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The Creepiest Custom Trick or Treat Bags for Halloween 2023

updated: July 6, 2023
Trick-or-Treater with Jack-O-Lantern Treat Container

Halloween has been around for thousands of years, but we think it’s safe to say that it’s now more fun than ever.

Between candy, pumpkin carving, trick or treating and pumpkin spice-flavored everything, there’s something for everyone on Halloween.

If your organization is looking for branding opportunities, Halloween gets even better. That’s because the spookiest day of the year is also perfect for gaining exposure and engaging with the community.

Ahead, we’ll show you how to create custom trick or treat bags that every ghoul, goblin and witch will love.

Why Should You Create Custom Halloween Bags?

So, Halloween is a beloved holiday for kids and adults alike, but how can it help your brand?

The answer lies in exposure. Halloween is chock-full of iconic imagery, from ghosts to jack-o’-lanterns to black cats, as well as widely-used items like trick or treat bags, flashlights and toys.

By incorporating your printed logo onto the right Halloween products, you’ll be able to spread your message far and wide. This is true whether your organization is in healthcare, education, retail or another industry altogether.

These are just some of the Halloween-themed events where you can pass out your custom trick or treat bags and Halloween gifts:

  • Festivals and fairs.
  • Trick or treating events.
  • Parties and concerts.
  • Scary movie nights.
  • Family-friendly locales like corn mazes, haunted houses and pumpkin patches.

You don’t need a special event to hand out your custom bags, either — you can pass your spooky gifts throughout the entire fall season to maximize exposure.

Custom Halloween Bags, Gifts and Giveaways

Given the widespread popularity of Halloween, it’s easy to see why it presents such a prime opportunity to spread the word about your brand.

Ahead, you’ll find a wealth of ideas for promotional Halloween products you can use for custom bags, gifts and giveaways this October.

Custom Trick or Treat Bags

Paper Halloween Treat Bag

With the right custom trick or treat bags, you can spread your brand name to hundreds or even thousands of homes across town.

Whether you choose plastic or paper, your custom Halloween bags are sure to be a hit this fall.

We love the Kraft Trick or Treat Bag shown above. Made from sturdy kraft paper and decorated with fun pumpkin and candy motifs, it’s perfect for showing off your logo.

Also take a look at these festive options:

Full Color White Plastic Halloween Treat Bag

White Plastic Treat Bag with Colorful Halloween Pumpkins and Candy

The Full Color White Plastic Halloween Treat Bag’s large imprint area is ideal for colorful, personalized designs. This bag also includes a list of helpful safety tips to help keep trick or treaters safe, and is completely recyclable.

Easy Grab Halloween Bag

Orange and Black Plastic Jack o Lantern Bags

No one will be able to resist the charm of this custom trick or treat bag. The Easy Grab Halloween Bag is decorated with a smiling jack-o’-lantern face on an orange background, and its entire back panel can be imprinted with your logo.

Die-Cut Handle Plastic Bags

Biodegradable plastic bag in black with halloween logo

For an extra affordable Halloween, give out these durable Die-Cut Handle Plastic Bags.  An alternative to pre-printed trick or treat bags, add your own Halloween-themed design or slogan. Their large imprint area will put your logo front and center, and their wide range of colors provides plenty of choices.

Customized Candy

Fill your custom printed trick or treat bags with individually wrapped Halloween candy classics like mini Hershey® chocolate bars, Hershey® Kisses®, Jelly Belly® jellybeans and gummy bears, all displaying your logo.

Hershey Miniature Customized Singles
Zagasnacks promo treat bags
Jelly Belly customized pouch
Hershey Kisses
Bulk Charms Blow Pops

Nothing says Halloween like delicious candy, and your recipients are sure to appreciate a few pieces in their custom trick or treat bags.

The Charms® Blow Pops® pictured above are always a popular choice. With their variety of flavors, you can use these lollipops to spread some sweetness this Halloween. Your logo or message will appear on the stick.

These candies make for great choices, too:

Custom Assorted Candy Fish

Bulk Gummy Fish with Custom Imprinted Wrapper

These tasty and colorful Custom Assorted Candy Fish may be small, but they’ll allow you to put your logo in hundreds of custom Halloween bags.

Sweetz Pouch - Raisin Nut Trail Mix

Bulk Trail Mix in Custom Bags

Create wholesome custom Halloween bags with Healthy Branded Treats. If you’re looking for healthy Halloween snacks to give out, these nutritious pouches of sweet and salty trail mix are perfect for you.

Safety Giveaways

Metallic Orange COB Flashlight for Halloween Safety

Most of the time, Halloween activities are safe and harmless for all. There are some safety risks involved, though, especially when it comes to trick or treating.

With the right safety products, like visibility lights, you can help keep your community safe while simultaneously promoting your brand.

One of our favorite promotional Halloween safety products is the Mini COB Flashlight shown above. With chip on board (COB) technology for powerful brightness, sturdy aluminum construction and an attached wrist strap, this flashlight is perfect for trick or treating.

Be sure to check out these awesome personalized safety products, too:

Safety Whistle

Metallic Red Safety Whistel for Halloween

Crafted from durable aluminum and accompanied by a handy keychain, the Whistle Compass Keylight can grab attention fast.

Safety Light Arm Band

Light Up Safety Arm Band for Halloween

Walking down dark streets can pose a danger to trick or treaters on foot. This LED Arm Band solves that issue and can go with all Halloween costumes.

Printed Halloween Party Favors

Pumpkin Stress Ball Halloween Giveaway

If your organization will be sponsoring, hosting or attending a Halloween party, don’t miss the chance to do some crowd-pleasing Halloween giveaways.

Take for example the pumpkin-shaped stress ball pictured above. Made of squishy polyurethane, it’s the perfect desk accessory for autumn and makes for a perfect Halloween party favor.

Partygoers are sure to love these fun glow in the dark fun favors as well:

Glow-Lite Pencil

Glow in the Dark Pencil Halloween Giveaway

The fun and luminescent Glow-Lite Pencil is ideal for including in custom Halloween bags.

Stadium Glow Cup

Custom Glow in the Dark Cup Halloween Giveaway

Light up your next party with the reusable, glow-in-the-dark Stadium Glow Cup.

Halloween Decorations

Custom Orange Balloon Halloween Decoration

Whether you’re sprucing up the office for the fall season or preparing for a party, the right Halloween decorations can put everyone in the spooky spirit.

The colorful AdRite™ Balloons pictured above are an inexpensive way to instantly transform any room into a fantastically creepy Halloween venue. In addition to basic colors, these balloons are also available in a rainbow of metallic shades.

We’re also fond of these awesome branded party accessories and imprinted decorations:

Open Top Movie Popcorn Box

Custom Popcorn Box Halloween Party Giveaway

The charmingly old-fashioned Open Top Movie Popcorn Box is perfect for a scary movie night. Plus, their red and white stripes can add fun flair to any Halloween party.

Halloween Toys, Games and Activities

Custom Pumpkin Carving Tool

Few things are more fun than participating in fun Halloween games and activities during the spookiest time of year, and these promotional products can make things even more festive.

If you’re looking for a family-oriented item, take a look at the reusable Pumpkin Carving Spoon shown above. With serrated edges, a reinforced handle and a fun jack-o’-lantern cutout, this spoon can last through years of pumpkin carving.

Carving Jack-o-lantern with customized pumpkin carving kit

Your recipients are sure to love these Halloween-themed products too:

Spooky Fun Halloween Coloring Book

Custom Halloween Activity Coloring Book

The Spooky Fun Halloween Coloring Book is filled with 16 Halloween coloring pages, plus an educational word search, word scramble, jokes and more. Its fun tear-out mask adds an extra element of fun, and a large imprint area on the back cover will prominently display your logo.

Halloween Temporary Tattoos

Bulk Halloween Tattoos Fun Giveaways

Try including these Halloween Temporary Tattoos in your custom trick or treat bags or passing them out at a party as a fun Halloween toy for all ages to enjoy.

No matter your budget, the promotional items featured in this guide can help you gain exposure and connect with your community this Halloween.

Start the holiday season off right, and don’t miss this terrific opportunity to make a big impression on your recipients. There’s nothing spooky about that!

What is Halloween: Fun Facts

It may surprise you to learn that the roots of Halloween can be traced back thousands of years. In fact, the earliest versions of Halloween were born about 2,000 years ago in the Celtic regions of Europe now known as the United Kingdom, France and Ireland.

In ancient times, the holiday was known as Samhain. It took place during the time of year which separated the bounty of summer from the scarcity of winter, and was believed to also be the time when the ghosts of the dead returned to the world of the living.

On Samhain, the Celts would light bonfires, dress up in costumes and make prophecies for the future. The tradition continued in some form or another into the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and beyond.

Halloween migrated to America with the earliest settlers, but didn’t become widely popular until the 19th century. That was when Irish immigrants came to the U.S. en masse, bringing their enthusiasm for Halloween with them.

Today, of course, Halloween is more about fun than it is about warding off evil spirits or preparing for winter food shortages. With the festive traditions of costume parties, trick or treating and pumpkin carving reigning supreme, Halloween is now a holiday that everyone can enjoy.

On October 31, countries and cultures around the world participate in the supernatural-themed holiday by dressing up, passing out candy and attending festivals and parties.

Although Halloween as we know it today was once a primarily American holiday, it’s now celebrated globally. From Japan to Australia to Mexico, you’ll see costume-clad children and adults taking part in the festivities every October.

For children, Halloween is nothing short of a candy-fest. On Halloween, sweets aren’t only encouraged — they’re passed out for free to those participating in the custom of going door-to-door and collecting candy, a tradition known as trick or treating.