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12 Inexpensive Promotional Items to Maximize Your Marketing Budget

published: August 11, 2020
Maximize your budget with low cost promos

As we all know, the COVID pandemic is adversely affecting businesses, in many cases severely. With sales plunging and the future uncertain, companies are slashing marketing budgets — not because they want to, but because they have to. Even so, every company realizes marketing drives new business and customer retention, which are essential to long-term success. The challenge, then, becomes how to make the most of the few marketing dollars that are available.

The temptation when marketing budgets are tight is to resort to cheap promotional items. Beware, however, because danger lurks when you give customers and prospects cheap custom gifts. Instead of cultivating loyalty and gratitude, your gift makes recipients think less of your brand, or even feel insulted. The result could be lost business and lost customers, the very things you don’t need in this business environment.

Crestline will help you avoid the counterproductive results of cheap promotional products. With our strong vendor relationships and high-volume purchasing, we are able to supply you with inexpensive promotional items that are anything but “cheap.” If affordable but effective corporate gifts are a top priority, these twelve logo items will give you maximum mileage for your marketing swag.

1. Tubular Bandanas

stretchy seamless bandanna

Bandanas are a popular substitute for face masks, and it’s no secret that just about every person in the U.S. over the age of two can use one. Our popular Stretch Bandana, with 17 imprint colors, can be purchased for less than $2.00 in any quantity. This low-cost logo item can be worn 13 ways, is made of moisture-wicking polyester, washable, and durable. It’s a perfect example of inexpensive swag that isn’t cheap swag.

2. Keychains

bottle opener and phone stand keychain

How do you turn cheap giveaways such as keychains into affordable giveaways that pack a promotional punch? The “key” is to give customers something with a creative design twist. Here are two perfect options. Our iPopStand is a keychain that triples as a smartphone stand and a bottle opener — and sells for under $1 in any quantity — in fact, with the bulk discount that’s available on most of our items, the iPopStand can cost as little as about $0.76. For something less elaborate but equally popular, the Sof-Touch™ Original Key Tag has a soft, flexible feel that appeals to everyone, and also carries a sub-one-dollar price tag in any quantity.  

3. Phone Wallets

silicone pocket with stand

Phone wallets are practical, versatile, widely used, always appreciated, and last but not least, amazingly inexpensive personalized gifts. Our popular Silicone Tech Pocket comes in 12 vibrant colors. For a little bit more but still under $2.00, take a look at the Silicone Tech Pocket with Stand, made with removable 3M™ adhesive.

4. Exercise Bands

exercise band

Since COVID, more people than ever are working out at home. What better way to encourage health and fitness than with a logo Exercise Stretch Band. Customers will appreciate this low-price but high-performance item with an imprint area big enough for both your logo and also an inspirational message. What better way to stretch your marketing budget?

5. Sunglasses

red retro style sunglasses

Our Cruise Retro Sunglasses and Cruise Retro Crystalline Sunglasses are anything but cheap promotional items, even though they have a price tag well under $3.00. Besides being super stylish, they provide 100% UVA and UVB protection — and, the standard Retro sunglasses are made from all recycled materials, making them a great choice to express an eco-friendly message.

6. Tissues

tissue pack with smiley face

The logo Cheerful Tissue Pack is well under $1.00, features high-quality, quilted, 3-ply tissues, and has happy package everyone will enjoy looking at. In today’s highly health-conscious environment, a practical gift like this may be inexpensive, but it’s nothing to sneeze at. (Well, OK; actually it is something to sneeze at.)

7. Chip Clips

chip clip with logo

Crestline chip clips are budget-friendly, and are not for chips alone — they work for any type of bags, loose papers, and anything else where a paper clip won’t do. The 4” Keep-It™ Clip, well under $1.00, has a generous imprint area and wide selection of vibrant colors. The Cool Clip has an even bigger color selection, jaws like a shark, a powerful magnet — and also a price well under $1.00.

8. Office Supplies

recycled jotter with pen

So far, we’ve looked at inexpensive personalized gifts for the kitchen, workout room, pocket, and purse — but we shouldn’t forget about work! Crestline offers thousands of logo office supplies, but for limited budgets, it’s hard to beat the Recycled Jotter & Pen. Eco-friendly with 60 ruled pages and a large imprint area, this item is a tremendous value.

9. Screen Cleaners

pocket cleaning cloth

Customers can never have too many microfiber screen cleaners. The logo Pocket Cleaning Cloth, priced well under $1.00, is sure to be appreciated — and you can pair it with a phone wallet (mentioned earlier) and still have a budget-friendly giveaway.

10. Sports Bottles

bike and sports water bottle

Crestline’s almost endless catalog of sports bottles cover a wide range of prices. For the budget-minded, the classic 20 oz. Bike and Sports Bottle, is yet another example of how inexpensive promotional products need not be cheap promotional products. This item, under $1.00, is BPA-free (unlike truly cheap water bottles), has a leak-resistant push/pull top, and comes in more than 20 colors.

11. Coasters

absorbent stone coaster

Add more than a touch of class to your budget-friendly logo giveaway with the round Absorbent Stone Coaster. The texture and heft of this coaster gives it a rich vibe that belies its under-two-dollar price. Elegant and practical, with a cork backing and luxurious cream color, the coaster gives you a choice of 36 imprint colors.

12. Stress Balls

baseball stressball

The Baseball Stress Ball, with price points well under $1.50, make superb giveaway items that people can probably use more than ever these days. And, being so economically priced, stress balls are sure to relieve your budget tension as well.

Need More Help?

These budget-friendly personalized gift ideas are some of our most popular, but Crestline has many more options to explore. The selection of on-sale and closeout items on our deals page is always changing, so stop in often. If you are still looking for the right promotional items for your stretched marketing budget, or if you have product questions, please contact us now. We are standing by to help make your marketing efforts a success no matter what your budget looks like.

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