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Promotional Products Vs Other Media:
Why Promos Work Best

published: June 29, 2020
Trade Show Planning Infographic

Why Promotional Products are a Smart Marketing Investment

With promotional products, your advertising message actually reaches consumers.

Consider the facts on consumer ad-blocking and avoidance.

  • 68% avoid online video ads.
  • 66% don’t watch TV commercials.
  • 57% ignore digital ads.
  • 50% discard direct mail.
  • 48% skip print ads.
  • 46% delete email marketing.
  • 46% don’t listen to radio commercials.
  • 38% block mobile ads.

Only 20% of consumers discard promotional products, and some of those pass them along to new people!

Consumers remember your message on promotional products.

  • 88% recall the advertiser that gave them the product.
  • 62% recall the message on the promo.

Consumers act when you advertise with promotional products.

  • 59% have a more favorable view of the brand.
  • 85% did business with the brand after receiving the product.

Promotional products are cost effective advertising

  • The cost per impression of promotional products can be as low as a tenth of a cent!

In the most basic sense, promotional products are gifts and they are free. Consumers like promotional products because they are useful, attractive, informative, desirable, and fun. Instead of stealing your audience’s time and attention with something they don’t want, give them a present that they will appreciate.
*Statistics provided by ASI Advertising Specialty Institute and PPAI Promotional Products Association International

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