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Promotional Products for Real Estate & Realtor Closing Gifts

updated: August 4, 2022
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Real Estate Promotional Items from Crestline — Our Top Sellers

If you’re looking for real estate promotional ideas, explore the possibilities in this overview of our top selling customized real estate marketing supplies. Some of our products open doors to new business. Others help you to be remembered when a window of opportunity opens with a longtime prospect, or when a former client is ready to make another move. Whether your customers are driving you up the wall or raising the roof, we have real estate swag ideas to floor them. Last but not least, our beautiful engraved closing gifts are a first-class way set the table for high-quality referrals.

Incidentally, this article is also helpful for buyers and sellers: If you’re looking for thank-you gifts for realtors, or are curious about gift for real estate agent etiquette, read on.

Pens and Folders for Agents and Clients

Pens and folders are natural real estate agent marketing giveaways, since signing documents and keeping paperwork organized is such an integral part of the process, for realtors, buyers and sellers alike. Because everybody involved needs these items, custom document holders will be used all the way up to closing. Featured custom office supplies:

BIC Antimicrobial Pen
Bic® Clic Stick® Antimicrobial Pen
Great brand, great price.
Ergonomic Corporate Pen
Easy Writer Corporate Pen
Elegant design and affordable.
Full Color Folder
Full Color Cardstock Folder
Use for collateral, property info, and documents.
Metal Pen
Maestro Pen
High-quality retractable ballpoint.
Matte Stylus Pen
Matte Stylus Pen
A workhorse for touchscreens.
Metallic BIC Pen
Nitro Pen
Modern design, old fashioned economy.

Yard Signs & Open House Balloons

A nightmare scenario for any realtor would be agents and prospective buyers searching the neighborhood for an open house but not being able to find it. Instead of a possible sale, you wind up with lost opportunities and a tarnished reputation with real estate peers. Make sure your property — and your brand — is seen, with our decorative signs and open house balloons. Featured logo items:

Double Sided Yard Sign
Full Color Double-Sided Yard Sign
Plenty roomy, with 16” x 26” dimensions.
Microfoil Balloons
4-Color Microfoil Balloons
In 15+ vibrant colors.

Real Estate Promotional Items

With so many promotional items to choose from, we’ve narrowed the field to not merely our top sellers, but our top, top sellers. We recommend these items because they are universally popular, striking in design, elegant enough to make a favorable impression on top clients, and yet affordable enough to keep you comfortably within your real estate agent marketing budget. If these ideas don’t fit the bill, the section below contains several more options. Featured promotional giveaways:

Small Insulated Tumbler
10 oz. Bevie Insulated Tumbler
A more sophisticated drink container you cannot find.
Double Sided Yard Sign
20 oz. Himalayan Tumbler
BPA-free, insulating, spill resistant, stainless steel interior.
Small Sticky Calendar
Stick Up English Triumph® Calendar
Excellent for keeping you visible all year.
Tuscany Phone Pocket with Ring
Tuscany™ Phone Pocket with Ring
Useful for everyone … but nobody has one … yet.

Real Estate Promotional Items — Shaped Like a House

Because Crestline does lots of business with real estate companies, we’ve developed an array of highly specialized, house-shaped promotional items that never fail to impress. With a design that specifically matches your business, clients will recognize that you don’t settle for average, do care about the details, and know how to be creative — all qualities everyone looks for when selecting a realtor! Featured house-shaped swag:

4 x 4 3/4 Pocket Pals™ House Magnetic Card Holder
Pocket Pals™ House Magnetic Card Holder
Perfect for storing business cards and appointment cards.
Coolin' Hand Fan- House
Coolin' Hand Fan- House
Keep your homebuyers cool during the summer months.
House-shaped magnetic memo clip

House-shaped magnetic memo clip.
House-Shaped Flyswatter
16" flyswatter with house-shaped swatter head.
Book Mark with House Shaped Seed Paper
Growing Houses Bookmark
Bookmark with house-shaped packet of flower seeds attached.
House Shaped Refrigerator Magnet
House Shaped Calendar Magnet
Handy and attractive for any style house.
House Shaped Stress Ball
House Shaped Cookie Cutter
Any client who loves baking will love you for this.
House Shaped Key Ring
House Shaped Glossy Key Ring
As long as people have keys, they’ll want these.
House Shaped Jar Popper
House Shaped Jar Popper
Ideal for removing bottle caps, opening jars, and 100 other household uses.
House Shaped Magnet
House Shaped Magnet
A unique “business card” that’s become our best seller.
House Shaped Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
House Shaped Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
If your clients have mobile phones, glasses, or anything with a screen, they’ll appreciate this!
Tuscany Phone Pocket with Ring
House Shaped Stress Ball
Real estate deals can be stressful … until your clients get one of these!

Realtor Closing Gifts

What are the best real estate closing gifts for sellers and the best real estate gifts for buyers? A house is not only a major investment, but it’s also a place where buyers and sellers alike have strong emotional connections. We have many home-oriented, upscale gifts that not only fit the occasion for buyers and sellers, but also make wonderful thank-you gifts for realtors who have worked so hard to complete a real estate transaction. Featured real estate closing gifts:

Batch & Bodega Rise & Shine
Batch & Bodega Rise & Shine
A gift box filled with delicious breakfast treats and designer kitchen accessories.
Lock Tape Measure
25-Foot Auto Lock Tape Measure
Excellent choice for homeowners and realtors!
Lock Tape Measure
All-in-One Hammer Tool
Unique design, like a giant Swiss Army Knife! Great for buyers, sellers and realtors.
Backyard Barbeque Kit
Stainless steel grill brush, spatula, tongs, basting brush.
Champagne Bottle Shaped Cutting Board
Champagne Shaped Cutting Board
Cutting boards are a classic real estate closing gift. This one has a leather loop to hang for decoration when not being used.
Champagne Bottle Shaped Cutting Board
Combination Laser Level and Tape Measure
Another great choice for buyers, sellers and realtors. Locking, 8-foot tape measure.
Kitchen Utensil Gift Set
CraftKitchen™ Kitchen Utensils & Skillet Gift Set
High-end, includes a cast iron skillet and Acacia wood cutting board.
Metal Wind Chime
Gentle Breeze Wind Chimes
Elegant, rustproof, and best of all, relaxing.
Sherpa Blanket
Sherpa Blanket
A sherpa blanket for clients to cozy up with in their new home.
Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set
Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set
Includes popper, popcorn and seasonings.
Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set
Silicone Kitchen Essentials Set
Stainless steel container, bright blue, designer utensils.

Corporate Apparel for the Staff

Realty firms make the best impression with the best clothing. Our wide selection of logo apparel delivers quality and comfort, to help sales and morale! Men and women’s styles, all sizes. Featured corporate apparel:

Ultraclub Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt
Classic Wrinkle-Free Long-Sleeve Oxford
This dress shirt is available in nine colors, embroidery up to 10,000 stitches.
Men's Polo with Embroidered Logo
Embroidered Polo
A polo is exactly dressed up enough for a busy day of showings.
Knit Blazer with Shawl Collar
Soft Shawl Knit Blazer
This might just be the light sweater that solves the thermostat debate in your office.
Womens Split-Neck Knit Shirt
Split-Neck Knit Shirt
Elbow length with a split neck detail for a touch of business casual style.

Need Help?

If you’re looking for more ideas for real estate gifts, or have questions about any of the items listed here, please contact us now. Our customer service team is happy to help!