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How to Create Unforgettable Custom Bags:
8 Inexpensive Swag Bag Ideas

updated: June 6, 2024

Swag bags go by many names, from goodie bags to favor bags. No matter what you call them,they always consist of the same thing bags stuffed with free promotional products like:

Swag bags are a fantastic way for organizations to gain exposure and make a memorable impression. That’s because, with custom swag bags, you stand to reap the benefits of multiple types of promotional products at once.

But how can you customize your swag bags to your audience and make an unforgettable impression? Read on to discover eight inexpenseive swag bag ideas that will leave a lasting impression.

Be sure to stick around until the end to discover how to assemble your custom swag bags.

1. Swag Bag Ideas for Conferences and Events

Conferences and events are the perfect places for swag bag giveaways. With a broad range of attendees present, you can get your name out to a large group of potential customers you might not have otherwise reached.

Black tote bag with gray front panel and white logo

The Bag

A bag like the Non-Woven Heathered Tote shown above can provide attendees with a high-quality bag they’ll love to show off.

It features a handy mesh water bottle pocket, shoulder-length handles, a roomy main compartment and a secure zippered closure. This tote makes for a custom swag bag that event-goers will keep for years.

The Swag

Make your brand stand out to hundreds or even thousands of attendees with these unique promotional gifts:

Recovery kit with black carrying case
Stylin' Swivel Lanyard

Lanyards and name badges are a staple to any tradeshow swag bag because they keep attendees easily identifiable for networking and collaboration.
Olive green notebook with textured metallic cover
Muse Notebook and Stylus Pen Set

At any large event, notebooks are indispensable tools for taking notes and staying organized. For tech-savvy recipients, this set also includes a ballpoint pen that doubles as a touch screen stylus.
Gold travel power bank
2200 mAh Portable Power Bank

With this pocket-sized power bank, your recipients will never have to stress over a dead smartphone, tablet, or other media device.
Clear water bottle
28 oz Sleek Stainless Water Bottle

Make on-the-go hydration a breeze with this stylish stainless steel water bottle.

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2. Swag Bag Ideas for New Hires

What better way to welcome new hires and create a positive work culture than with a goodie bag full of handy items? Try these swag bag ideas to create a welcome gift your new team members won’t soon forget.

Blue cube-shaped lunch bag with carrying handles and white logo

The Bag

Nothing beats a promotional product that makes life easier, and that’s exactly what the Lunch-N-Carry Enviro Tote does. With an insulated lining, a convenient name tag slot, an exterior pocket, and plenty of room for your logo, both you and your new hires will love this lunch tote.

The Swag

Any of these useful items are guaranteed to be a hit with new employees.

Blue eco-friendly notebook and pen set
Nature-Friendly Notebook and Pen

Show you care for your new hires and the environment with this handy notebook and pen set, complete with a recycled cardboard cover.
White stainless insulated tumbler
20 oz Himalayan Tumbler

With vacuum insulation, a spill-resistant lid, a non-slip bottom, and BPA-free stainless steel construction, this is one of several inexpensive swag bag ideas your new hires will take from the commute to the office.
Blue custom t-shirt
Gildan® Ultra Cotton™ T-Shirt

This sturdy, 100% cotton t-shirt will make employees want to rep your company at the gym, industry events, and everywhere in between.
White stress balls
Round Stress Balls

Keep your team members relaxed and productive with these stress balls. Available in a rainbow of colors, these stress balls are just waiting to complement your logo.

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3. Inexpensive Swag Bag Ideas for Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, thoughtful details are key for winning over consumers. These custom swag bag ideas can help your hospitality business stand out as one that truly caters to its customers’ needs.

White paper bag with handles and black logo

The Bag

The Billboard White Bag shown above features a crisp, clean design that’s universally appealing. Crafted from durable kraft paper, this bag is both reusable and recyclable, and you can imprint it with any design or logo in a spectrum of eye-catching colors.

The Swag

With the right promotional items, you can brand your hospitality business as being a step above the rest. Try out these ideas to win over potential and current customers alike.

Black earbuds in travel case
Color Pop Earbuds

A pair of comfy earbuds will always come in handy, whether you’re lounging by the pool, working out at the gym, or listening to music on the go. Your recipients are sure to use and appreciate these colorful cushioned earbuds.
Black coffee mug
11 oz Budget Mug

Perfect for enjoying a cozy cup of coffee or tea, the 11 oz Budget Mug is a classic mug that everyone will love. It’s available in an array of colors and prints so you can show off your logo just the way you want.
Berry rubber ball lip balm
Lip Balm Rubber Ball

Why go with a basic lip balm when you can set yourself apart with a deliciously scented balm in an eye-catching rubber ball adorned with your logo? Available in flavors like vanilla, blueberry and melon, this small lip balm is one of our most practical and inexpensive swag bag ideas.
White buttermints with custom wrapper
White Buttermints

As mentioned above, details are everything in hospitality. That’s why these mints are a perfect promo product. First, they’re low-cost for you, and they give create a luxurious feel (and delicious taste) for customers.
White buttermints with custom wrapper
Fuzzy Feet Slipper Socks

Keep guests and customers comfortable and cozy with these personalized fuzzy socks.

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4. Inexpensive Swag Bag Ideas for Dental Offices

Dental visits can be a stressful experience for adults and children alike. However, the right custom swag bag can make all the difference. Use these inexpensive swag bag ideas to keep your patients coming back. If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out 9 Unique Dental Office Giveaways.

Black tote bag with blue handles and white logo

The Bag

Use the Color-Pop Mini Tote Bag to send a message that your patients will spread far and wide. Made of water-resistant polypropylene material, this bag is good for more than storing dental goodies — it can also be used to shop, store school supplies, stow a convenient mid-day lunch, and much more.

The Swag

With the right promotional items, you can ensure that patients won't forget your dental practice. Plus, these items can be given away at events and fairs as well as right in your office.

Red eco-friendly notebook and pen set
Pocket Dental Floss

Encourage the importance of flossing with this pocket dental floss for on-the-go cleaning.
Stainless insulated tumbler
Healthy Smile Toothbrush Timer

With the Healthy Smile Toothbrush Timer, your patients or event attendees will develop healthier dental habits while seeing your logo every time they brush.
Bamboo Toothbrush

Send patients home with a custom bamboo toothbrush to make sure their teeth stay sparkling between visits.
Red stress balls
Chap Ice® SPF 15 Lip Balm

With a variety of tasty flavors and vibrant colors to choose from, this protective lip balm is sure to be a hit with patients and event-goers alike.

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5. Swag Bag Ideas for Safety

Whether your organization is involved in an outdoor event or promoting good safety practices at school or the office, a custom swag bag filled with safety-related items can show you care.

Yellow drawstring backpack with zipper and black logo

The Bag

The lightweight construction and smart design of the Zip-Front Drawstring Backpack make it ideal for staying safe in any environment. It features a drawstring closure to keep items secure and a zippered front pocket for maximum functionality. Plus, its mesh accents, rubber zipper pull, and wide array of bright colors make it a stylish accessory.

The Swag

Show your residents that your business puts safety first by including these items in your custom swag bag.

Yellow hard hat stress reliever
Stress Balls Hard Hat

These stress balls are more than convenient stress relievers. They also remind recipients to stay safe, and are especially perfect for those in the construction industry.
Black LED flashlight
Renegade LED Flashlight

Few items are as widely useful as a durable and reliable flashlight. With a lightweight aluminum body, long-lasting LED lights, and user-friendly push button, the Renegade LED flashlight is just that.
Active Life Performance T-Shirt
Active Life Performance T-Shirt

Keep your recipients warm, dry, and protected from the elements in this sturdy t-shirt with UV protection and moisture-wicking properties. Try giving away the Active Life Performance T-Shirt at your next outdoor event to make a memorable impression.
Tritan flair bottle
26 oz Tritan™ Flair Bottle with Drink-Thru Lid

Whether you’re at the office or on a hike, nothing’s more important than staying hydrated. Luckily, this brightly colored and ultra-durable bottle makes it easy.

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6. Swag Bag Ideas for Fitness and Well-Being

Today, more people than ever before stay fit and healthy. In fact, the global wellness market was valued at $5.3 trillion in 2023 and is expected to continue to grow at a 10 percent growth rate until 2025, according to Wellness Creative Co. Stay on-trend and help your recipients be happy and healthy with these custom swag bag ideas.

Green duffle bag with gray and black trim and a white logo

The Bag

The spacious and durable Around Town Duffle is perfect for taking to the gym, yoga class, the office, and everywhere in between. It features a zippered and roomy main compartment, two zippered front pockets, a mesh water bottle pocket, and multiple carrying options for total convenience. What better way to deliver your custom promotional items?

The Swag

Whether you’re promoting your organization at a fitness industry event or helping new employees stay healthy, these products can generate thousands of impressions for your brand.

Green bike and sports bottles
20 oz Bike and Sports Bottle

Hydration is always healthy, and with the 20 oz Bike and Sports Bottle, it can even be fun. Crafted from BPA-free plastic and available in a rainbow of vibrant hues, this bottle is sure to make an impact.
Black translucent pedometer
Healthy Body Pedometer

Walking and running are some of the simplest and most effective ways to get in shape. Pass out this custom pedometer at your next fun run or outdoor fundraiser to boost engagement and promote healthy habits.
Blue and silver jump rope
Premier Jump Rope

Made from rugged polyester, the Premier Jump Rope can be used anytime, anywhere. It features soft, comfortable handles and is available in multiple eye-catching colors.
Translucent shaker bottle with black lid
Fuel Up Fitness Frost Tumbler With Mixing Ball

This tumbler is perfect for mixing up healthy smoothies, protein drinks, and other workout beverages on the go. As an added bonus, its color-coordinated lid and mixing ball add a touch of flair.
Blue absorbant towel
Absorbent Snap Cooling Towel

This innovative towel makes it easy to stay cool during intense workout sessions or sporting events. Just soak in cool water, wring out the excess, and snap to activate. Or, use it dry to soak up excess sweat.

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7. Swag Bag Ideas for Real Estate and Home Buyers

The real estate industry is rife with opportunities to promote your business with custom giveaways. Whether you’re a sponsor at a real estate event, hosting an open house, or congratulating new home buyers, these practical and inexpensive swag bag ideas are sure to wow.

Bright red tote bag with white logo

The Bag

With the Grocery Tote, you can create a gift that keeps on giving. Made of breathable, water-and tear-resistant polypropylene, recipients can reuse this bag in countless ways. Plus, it’s crafted from 20% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.s

The Swag

Every one of these promotional items is perfect for industry professionals and home buyers alike.

Black soft key tag
Soft Key Tags

The Soft Key Tags let your recipients add a vibrant touch to their keys. Made of flexible PVC vinyl, these tags are touchably soft and come in a wide selection of colors.
Black translucent pedometer
Cool Clip

With a super-strong magnet and an impressive grip, the Cool Clip can be attached to any fridge and used to store photos, artwork, and documents alike.
Absorbant stone coaster
Absorbent Stone Coaster

This high-quality stone coaster is both elegant and functional. Designed to protect even the most delicate surfaces, the Absorbent Stone Coaster is ideal for showing off your custom logo.
Black wine opener
Wine Wizard

Want recipients to see your name every time they open a bottle? The Wine Wizard is the product for you. This sleek opener features a sturdy corkscrew and lever, plus a clever cutter blade for removing stubborn foil.
Rhein Bamboo Cutting Board
Rhein Bamboo Cutting Board

Lightweight and easy to store, homeowners will appreciate this bamboo cutting board as they cook their first meal in their homes.

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8. Swag Bag Ideas for Parents

Both new and experienced parents make for ideal swag bag recipients. After all, most parents can agree that children and babies require a lot of supplies and accessories.

If your business plans to present at a parent-focused event, is involved in prenatal care, or wants to provide promotional products to important clients who you know are expecting, we’ve got you covered. Use these inexpensive swag bag ideas to get started.

Black diaper bag with white logo on front pocket

The Bag

Add even more functionality to your custom swag bags by placing your promotional items in an ultra-useful diaper bag. The Urban Baby Diaper Bag pictured above is a fantastic example. With plenty of pockets and multiple carrying options, any parent is sure to appreciate it.

It’s constructed from heavy-duty 600D polyester and also includes a handy PEVA diaper mat.

The Swag

Include these items in your custom swag bags to make a lasting impression on parents:

Forehead Thermometer with Custom Carrying Case
Reusable Forehead Thermometer

Makes it easy to check a fussy child’s temperature on the go, minus the struggle of oral thermometers.
Custom Imprinted Poly Cotton Bib
Custom Imprinted Poly Cotton Bib

Help keep mealtimes mess free with this imprinted bib.
Yellow Rubber Ducky
Large Rubber Duck

Bathtime can be a stressful affair, especially with an uncooperative child. Luckily, the Large Rubber Duck can keep children can entertain and keep bathtime trouble-free.
Red Pediatric Medicine Spoon
Pediatric Medi-Spoon

No one likes taking medicine, especially children. Make parents’ lives easier with the Pediatric Medi-Spoon. It’s available in an array of fun colors and also features a built-in stand and cute bear face.

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How to Assemble Your Swag Bags in 5 Steps

Before you start assembling your custom swag bags, it’s a good idea to learn how exactly you’ll do it. To stay organized, try writing down each of the following steps in a single document. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Establish Your Budget

Picking out the perfect combination of items is fun, but learning that you’ve gone significantly over budget isn’t. So, be sure to coordinate with other team members before you start shopping to establish a firm budget. This will save you both time and effort when assembling your swag bags.

2. Know Your Audience

Different swag bag items will be more successful with some audiences than others. For instance, a silicone baby bib may be a hit with parents, but will likely just cause confusion at a fitness-related event. To avoid missing the mark, always define your target audience before choosing your items. For even better results, try using customer personas that are specific to your industry and business.

For instance, your ideal persona could be an upper-income, middle-aged person who’s just purchased a luxury home. Or, it could be middle-income patients in their late 20s who are visiting your dental office for the first time. What you put in those bags for those two different audiences would vary greatly.

3. Create a Timeline

If you plan to distribute your custom swag bags at an event that’s only a few days away, you’ll be sorely disappointed if you order promotional items that take a week or more to process and deliver. Prevent any timeline snafus by creating a detailed timeline before purchasing any items. For instance, you may need to allocate two weeks for product processing and delivery, plus a few days to actually assemble your swag bags.

If you need your promo products fast, it would be wise to only choose products that are available with 24-hour rush service.

4. Select Your Items and Design

With everything else locked down, you can start shopping for your swag bag items and choosing your design. Refer to the swag bag ideas listed above to get started. In terms of your design, consider how it will look on the bags as well as the items. For instance, you might want to only buy products that allow for multicolored logos, or simplify your logo for the sake of a clean look.

Also, think about whether you want to include social media-related elements in your swag bag. Perhaps you might put a custom hashtag on some of your items, or include your organization’s handle on the bag itself. With these inexpensive swag bag ideas under your belt, you can win over prospects, create a more positive work culture and put your business on the map, all for a fraction of the cost of other advertising methods.

Interested in learning how to make your swag bags even better? Check out our selection of products for trade shows and events, or take a look at our promotional bag-buying guide.

5. Make the Process Simple

Skip time-consuming assembly by adding your logo to prefab kits and bundles, corporate gift sets, or custom gift baskets. With hundreds of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that your audience will love. Bonus: you won’t have to coordinate the available minimum quantities or production and shipping times of your individual items.

Of course, the advantage of choosing your own swag bag and its contents is the ability to pick the perfect items for your recipients and occasion. You can still treat yourself to a headache-free project with our kitting and drop shipping services. Just choose your items and Crestline will handle the customization, assembly, and shipping, even to individual addresses!

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