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9 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees, Clients, & More

updated: April 16, 2024
Custom CamelBak Water Bottles & Bags

With over 85% of people shifting their shopping habits towards sustainability over the past five years, sustainability is clearly a movement that's here to stay. That's why more and more businesses are responding to consumer demands by going green. As your company or school continues to adopt eco-friendly practices in the workplace, you'll be looking for innovative ideas to ensure your brand is a leader in the movement for a greener planet. One way to incorporate sustainability into the workplace is with eco-friendly corporate gifts for customers, clients, and employees. Eco-friendly corporate gifts are a great way to say thank you during the holidays or any time of year while giving back to a planet in need.

But what gifts work best for your audience, and what makes a corporate gift eco-friendly? Get inspired with our nine freshest and greenest ideas to help you choose.

1. Send Out Easy to Mail Eco-Friendly
Corporate Gifts

If your staff is fully or partially remote, or you have clients and customers dispersed across the country, make gifting easier with items that are easy to mail. You can also reduce your company's impact on the environment by burning fewer fossil fuels with green promotional gifts that are small and lightweight. A bonus is that these gifts tend to be less expensive, so they're an excellent strategy for stretching your holiday budget.

Don't stress about packaging and shipping. Sustainable corporate gifts – both small and large – can be mailed out in time for Christmas through Crestline’s special gift services, personalized with your holiday message straight to your employees' and clients' doorsteps.

Send Out Easy to Mail Eco-Friendly Gifts
Send Out Easy to Mail Eco-Friendly Gifts

2. Reduce Waste with Food Gifts

Looking for eco-friendly gifts that won't be wasted during the holidays? Branded snacks and treats sit at the top of the list!

Once these sweet and salty treats are gobbled up, they're completely gone and won't be left behind to pile up at local landfills.

3. Choose Recycled Corporate Gift Items

Businesses that promote environmental responsibility and schools that teach about sustainability can benefit from green promotional gifts that increase the life cycle of a product while reducing waste. After all, one person's trash is another one's treasure.

4. Give Eco-Friendly Gifts that Encourage a Green Earth

A green Earth is the backbone of sustainability.

5. Customize Sustainable Gifts Made from Renewable Resources

Preserve the planet by reducing your footprint on the environment with sustainable gifts for employees and clients that are made from renewable resources.

Give Gifts that Encourage a Green Earth
Erase the Need for Disposable Products

6. Erase the Need for Disposable Products with Reusable Items

Choose eco-friendly corporate gift ideas to replace disposable products that would end up in the garbage.  

  • Custom water bottles and tumblers like the 21 oz Tipton Stainless Steel Bottle or the 20 oz Two-Tone Himalayan Tumbler are easy to carry on the go, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups.
  • Paper sacks and plastic bags will be a thing of the past with the Igloo® Repreve™ Lunch Pail Cooler and the Recycled Cotton Market Bag – two eco-friendly bags for lunch and groceries. 
  • Add in a Satsuma Bento Lunch Box and a Reusable Straw with Case to encourage a healthy lunch routine that's more than just a meal.
  •  Give Useful and Attractive Items with Staying Power

    7. Give Useful and Attractive Items with  Staying Power

    Don't let your eco-friendly Christmas gifts go to waste. Choose beautiful and handy items that will be used and enjoyed time and time again. Great eco-friendly gifts for teachers, students, customers, members, and future business partners, these sustainable branded gifts are a unique and attractive way to associate your brand with long lasting quality.

    8. Give Back to the Environment with
        Meaningful Gifts for Employees

    Giving sustainable corporate gifts isn’t just about what those gifts are made of. It’s also about what the people who make those gifts are made of. Many companies that offer impressive corporate gifts also give portions of the proceeds to environmental causes. You can shape your marketing campaigns or employee appreciation programs in a meaningful and socially responsible way with corporate gifts that give back.

    9. Decorate Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts with Green Sayings & Slogans

    Messaging goes a long way when it comes to sustainability, so liven up your gifts with inspirational phrases. Make sure the items you print on practice what they preach with eco-friendly selections.

    • “Say no to Single Use” - Straws don't have to go to waste with reusable options like this Reusable Silicone Straw Set In Pouch.
    • “May the Forest be With You” - An appealing journal with organic paper made from ground apple peels, the Apple Peel Journal is the perfect giveaway for businesses striving for sustainability.

    Check out other green sayings and slogans for more custom eco-friendly corporate gift ideas.

    Crestline is committed to environmental corporate responsibility, and offering eco-friendly promotional products is only a small part of it. It sure is a fun part though, so from our business to yours, happy green gifting!

     Decorate Eco-Friendly Gifts with Green