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13 Sunny Promotional Gift Ideas for Spring & Summer

published: May 26, 2020  |  updated: May 17, 2021
Flying orange kite on a sunny day

Spring is here and summer is finally close at hand. With vaccines more readily available and places opening back up, people are excited to get outside and enjoy the warm seasons. After all, the outdoors remains the safest place to interact with other people, and we could all use a little human connection. There’s no better way to help clients and employees reconnect than by bringing a little sun to each of their lives. These corporate gifts and giveaway ideas are designed to put a spring in your audience’s step from May all the way through September.

  1. Gardening Gifts

    Many of us are spending much more time on our own property and that has turned attention to the home garden for both first time gardeners and longtime enthusiasts. Bring your brand into that experience with easily mailable, flat, and light weight seed paper or compostable seed stakes.

    Self-reliance has rarely been more emphasized in our lives than it is now. Be a part of those efforts by sending herb and veggie seeds to your clients.

    Both experienced gardeners and those only now testing out their green thumb for the first time will find useful gardening, cooking, and fishing ideas combined with handy weather predictions for the season in the Farmer’s Almanac. Add your logo to this guide and make it one of the spring promotional items that help your customer make the most of the season.

    Along with gardening, enjoying the delights of our animal neighbors has never been more popular. Consider making a bird house, bird feeder, or binoculars part of your spring promotional ideas and make the most of this new wave of bird watching enthusiasm.

  2. Golf Giveaways

    As one of the first outdoor activities to safely reopen because of the fresh air and natural social distancing per hole, golf has become more popular than ever following a long winter and quarantine. With golf fanatics ready to play and many tournaments set to return, now is the time to promote your brand by reaching out to golf lovers. Do just that and stay top of mind with your clients and employees with customized golf giveaways like the Golf Accessory Kit or golf towels. Other top gifts include personalized golf polos or golf balls that get your brand seen out on the course.

  3. Beach & Pool Accessories

    As days grow longer and hotter, Americans are craving summer afternoons by the pool and days spent at the beach. A must-have for any beach or pool party is a beach ball. Another popular giveaway that is sure to get a lot of use this summer is the Jewel Colored Beach Towel.

    The perfect drinkware companion for summer adventures by the water is the colorful 16 oz Silipint™ Straight Up Pint Glass. It is made of 100% silicone material that will not break, crack, or fade. Keep your favorite drinks cool in the Two-In-One Cooler Duffle that can hold up to 12 cans plus ice.

    While out in the sun, it’s also important to encourage and promote sun safety with Clip-N-Go Sunscreen. Also, keep eyes protected with the Cruise Retro Sunglasses.

  4. Hiking & Camping Gear

    The leaves are coming back and plants are blooming which means people are going to be heading out to parks and camp grounds for a venture back into the wilderness. Help your clients bring along everything they need from home during their next outdoor adventure with a branded hiking backpack.

    Outdoor adventures are meant to be relaxing, and that’s why lightweight and easily-packable portable hammocks are a great giveaway this summer that will surely impress.

    Having water readily available is one necessity for any outdoor excursion. Put your logo on a durable water bottle that helps your employees and customers stay refreshed while thinking of you. Include a campfire mug to ensure no one misses out on their morning cup of Joe even while outdoors.

    Camp lights and tents are excellent gifts to remind clients how much you care about them when they head out into the wilderness for an overnight stay.

  5. Air Travel for Vacation or Business

    Luckily, vaccines are making people more comfortable to travel by plane again, but flights can still be a hectic experience. Ease some of that stress by helping clients locate and secure their luggage with a personalized luggage tag.

    Speaking of luggage: make traveling safer for staff members heading out of town with an anti-theft backpack that opens under the shoulder pads to protect belongings like laptops and other tech devices. Packing for a flight will be even simpler for your team members with a promotional toiletry bag.

    From using the GPS to get to the airport to locating a digital flight ticket, phones use a lot of battery, and you don’t always have the time to stop at an outlet. That makes a power bank essential for customers or employees trying to catch a flight.

    Encourage your staff to relax on their next vacation from the moment the plane takes off with a pair of headphones that have up to 10 hours of playing time per charge.

  6. Rain Gear

    A nice rainy day might be enjoyable from the comfort of your home, but what if you’re venturing out? Umbrellas are a great way to help your employees stay dry on their way to work and are also useful at protecting against the summer sun.

    Forecasts appear to indicate that we are in for some storms this season – don’t let the weather get the better of you or your customer base, add some helpful rain gear like ponchos and rain gauges to your seasonal promotions to make sure we all weather the storm securely.

  7. Outdoor Fitness & Yoga

    When the sun breaks through those spring showers, a little bit of outdoor yoga is a great way to expand home fitness options. Turn patios into yoga studios and gyms with branded yoga mats and stretch expanders/resistance bands. A sturdy water bottle for keeping refreshed while enjoying a little time working out on the back porch is a great way to help clients stay healthy. Set a soothing mood for time enjoyed in the yard with wind chimes.

    Help recipients track their on-the-go fitness efforts with branded pedometers.

  8. Outdoor events

    With vaccinations on the rise, live events are coming back and will be big all summer long, especially outdoor events which are still considered to be the safest way to have fun. Help your customers and clients gear up for these events with outdoor-themed giveaways like sunscreen made with SPF 30 formula and sunglasses that are stylish while also providing UV protection.

    Live events are a ton of fun, but they can also run long. Event goers will appreciate you even more if you help them stay cool with water bottles and mini fans.

    Ensure the fun doesn’t stop for your employees and customers at their next live event with giveaways like a 9" flying disc.

  9. Tailgate

    It’s been hard seeing empty stands at sporting events over the past year, but many stadiums are already opening up with limited capacity. That’s a great sign for not only professional sports but also for student athletics.

    An essential part of any sporting event is the pre-game tailgate. Your company or school will be a topic of conversation with giveaways like a cooler bag, camp chair or custom cups imprinted with your logo. You can also help attendees get the tailgate started with a bottle opener.

  10. Backyard BBQs

    We are all cooking at home more lately and looking for new seasonal recipes to put some spice in our spring. A chef’s essentials kit is just the sort of package promotional experience that can give your client’s a boost in the culinary adventures.

    When enjoying seasonal fruits to keep the taste of spring in their lives, your clients and customers can keep refreshed with this fruit infuser bottle.

    More than any other summer in recent memory, people will be pulling out their grills to bring some tasty variety and outdoor enjoyment to their cooking. Help your audience maximize their grilling versatility with this 5-piece BBQ set.

  11. Picnic Essentials

    There’s no better time for a picnic than during the warm summer months, and that’s why picnic essentials are hot items as corporate gifts this time of year. Encourage clients and employees to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with gifts like a picnic blanket or a leak-resistant cooler.

    No picnic is complete without the proper eating utensils and food storage bags to make sure everything needed for the meal can be transported with ease.

    Include a wine tumbler to keep beverages secure and you’ll have the perfect corporate giveaway for any event.

  12. Biking Gear

    Biking is always a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the outdoors, but right now it provides an especially good way to get outside while maintaining social distancing. A branded bike bottle will help keep both recipients and your brand refreshed.

    A lightweight drawstring backpack is a great hands-free way to carry essentials while biking. Everywhere your team members travel, down bike paths or through the city streets, they will carry your brand on their backs.

    Bike safety isn’t just about social distancing, it’s also about staying visible on the road. A reflective snap wrist band keeps users safe and seen while the sun descends.

  13. Road Trip

    With restrictions lifting across the country as Covid-19 gets under control, road trips will definitely be popular this summer as the warm weather comes. That means your customers and clients will need road trip essentials for their drive like a USB car charger and phone caddy to keep their phone charged and GPS in view.

    Wireless earbuds with a rechargeable travel case are great giveaways for students or any other vehicle passengers who want to jam out while enjoying the open road.

    Encourage employees to relax and stay comfortable on their weekend road trip with a travel pillow & blanket which they can easily pack in the car alongside their computer backpack.

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