be moved around because of rescheduling or changes. Unlike a physical calendar, when you need to change a date or move a meeting from one day to another, you can just replace the post-it. This will leave you with a physical calendar that is always clean and up-to-date. Using fun colored sticky notes for your calendar is also a great way to bring color into your workspace and brighten up your day.
  2. Sticky note calendar on white board
  3. To-Do Lists: Offer unlimited custom sticky notes to staff members to organize their to-do lists. Make different colors available to enable them to keep track of tasks by priority level or task type. Keeping similar tasks or tasks of equal importance together will help employees to accomplish tasks in a productive and efficient manner.
  4. Sticky note to-do list on white board
  5. Name Tags: Use custom sticky notes with a logo as name badges or to label seating arrangements for large meetings and those where everyone is not familiar with each other. Names can be easily written on the sticky notes and attached to your conference room table. If someone needs to move to a different seat, simply attach the sticky note in a new location. Bonus tip: Try using custom printed names on your promotional sticky notes for a cleaner appearance. Let’s face it; we don’t all have beautiful and legible handwriting. To make printing on sticky notes easier, try using a template. This one works great and is easy to download.
  6. Meetings Made Easy: Bring an arsenal of sticky notes to your next planning meeting. Custom sticky notes are a great way to organize your tasks, goals, obstacles and more. If you have a drafting board or are mapping out ideas, sticky notes can be a big help. Adhesive notes will increase the organization and overall presentation of a planning board whether it’s on a bulletin, whiteboard or blank wall. They also make it easier for everyone in the group to easily put their ideas up on the board.
  7. Task Management: Assign specific tasks to your team or keep track of what has been done by each team member with your custom sticky notes. If you have a board that you use to assign tasks or keep track of accomplishments, you can write the task or accomplishment on the sticky note and put it under the correct person’s name. This is a great way for your whole team to see what everyone is responsible for or what other people have done.
  8. Keep Your Materials Clean: If you are working with prototype designs or other printed documents, you can use promotional sticky notes to highlight your discussion points, recommendations,  or questions without marking on or damaging the physical piece. This protects the physical copy and allows you to see a fresh version of it during your discussion. They can also help you note changes post-discussion.
  9. Bonus Tip: Put the sticky notes to the test cleaning in between small spaces. Do you ever look in between the keys on your keyboard and wonder how to get all that dust and those little crumbs out of there? It turns out adhesive notes are the perfect solution. Put the adhesive end of the note in between the horizontal gaps in your keyboard and run it back and forth. You will be surprised by how much dust comes out on the adhesive!



Boost Office Morale with Team-building Activities

  1. Team Accomplishments and Milestone Board: Create two columns, one for accomplishments and one for goals. Choose a timeframe and ask the team to reflect on accomplishments and milestones from that period. Also ask them to consider goals for the future, writing each one down on a sticky note like these puzzle-shaped ones. Group similar responses together and point out the ways that employees are in sync with one another.
  2. Figure out the Phrase/How Many Different Sentences: This post-it note team building activity is a great way to kick off a group or team meeting and here’s how it works: one person is designated the leader, who puts words on sticky notes on a whiteboard in random order. Have the group work together either to put the scrambled words in order or to create as many sentences with the words as they can.
  3. Fun Facts: Ask each team member to write one “fun fact” about themselves on a sticky note that he or she doesn’t think anyone knows about them. Collect the sticky notes and post them anonymously on the board. Have team members vote for whom they think wrote each fun fact. After tallying the votes, have the person who wrote it reveal themselves. This is a great ice breaker and a fun way to get to know each other better.
  4. Employees having fun with sticky notes
  5.  Guess the Celebrity-Who Am I?: Write down the names of famous people on sticky notes and stick one to the back of each team member. Have people circulate around the meeting room, having team members ask each other questions while trying to guess their own celebrity identity. This activity is a great way to welcome new team members and add some fun to a long day of workshops or meetings. These sticky notes come in a variety of shapes that can add even more fun to the exercise.
  6.  Brainstorming Activity: Sticky notes are also a great way to organize ideas when tackling a “big idea” or solving a problem. The following brainstorming technique is easy and effective:
    1. Write or display the name of the project, idea or problem on the board.
    2. Ask everyone to write as many ideas as they can generate on a sticky note; there can never be too many.
    3. Group sticky notes on the board with similar ideas.
    4. Work together to improve, vote on, and select the best ideas.
    5. Take pictures of the result and distribute it.
    This fun Acrylic Tray For Post-it® Custom Printed Notes is very useful for this exercise.
  7. Business uses for sticky notes
  8.  Find Your Other Half: Designate a leader to write down things that come in pairs on brightly-colored sticky notes, for example, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, horse and carriage, etc. and stick one to each participant’s back. Team members must circulate, asking each other questions about what is written on their back, and once they figure it out, they must find their match. It can be a great ice breaker or else just a fun break activity in the office or outside on a nice day!