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21 Eco Friendly Quotes & Earth Day Sayings that
Promote Sustainability

updated: February 23, 2024
illustration of earth and eco friendly sayings

While every day is a reason to celebrate the Earth, April 22 is dedicated to celebrating Earth Day. Whether you are looking for Happy Earth Day quotes to print on gifts for your team, or eco-friendly sayings to inspire your team all year long, we’ve compiled a list of the top green slogans for your business to promote. Pairing one of these green sayings with a sustainable product from our eco-friendly line makes for the perfect giveaway for clients and employees and makes a statement that your brand is environmentally conscious.  Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

bottle opener and reusable straw

1. Say no to Single Use

Help save the turtles, one reusable straw at a time with this straw kit. The kit includes a stainless streel straw and wire cleaning brush packaged inside a travel pouch.

natural tote bag with reduce, reuse, and recycle

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When looking for products that promote sustainability, tote bags, made from recycled cotton, are sure to be toted around farmers markets, grocery stores and parks. Be sure to check out our full line of eco-friendly bags.

recycled bonded leather notebook

3. Recycle is the way

This branded notebook helps promote recycling because it has a recycled bounded leather cover and recycled paper. Your clients and employees can appreciate and learn of the notebook’s impact as it comes with a special tag explaining the positive environmental impact of recycled bounded leather.

reusable food storage bag

4. Earth Loves You, Love it Back

Eco-friendly swag like this reusable food storage bag make it easier to avoid disposable plastics and waste. They’re the perfect kitchen accessory for storing fruits, veggies, meat and more!

eco friendly drawstring backpack

5. Join the Race to Make the World a Better Place

This eco-friendly drawstring backpack is constructed from a combination of pre-consumer and recycled cotton. Plus, it has double the environmental impact; Through a partnership with 1% For the Planet, one percent of sales on this custom bag will in donated to nonprofits.

modern sprout tree planting kit

6. Save the Bees and Plant Trees

The Modern Sprout® One For One Tree Kit makes a great vehicle for this cute earth day quote. With this kit containing non-GMO seeds and a 100% biodegradable pot, your clients and employees can be part of the change and plant their own tree. Plus, for every kit purchased, a percentage of proceeds go to American Forests and the Pollinator Partnership for reforestation and ecosystem protection. That’s double the environmental impact your company could make!

earth friendly apple peel journal

7. May the Forest be With You

This funny earth day quote is the perfect swag giveaway that plays off many people’s love of Star Wars. Use the force to save the trees with the Stone Paper Jotter which features chemically benign paper is tree-free and made from natural stone.

straw cup with lid made of eco-friendly wheat straw

8. Earth Loves You

If you’re looking for earth day quotes for kids and students, “Earth Loves You” is a top pick to help inspire and start conversations with children about the importance of protecting our planet. This quote pairs great with the 16 oz Everyday Wheat Straw Fiber Cup.

reusable storable shopping bag

9. The Earth is What we all Have in Common

This Earth Day saying can be printed on any of our promotional products, but we chose to feature it on the Fold-Away Tote because it is a customer favorite and made of recycled PET material. Customers love it for on-the-go because it can easily be folded into a small pouch and kept in convenient places like the car or a purse for grocery shopping and more.

pullover made from recycle polyester

10. The Green Team

Whether at home or in the office, your team will stand out wearing the Eco Knit Half Zip, available in both men’s and ladies’ styles. This athleisure apparel piece not only looks great, but it’s a great way to promote going green as it is made of recycled polyester. Your team can also feel proud wearing it, because one percent of sales on this item is donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

14 oz Dagon Wheat Straw Mug with Stainless Liner

11. Green is the New Black

Promote going green at your work with a gift for employees from one of our wheat straw products like the 14 oz Dagon Wheat Straw Mug. Wheat straw has become one of the latest trends for eco-friendly promo items because it’s renewable, sustainable, and reduces the use of plastic material in products.

recycled sunglasses with logo

12. Seeing Green Since (year established)

Customize this go green quote with the year your company was established for a fun and memorable giveaway. Given its dual meanings, this slogan would be perfect for sales banquets, award ceremonies and employee appreciation events. The featured custom sunglasses are eco-consciously constructed with recycled materials.

recycled paper picture frame magnet

13. Respect Your Mother (Earth)

These USA made picture frame magnets offer a unique way to promote your business, while also showing your company’s commitment to environmental initiatives. This magnet is made of 10% post-consumer, recycled paper and can easily fit into an envelope to be mailed to customers, clients, and employees for Earth Day events.

eco-friendly coaster with seeds

14. Earth Laughs in Flowers

A seed packet makes the perfect direct mail promo item as it is flat, lightweight, and will add some greenery to your employees’ lives. The earth day quote “Earth Laughs in Flowers” pairs perfectly with the featured seed packet as it comes in varieties such as wildflower, sunflower, butterfly garden and more.

Be the Pollution Solution

15. Be the Pollution Solution

Your team can be part of the pollution solution and keep plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans by using eco-friendly drinkware like the 20 oz CamelBak Eddy®+ Bottle Tritan™ Renew. These bottles are made from Eastman Tritan™ RENEW, a durable and sustainable material containing 50% recycled plastic.

travel utensil set made of bamboo

16. There is no Planet B

Make plastic or communal cutlery in your workplace a thing of the past with these reusable utensil sets. Made of 51% bamboo fiber, these utensils help reduce the use the plastic, and can help reduce the spread of germs with each employee having their own personal set.

earth friendly kraft gift box

17. Earth Sweet Earth

Play off the “Sweet” part of this Earth Day saying by giving your staff a special treat like the Kraft Gift Box with Trail Mix. The natural box is made from recycled material and includes a healthy snack. Beyond Earth Day, it makes a great work from home gift, giveaway for a health and fitness campaign, or part of a swag bag for virtual events.

glass water bottle with bamboo lid

18. Make Everyday Earth Day

Your company can make everyday earth day by gifting employees a reusable water bottle like the Jameson Glass Bottle. The glass water bottle features a bamboo lid, which is a natural and renewable material. The silicone sleeve protects the bottle, acts as a grip when drinking, and provides an appealing contrast for showcasing slogans and quotes for earth day.

potted plant set

19. Plant to save the Planet

In need of earth day ideas for work? Consider gifting employees and clients a planter like the Single Potted Plant Kit that’s pictured, or seed packets. Garden gifts and plants help get the whole family get involved and will be a happy memory that’s directly associated with your brand.

eco friendly waist pack

20. Lend a Hand to Save the Land

This eco fanny pack allows recipients to go hands-free and keep essentials like keys, lip balm, and phone close by. The waist pack is produced from cellulose plant fiber, is 100% recyclable, and starts decomposing within 2 weeks of being placed in the ground.

recycled notebook and pen set

21. Earth Day: Join the Fight, Do What’s Right

This environmental saying pairs perfectly with the EcoShapes™ recycled notebook that features a die cut earth shape in the hard cover. The paper in this branded notebook is from 100% post-consumer material, and the metal spiral binding is 90% post-consumer material.

With any of the inspirational earth day quotes on this list, you could incorporate your logo into the design, or create your own unique saying that reflects the values that are important to your company. At Crestline, we take corporate social responsibility seriously, which is why we have a full line of eco-friendly products and gifts that give back for you to choose from. Our commitment to being environmentally conscious doesn’t stop there. From our carbon neutral shipping to our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified headquarters, our commitment to the environment is incorporated into our day-to-day operations. To read more about what we’re is doing at Crestline to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate waste, check out Crestline’s Commitment to Corporate Environmental Responsibility.


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