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How to Choose the Best Custom Phone Accessories

published: April 26, 2019  |  updated: May 15, 2020

There are few better ways to gain brand exposure and show employee appreciation than by gifting custom phone accessories. Read on to find out how you can buy the best custom phone accessories for your needs. Here, we’ll go over the top categories and what you should know about them, as well as some product recommendations to help you make a decision.

Types of Mobile Phone Accessories

Phone Wallets

Phone wallets are nifty mobile phone accessories that make it possible for users to store their cash, cards, ID, notes and other small items right on the back of their phone. Stick-on phone wallets are particularly useful for traveling and attending outdoor events. After all, who doesn’t want to use less space and carry less weight? Let’s go over some of the pros and cons.

  • PROS
  • Space-saving.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can provide phones with a protective barrier.
  • Some double as a phone stand.
  • CONS
  • May make phones too bulky to easily fit inside a pocket.
  • If a user’s phone is lost or stolen, they’ll also lose any cash or important cards they were storing in their phone wallet.

If you’re considering offering promotional phone wallets, remember that the design you imprint on them with will be displayed in an eye-catching location. That’s great news if you’re looking for a straightforward way to gain exposure for your brand.

Looking for recommendations on phone wallets?

Blue silicone phone wallet with white logo attached to the back of a white smartphone
With its simple design and fun colors, we love this Silicone Tech Pocket.
Blue leather phone wallet with attached silver ring stand attached to back of pink iPhone
If you’d prefer a phone wallet with a kickstand, check out the sleek and luxe Tuscany™ Phone Pocket with Ring.
Red RFID phone pocket
Or, for a phone wallet with built-in theft protection, opt for the KANGA™ PROtect with RFID Security.

Phone Grips

Most people hold their phone for hours throughout the day. Knowing that, it’s not surprising that doing so can result in joint and finger discomfort. That’s where custom phone grips come in. These handy mobile phone accessories help users hold their phones more comfortably, and also reduce the risk of drops. Plus, they can double as a kickstand.

  • PROS
  • Increase hand comfort.
  • Improve grip.
  • Make taking selfies much easier.
  • Help phones stand up for tabletop use.
  • CONS
  • Typically can’t be used as a kickstand if the phone is in a vertical position.
  • May make phones too bulky to fit in a car mount or other phone stand.

Branded phone grips are an excellent choice for a promotional item. That's because the design they’re imprinted with will be prominently displayed at all times. If you’re looking for great phone grips, you can’t go wrong with custom PopSockets®.

Bamboo Wood PopSocket
We love the stylish Bamboo PopSockets®.
Green silicone oval with black logo and holding loop
Or, if you want a grip that’s functional but doesn’t add any bulk, take a look at the Phone Flipper. This colorful loop lies flat so phones can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag.

Phone Stands

Phone stands are mobile phone accessories that make it possible to prop up phones for tabletop use, media viewing or out-of-the-way charging.

  • PROS
  • Better desk and car organization.
  • Easy hands-free use.
  • Improved safety while driving.
  • More comfortable media consumption.
  • Reduced chance of phones being dropped or lost.
  • CONS
  • Can take up additional desk or nightstand space, depending on their size.
  • May be unable to prop up the phone in a vertical position.

With a custom phone stand that attaches to the back of the phone, your design will be visible from the back of the phone. In the case of a desk stand, your design can be imprinted on the stand’s base or back.

Silver geometric cut PopSockets phone grip with black logo attached to back of black smartphone
As mentioned above, PopSockets® double as a phone stand. The Aluminum PopSockets Diamond is a perfect example.
Silver aluminum phone ring with engraved logo attached to and propping up silver iPhone
This sturdy and elegant 360 Degree Aluminum Phone Ring and Stand rotates 360 degrees for viewing at any angle and also doubles as a grip.
Black phone stand with blue and white logo holding a white smartphone
For easy tabletop YouTube and video chat sessions, the SURF™ Stand is a simple and effective solution.

Car Mounts

Car mounts aren’t just convenient, they’re also much safer for the driver and their passengers. After all, phones held in the driver’s hand, placed on the dashboard or stuck in a cup holder can easily cause distractions.

  • PROS
  • Are safer than other in-car phone storage methods.
  • Make GPS navigation a breeze.
  • Allow drivers to see updates and notifications without taking their eyes too far off the road.
  • CONS
  • The potential that they may not fit a phone that’s equipped with a bulky case or grip.

Depending on the type of car mount, your design can be imprinted on several different areas, from the phone grip to the mount base.

Black PopSockets phone grip and adhesive mount with white logo
This PopSockets Mounts® Combo is a versatile option that can attach to car dashboards or any other flat surface.
Black plastic car dashboard phone mount with white logo
For daily commuters or those who are in their cars on a regular basis and struggle to use their phones safely while driving, the Dashboard Phone Holder is a convenient and durable fix.

Phone Cases

Phone cases are one of the most widely-used mobile phone accessories. Their purpose is simply to protect phones from dings, scratches and dents, and look good while doing it.

  • PROS
  • Basic damage protection.
  • Added grip.
  • Protection against dust and water.
  • Can preserve phones’ resale value.
  • Can add style to an otherwise basic phone.
  • CONS
  • May cause phones to overheat.
  • Can interfere with wireless signals.
  • Do not come in universal sizes, so it is difficult to order for groups of people who are likely to own several different brands of mobile devices.

Custom phone cases will typically have their designs imprinted on the back.

Blue bi-fold pocket phone protector

The Cinch Phone Wallet offers damage protection and also provides a convenient credit card holder. This is one of the few universal phone cases available, making this a great choice that can be enjoyed no matter what type of phone you own.

Phone Holders

Phone holders are mobile phone accessories that are designed to keep phones and other mobile devices in place. There are several different types of phone holders, from lanyards to adhesive mounts.

  • PROS
  • Hands-free use.
  • Convenient and secure storage.
  • Added protection from loss and drops.
  • CONS
  • May not be compatible with some phones.
  • May not be compatible with other phone grips or cases.

Depending on the type of custom phone holder you get, your design can be imprinted in many locations. For example, a mountable phone holder can have your design imprinted on the grip. Or, a lanyard phone holder can have your design imprinted on the back.

Blue silicone phone holder with lanyard and yellow logo attached to silver iPhone
The Hands-Free Phone Holder is especially convenient for conference attendees, trade show attendees and outdoor event participants.
Silver ring holder with engraved logo and separate adhesive mount attached to back of silver iPhone
For a phone holder that also doubles as a stylish grip, go with the Ring Holder and Mount.

Power Banks and Chargers

Even as advanced as modern smartphones are, all are susceptible to battery drainage and often need to be charged halfway through the day. While that can be a nuisance to smartphone owners, it also means that power banks and chargers can make for terrific corporate gifts.

Not only that, but according to ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study, promotional power banks are kept an average of 12 months and are used once a week or more. All in all, power banks and chargers are some of the most useful custom phone accessories.

While shopping for mobile phone power banks and chargers, you may notice they’re categorized by something called mAh. This stands for milliampere hour, a unit of electrical charge that’s equal to one thousandth of an ampere hour. The more mAh that a power bank or charger has, the more power it can hold. Most power banks and chargers can charge devices at a normal speed, but some provide faster charging. Plus, chargers with USB hubs can even charge multiple devices at one time.

Whether you choose a power bank or a charger, your design can be imprinted on the device itself for prominent visibility.

  • PROS
  • Easy on-the-go charging.
  • Most power banks and chargers can charge multiple types of devices.
  • Available in a wide array of colors and styles.
  • Capable of storing a large amount of power relative to their size.
  • Has a nice flat imprint area for names and logos.
  • CONS
  • Extra item to carry.
  • Must be periodically recharged, and take longer to charge fully.
  • Tend to be more expensive that some other giveaways.

Some power banks and chargers even come with additional special features, like light-up accents or speakers. Another essential item for owners of mobile devices (which is practically everyone), is a charging cable. Combine a charging cable with another promotional tech accessory for a great employee onboarding gift or giveaway idea. For comprehensive information about charging cables and their different types, check out our charging cable buyer’s guide.

Small rose gold power bank with white logo and white cord running to black iPhone
If you’re looking for a sleek and slim power bank that’s universally useful, you can’t go wrong with the Pocket 4,000 mAh Power Bank.
Square black wireless charging dock with gray, white and blue logo
Or, opt for a high-tech fast charger like the iLuv® Qi Fast Wireless Charger if you want to truly impress your recipients.


Everyone loves music, and headphones offer people the perfect way to listen to it, whether they’re at home, on the train or working out.

Since headphones are often used and tend to be taken everywhere, they’re a perfect product to adorn with your company logo. Whether they’re college students, clients or investors, your recipients are sure to appreciate a new pair of headphones.

  • PROS
  • Allow users to listen to music anywhere without disturbing others.
  • Provide entertainment during everyday activities.
  • Block out distracting background noise.
  • Can be easily tucked away in a pocket, purse or bag.
  • CONS
  • Can make it difficult for users to stay aware of their surroundings.
  • May cause hearing damage if turned up too high.
  • Can be uncomfortable for some users.
  • Some earbud styles, although popular, have smaller imprint areas. Luckily there are earbud sets and earbuds with cases with larger areas for your logo.

There are a few types of headphones available, including over-the-ear headphones, earbuds and wireless Bluetooth® headphones. This makes headphones a versatile type of mobile phone accessory. Over-the-ear headphones will usually have your design imprinted on the outside of the housing. On the other hand, earbuds and wireless headphones will generally have your design imprinted on their case or retracting mechanism.

White wireless earbuds in white charging case with red logo

If convenient and luxe are what you’re looking for, these Wireless Earbud Pods with Rechargeable Case will be right up your alley.

Crestline’s own Director of Vendor Relations says:

“I jogged for 20 minutes and I had absolutely no issue in sound, the quality was fabulous. And I connected them very easily to my phone and computer. Highly, highly, highly recommend them.”

Black and silver over-the-ear headphones and black carrying case with white logo

The Noise Reduction Wireless Headphones provides a truly high-tech experience. These high-end headphones are ideal for office use, which makes them a superb way to demonstrate employee appreciation.

Red and white earbuds next to clear case with smiley face and red hair on top

For a pair of headphones that’s both functional and whimsical, try the MopTopper™ Earbud with Stand. As a bonus, the novelty case doubles as a phone stand.

What makes mobile phone accessories such a great choice for promotional giveaways?

According to data from Pew Research, 95 percent of Americans have a cell phone. We’d be willing to bet that also applies to your employees, clients and potential customers. Plus, a study from Asurion found that even on vacation, Americans check their phone every 12 minutes. So, there are few better ways to gain brand exposure and show employee appreciation than by gifting custom phone accessories.

Still not convinced? Here are three more reasons that personalized phone accessories make for amazing promotional swag:

  • 1. People take their phones everywhere
    One study found that 3 in 4 Americans admit to using their phone whilst on the toilet.

  • 2. Phone accessories are insanely popular
    The mobile phone accessories market is expected to reach $104 billion by the end of 2022.

  • 3. Phones aren’t just used for calling and texting
    Pew Research found that 51 percent of Americans make purchases on their smartphones.

Whether you want to spread the word about your company or boost team spirit in your school, custom mobile phone accessories are the perfect way to meet your goals. As our Director of Vendor Relations puts it:

“People tend to keep what they can use, and everybody can use a mobile phone accessory.”


Custom Phone Accessories FAQ

Since custom phone accessory products are designed to serve a very specific purpose, our customers ask a few key questions about them. Here are some of the most common:

  • Can you remove or move and re-stick PopSockets®?
  • Yes, you can! According to PopSockets®, the best way to go about removing PopSockets® is to flatten the grip before slowly peeling away the adhesive from one side of the platform.

    If you want to reposition it, simply stick it back on in the area you want — the adhesive will still be effective if it’s not exposed to air for an extended period of time.

  • Will PopSockets® stick to cases made out of leather, silicone or textured materials?
  • Although PopSockets® will stick to most materials, the adhesive may have difficulty with textured cases, certain materials like leather or silicone, and waterproof cases.

  • Will PopSockets® ruin a phone case?
  • No! PopSockets® can be applied, removed and repositioned without causing any damage.

  • Which type of phone grip is better, a ring or a PopSockets® grip?
  • A: While the answer to this question comes down to personal preference, it may help to know that some users find ring grips to be more uncomfortable than PopSockets. However, ring grips also tend to look sleeker and less bulky when in use.

  • Are magnetic phone holders safe?
  • Yes, magnetic phone holders are safe to use with any modern smartphone, including iPhones® and Android™ devices. Smartphones’ internal components aren’t made from magnetic materials and don’t use a magnetic field to store information. Phones’ screens, GPS, batteries and speakers are also unaffected by magnets.

  • What’s the best type of car mount?
  • Car mounts use a variety of methods to secure smartphones, including magnets, adhesive and cradles. Although all can be effective, many users like the extra security of a cradle-style mount.

  • Are power banks allowed on airplanes?
  • Yes! According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), power banks with lithium-ion batteries are only permitted in carry-on luggage and can’t be packed in checked bags.

  • How long do power banks last?
  • Power banks typically last for a few years.

  • Can power banks be repaired?
  • Yes! Power banks that no longer hold a charge can usually have their batteries replaced, while those with damaged charging ports can be fitted with new components.

    However, it’s not advisable to attempt a power bank repair at home — users would be wise to go to a local electronics or phone repair shop instead.