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Protect and Promote with PPE

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NewReusable Stretch Face Mask
Reusable Stretch Face Mask
Item # 124909

$1.78 - $1.37
Min qty: 200

NewReusable Face Mask
Reusable Face Mask
Item # 124908

$2.98 - $2.30
Min qty: 200

NewCotton Reusable Mask
Cotton Reusable Mask
Item # 124964

$4.79 - $3.69
Min qty: 100

NewReusable Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Kit
Reusable Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Kit
Item # 124991

$11.99 - $9.23
Min qty: 50

NewEssential Protection Kit
Essential Protection Kit
Item # 125007

$11.67 - $9.70
Min qty: 150

NewNon-Woven Face Mask
Non-Woven Face Mask
Item # 124814

$2.86 - $2.20
Min qty: 150

NewReusable Pleated Face Mask
Reusable Pleated Face Mask
Item # 125107

$2.98 - $2.29
Min qty: 200

NewSublimated 3-Ply Polyester Face Mask with Adjustable Ear Loops
NewReusable Athleisure Face Mask
Reusable Athleisure Face Mask
Item # 125161

$3.58 - $2.76
Min qty: 200

NewNon-Woven Face Mask w/Tie Back
Non-Woven Face Mask w/Tie Back
Item # 124834

$0.45 - $0.35
Min qty: 300

New1.9 oz Clear Sanitizer in Clear Bottle with Carabiner
1.9 oz Clear Sanitizer in Clear Bottle with Carabiner
Item # 124905

$3.50 - $2.70
Min qty: 250

NewFashion Mask
Fashion Mask
Item # 125160

$7.14 - $4.53
Min qty: 50

New3-Ply Cooling Face Mask with Adjustable Ear Loops
3-Ply Cooling Face Mask with Adjustable Ear Loops
Item # 125095

$4.89 - $2.73
Min qty: 250

NewEssential Back to Work Kit
Essential Back to Work Kit
Item # 125006

$11.06 - $9.19
Min qty: 150

New100% Cotton Youth Mask
100% Cotton Youth Mask
Item # 124899

$6.21 - $4.34
Min qty: 100

NewMask with Anti-Fog Window
Mask with Anti-Fog Window
Item # 125108

$5.40 - $4.16
Min qty: 100

NewSummer Weight Face Mask
Summer Weight Face Mask
Item # 125098

$9.73 - $7.20
Min qty: 250

NewEar Reliever
Ear Reliever
Item # 124947

$0.78 - $0.57
Min qty: 500

NewDropping By Kit in a Clear Pouch
Dropping By Kit in a Clear Pouch
Item # 124998

$9.83 - $7.56
Min qty: 50

NewNon-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Item # 124943

$80.00 - $61.54
Min qty: 3

New1/2" Polyester Mask Keeper
1/2" Polyester Mask Keeper
Item # 125104

$2.98 - $1.53
Min qty: 100

NewMask Buddy Pro
Mask Buddy Pro
Item # 124901

$3.08 - $1.76
Min qty: 100

NewYouth 2-Ply Cotton Mask
Youth 2-Ply Cotton Mask
Item # 125106

$4.79 - $3.69
Min qty: 100

Item # 125159

$4.98 - $3.84
Min qty: 50

Item # 124984

$3.73 - $3.10
Min qty: 250

NewSanitizer Station
Sanitizer Station
Item # 124936

$459.60 - $353.54
Min qty: 6

New2-Ply Reusable Holiday Face Mask with Logo - Adult and Youth
NewReplaceable 6" Face Shield
Replaceable 6" Face Shield
Item # 125099

$3.59 - $2.76
Min qty: 100

New4-Ply Reusable Holiday Face Mask with Logo - Adult and Youth
NewOrganic Cotton Pleated Mask
Organic Cotton Pleated Mask
Item # 125202

$5.54 - $4.60
Min qty: 200

New1/2" Dye-Sublimated Mask Keeper Pro
1/2" Dye-Sublimated Mask Keeper Pro
Item # 125105

$3.09 - $2.10
Min qty: 100

New2-Ply Reusable Halloween Face Mask with Logo - Adult and Youth
New1 oz Bullet Sanitizer Spray
1 oz Bullet Sanitizer Spray
Item # 125094

$1.38 - $1.07
Min qty: 250

NewMobile Personal Protection Kit
Mobile Personal Protection Kit
Item # 124997

$8.39 - $6.46
Min qty: 50

NewNitrile Gloves
Nitrile Gloves
Item # 124927

$0.47 - $0.30
Min qty: 1,000

NewAdult 5-Day Mask Kit
Adult 5-Day Mask Kit
Item # 125163

$29.39 - $22.61
Min qty: 25

NewFace Mask with Clear Window
Face Mask with Clear Window
Item # 125136

$2.39 - $1.84
Min qty: 250

NewStock Up PPE Kit with Non - Contact Infrared Thermometer
Stock Up PPE Kit with Non - Contact Infrared Thermometer
Item # 124990

$222.22 - $184.61
Min qty: 6

New1 oz Clip-N-Go Hand Sanitizer
1 oz Clip-N-Go Hand Sanitizer
Item # 125123

$2.10 - $1.62
Min qty: 250

NewGrab & Go PPE Kit
Grab & Go PPE Kit
Item # 124987

$47.99 - $36.92
Min qty: 12

NewSanitizing Disposable Hand Wipe Pack (10 wipes per pack)
Sanitizing Disposable Hand Wipe Pack (10 wipes per pack)
Item # 125005

$1.62 - $1.24
Min qty: 120

NewNo Contact Keychain - Nylon
No Contact Keychain - Nylon
Item # 124929

$5.39 - $4.15
Min qty: 100

NewCooling Headband with Mask Support
Cooling Headband with Mask Support
Item # 124994

$4.79 - $3.69
Min qty: 100

New2-Ply Reusable Education Face Mask with Logo - Adult and Youth
New4-Ply Reusable Halloween Face Mask with Logo - Adult and Youth
NewCommuter PPE Kit
Commuter PPE Kit
Item # 124988

$53.99 - $41.53
Min qty: 12

NewForehead Thermometer Kit 3-Pack
Forehead Thermometer Kit 3-Pack
Item # 124924

$4.06 - $3.37
Min qty: 250

NewPPE Starter Kit
PPE Starter Kit
Item # 124986

$35.99 - $27.69
Min qty: 20

NewLight Activity PPE Kit
Light Activity PPE Kit
Item # 124996

$9.59 - $7.38
Min qty: 50

NewKids Protective Face Shield
Kids Protective Face Shield
Item # 125113

$4.42 - $3.40
Min qty: 100

NewHand Sanitizer 2-Pack
Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack
Item # 124985

$15.59 - $12.00
Min qty: 50

NewDye Sublimated 3-Layer Stock Design Mask
Dye Sublimated 3-Layer Stock Design Mask
Item # 125185

$5.10 - $3.93
Min qty: 100

NewAntibacterial Stylus Pen
Antibacterial Stylus Pen
Item # 124945

$0.78 - $0.60
Min qty: 250

NewQuick Care™ Protect Sanitizer Kit
Quick Care™ Protect Sanitizer Kit
Item # 124835

$1.98 - $1.53
Min qty: 250

NewSlim Infrared Thermometer
Slim Infrared Thermometer
Item # 124887

$111.12 - $92.31
Min qty: 50

NewReplacement Shields- 5 Pack
Replacement Shields- 5 Pack
Item # 125100

$3.90 - $3.00
Min qty: 100

NewSoapbox® Hand Sanitizer Duo Gift Set
Soapbox® Hand Sanitizer Duo Gift Set
Item # 124903

$32.49 - $24.99
Min qty: 25

NewStock Up PPE Kit
Stock Up PPE Kit
Item # 124989

$119.99 - $92.30
Min qty: 6

New3-ply Single Use Filters (10 Filters Per Pack)
3-ply Single Use Filters (10 Filters Per Pack)
Item # 125158

$2.98 - $2.29
Min qty: 200

Support Wellness with Custom Promotional Health Items

Health and wellness products are a great opportunity to show customers, employees, students and the public that you care. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has made taking precautions more important than ever, and Crestline can help. Here are our best ideas for protecting your people.

  • Face masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are meant to help reduce community spread of illness. We offer face cover styles like disposable masks, reusable cloth masks, bandanas and face shields.
  • Hand sanitizers are a hot ticket item right now with good reason. Hand them out to each employee to keep at their desk or on their person to fill in between important hand washing sessions. Keep tech devices like cell phones and tablets clean and germ free with UV sanitizers.
  • Protective counter barrier kits and sneeze guards keep your customer facing employees safe while maintaining a professional look for your store, bank or office with custom branding.
  • Mark out where customers should stand to maintain social distancing with printed floor decals and surface grip circles.
  • Strip thermometers and no-contact thermometers help to make sure that workers are healthy before working closely with others on your job site.
  • Disposable vinyl gloves maintain safety in manufacturing and food service environments.
  • Antimicrobial pens discourage the growth of germs on this essential item that comes into constant contact with our hands.Stylus pens allow recipients to complete purchases and other transactions at ATMs, gas stations, grocery stores and retail establishments without ever touching a screen. Personalized pens printed with individual names discourage sharing of pens and germs.
  • Antimicrobial lanyards inhibit the growth of germs on this crucial item that holds employee IDs.
  • Keep your team’s natural immunity strong with custom imprinted fitness products like resistance bands, yoga mats, pedometers and water bottles. These items are a perfect fit for team building activities or swag for medical facilities, corporate offices and schools.

Promote awareness of healthy practices with health and wellness giveaways. We have many health-related promotional items that are in high demand, used every day, and deliver a positive brand message! Fight off germs and share your marketing message with branded hand sanitizer pump bottles and spray pens. Awareness bracelets are great promotional wellness items for supporting your cause. Lip balms are simple, affordable, and useful giveaways that are perfect for any event. Stress relievers are a great way for customers and employees to reduce stress and think of your business. Choose from one of our many shapes of stress balls or have some fun with one of our coloring books.

Here are more promotional wellness products sure to please customers, employees, students, guests and patrons. Encourage good oral hygiene and clean white teeth with custom dental floss, promotional mints, travel toothbrushes, and other dental products. Need some ideas for your next dental office giveaway? Check out our “9 Unique Dental Office Giveaways” article.

From lights and reflective sticks to sun safety, keep safety top of mind with customized safety supplies. Customized first aid kits and emergency giveaways are something customers and employees will always hold on to. We also carry a variety of bandages and hot and cold packs.

Consider adding custom imprinted flashlights, keychains, and sunglass giveaways to your next education, trade show, or healthcare event. Also, check out our healthcare industry page!

Customized wellness items can help your organization to support health-related causes all year, like men's health in “Movember”, diabetes in November, breast cancer in October, heart health during February, stress awareness in April, and mental health in May. And don’t forget to thank the people who keep us healthy all year long with an appreciation gift during Nurses Week.

Customer Reviews of our Promotional Health & Wellness Items

“Students had great fun with the Stress Dude. Great idea for finals stress. Students loved the color change. Held up to multiple squeezes.” – Janet, GA

“With everyone shaking hands coming by our booth, everyone was pleased to walk away with a hand sanitizer, and the imprint looks great. The hand sanitizer is good as it is one item that users can carry around with them during the winter season.” – David, NJ

“It is great to be able to send patients home with a quality ice pack with our clinic's logo printed. They keep cold for a reasonable amount of time. The size options of the packs were just right. The packs fit very well in our take home bags we give patients. I also like that each ice pack is individually wrapped in a plastic bag.” – Misha, FL

“The lip balm leaves your lips feeling smooth and protected from the wind, sun, or the dry air encountered in a conference center. The cherry-vanilla flavor is subtle. It's non-gender specific and can be carried by all age groups.” – Suzan, MI