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7 Outdoor Trade Show Booth Ideas

published: February 16, 2024
7 Outdoor Trade Show Booth Ideas

Picture this – flowers are beginning to bloom, and the weather’s getting warmer. Everyone in your industry is gearing up for the first outdoor trade show of the season. Whether you’ve never exhibited your brand in the open air or you’re a seasoned exhibitor ready for some fresh ideas, here’s what you need to make your outdoor trade show successful.

We’ve compiled seven of our favorite outdoor trade show booth ideas so you’re ready to face the crowds, rain or shine.

1. Think Beyond Your Brand with the Right Theme

Indoor, outdoor, and even virtual trade show ideas should revolve around a theme. Your first thought may be to represent your brand by displaying your company logo and using professional colors — nothing else needed. Taking this approach alone would be selling your brand short.

Instead, you want to give visitors a valuable and memorable experience — so ensure your trade show booth’s theme reflects your brand's story. When deciding on a theme for your booth design, consider the following factors:

  • Nail down the story you want your booth to tell about your business.
  • Consider the time of year, season, and location of the trade show and incorporate those elements into your booth design and decor.
  • Comb through customer feedback and social media accounts for frequent requests or industry trends you could address.
  • Brainstorm creative ways to make your theme stand out, such as choosing theme-related tradeshow swag and giveaways.

2. Keep Out the Elements With a Customized Tent

Most people who exhibit at an outdoor trade show expect sunny skies and a light breeze. The trade show organizers can’t control Mother Nature, though. Choosing the right customized trade show tent will help protect your displays, staff, and visitors from unexpected weather conditions.

Opt for a sturdy, branded tent made of protective, outdoor-friendly material that you can reuse over time. Here are some of our most popular styles:

2. Keep Out the Elements With a Customized Tent
Reach for the Sky With Branded Banners & Displays

3. Reach for the Sky With Branded Banners & Displays

When it comes to outdoor trade show booth ideas, branded banners and displays top the list. Why might that be? Because the customized signage you display is often the crowd’s first impression of your brand.

The size and style of your banner will depend on the size of your outside booth and the story you want it to tell (aka, theme)! For example, the Vinyl Banner 7ft x 3ft is weather-resistant and will make your booth stand out, regardless of size.

Also, consider your points of entry and exit — the first and last points of contact with your potential customers. The 33.5’’ Eco Retractable Banner is ideal for making a first impression (or lasting memory) for all foot traffic.

The sky’s the limit for banner and display placement, too. For your trade show tables, opt for a customized display like our popular 3 Banner Geo Display or one of our Custom Tabletop Banners (available in multiple sizes).

4. Opt for Customized Outdoor-Friendly Table Covers

Customized table covers and runners make great outdoor trade show booth ideas, adding an instant flair of professionalism. You’ll want to contact the trade show organizers and inquire about the size and quantity of the tables they can provide. From there, decide which type of table cover will work best with your booth’s aesthetic.

The most common types of table covers and runners include:

Opt for Customized Outdoor-Friendly Table Covers
Make Your Booth Visitors Comfortable With Outdoor Furniture

5. Make Your Booth Visitors Comfortable With Outdoor Furniture

You may have more space at an outdoor trade show than at an indoor event. Why not create a welcoming and comfortable booth with weather-resistant outdoor furniture? For instance, provide your potential customers with a space to put their feet up and learn more about your business by setting up Outdoor Folding Chairs or Sling Chairs.

You can also encourage visitors to gather around a Folding Four-Person Portable Table, ideal for brainstorming or hosting a Q&A session. For a more comfortable style, go with the Folding Moon Chair to give your visitors a break from all that walking.

6. Make your Trade Show Booth Interactive With Outdoor Games

While focusing on the aesthetic of your booth is vital, interacting with your visitors in a fun and engaging way is just as critical.

Games for your outdoor trade show booth are a must-have, and they won’t take up much room, either. Some of our favorite trade show games include:

Make your Trade Show Booth Interactive With Outdoor Games

Outdoor-Friendly Trade Show Games for Foul Weather

Trade show organizers don’t always cancel or reschedule an outdoor trade show because of inclement weather. The [trade] show must go on, after all!

But if the weather is less than ideal, you may want to opt for small tabletop games that you can host beneath your booth’s tent. These rainy weather outdoor trade show booth ideas include:

7. Prevent Burnout and Have Some Fun with Stress Balls or Classic Toys

7. Create a Welcoming Climate With Trade Show Giveaways

Creating a memorable experience for booth visitors is one of the premier goals for all trade show exhibitors. What better way to leave a lasting impression than to send them home with branded trade show swag they’ll love?

You’ll need a plan before choosing customized giveaways for your next outdoor trade show. That starts with the booth theme you’ve chosen! Consider the following tips:

As you gear up for the outdoor trade show season, focus on creating a clear strategy with our outdoor trade show booth ideas. You’ll save time, and your team will feel prepared and confident when representing your brand.

At Crestline, we offer everything you need to tell the story of your business in a professional way – outdoors, indoors, and virtually, rain or shine!

Contact us today and let our team equip you with everything you need before your next trade show.