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Retro Giveaways, ‘80s Swag, & Vintage Promotional Items

updated: April 06, 2024

Think about the number of times you've received a promotional pen or lanyard. Now, think about the last time you received a custom printed tie dye bag, bucket hat, vintage hotel key tag or a similar vintage promotional item. The latter made much more of an impression, right?

In today’s competitive market, retro giveaways can set you apart from the competition and leave an impression on both young and older generations alike. Nostalgia marketing can be highly effective in connecting and engaging with employees, current clients, and potential customers, as it typically evokes happy memories and feelings. When you personalize retro corporate gifts and vintage promotional items, customers will associate those positive feelings with your brand.

To help you capitalize on reemerging fashion trends and find great 80s swag and other nostalgic gifts, here is a list of our most popular and iconic retro giveaways and vintge promotional items:

‘80s Swag & Retro Giveaways:

80s Nostalgia Marketing
Customized Scrunchies

1. Scrunchies – Arguably one of the most popular revival trends, scrunchies are making a huge comeback. Custom scrunchies aren’t just for marketing to Generation X. They have been notably popular with millennials, in the education industry, and with sports teams or sororities, all purchasing them in bulk.

Rubiks Cub with Logo

2. Rubik's Cube – Whether you could solve it in under a minute or not, the Rubik’s Cube was sometimes the most addicting puzzle and could leave you twisting and turning for hours. Add your company’s logo to this classic ‘80s gift to add some fun to your next marketing campaign.

Imprinted Sweat Bands

3. Sweat Wristbands – It’s hard to picture ‘80s fashion without thinking of popular accessories like sweatbands, wristbands and legwarmers. With athleisure apparel rising in popularity as many Americans work from home and try to stay active, custom wristbands are a fun giveaway. Plus, they are lightweight, flat, and easy to mail!

Custom Metal Lunchbox

4. Metal Lunchbox – This old-fashioned style metal lunch box offers ample advertising space to display your logo or message in full color. To maximize creativity and presentation, select 3-4 other promo products to include in the lunch box to create a kit, shuch as:

We offer in-house kitting and drop shipping services that take the burden off your hands and allow you to get a one-of-a-kind gift to your clients and employees easily.

Illustration of people in 80s style and products
Cassette Shaped Bluetooh Speaker with Logo

5. Retro Speakers –   Master generational marketing when you showcase your logo on one of these retro speakers that have the look of the ‘80s but also feature the latest Bluetooth technology. The Awesome Mixtape and Double Dip™ Bluetooth® Speakers will deliver the tunes (and nostalgic vibes) you want.

Customized Yo-Yo

6. Yo-Yo’s – These light-up yo-yo’s will bring back memories of tricks like “Walk the Dog” and “Around the World.”

Customized Tie-Dye T-Shirt

7. Tie-Dye Apparel & Accessories – Double throwback alert! This colorful groovy style from the ’60s that came back with a vengeance in the ‘80s is back yet again for an encore, in not just apparel but also accessories and everyday items such as:

Putty with Customized Container

8. Putty – Putty, which today’s generation often calls “slime,” was invented in the ‘50s and is remembered fondly by children of the ‘80s. Today it comes stored in the same colored eggs that you can imprint with your company’s logo. 

Custom Vintage Promotional Items & '90s Nostalgia Gifts

90s Nostalgia Marketing
Customized Gel Pens

1. Gel Pens – Write Paper Mate® InkJoy® Gels into your next marketing campaign to add some fun and color. Pair them with more '80s swag like branded neon notebooks or a Mini Glitter Notebook for note taking (or doodling) during meetings.

90s Style Water Bottle and Cup

2. Water Bottles with Straws –  Back in the day, half the fun of drinking out of water bottles and cups were, and still are, bendy straws and color-changing straws.

Illustration of People with 90s Style and Products
Customized Slap Bracelet

3. Slap Bracelets – There was always something satisfying about slapping a bracelet on, over and over. Vintage Slap Bracelets may be quintessential ‘90s fashion accessories, but they are beloved by all ages. Customized slap bracelets can be used for any occasion or purpose such as an awareness wristlet or even a stress reliever. The Reflective Snap Wrist Band has become a popular giveaway for schools, 5K races, and other large events.

Customized Fanny Pack

4. Fanny Packs – These days, they’re commonly referred to as waist bags, hip packs, or belt bags. No matter what you call them, fanny packs are cool again, and this trend shows no sign of slowing. They’re perfect for keeping your personal items accessible at your side. They also come in a variety of styles, such as fitness waist packs or brand name options like the Koozie® Fanny Pack.

Memory Game with Logo

5. Memory Games – Do you remember this blast from the past? Test your memory by repeating a sequence of lights and tones with the Total Recall Memory Game. This nostalgic gift makes a great desk accessory to keep your employees' minds sharp. Whether you are looking for '80s swag or ‘90s vintage promotional products, electronic memory games fit the bill as they are lovingly remembered by Gen X and Millennials alike.

Retro Sunglasses with logo

6. Retro Sunglasses - Offered in a variety of bright colors, these retro pinhole lens glasses make the best retro giveaway for your next event, tradeshow, or virtual happy hour.

Retro Candy in a Custom Box

7. Throwback Candy – From Fireballs, to gum tape, to Tootsie Rolls, you can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with all the classics. Add your logo or message to a box of retro candy from your favorite decade from the ‘50s-‘90s that will include an assortment of popular candies from that decade.

Other noteworthy throwback items include:

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