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Motivation by Mail – The Best Gifts for Remote Employees

published: February 10, 2021  |  updated: November 17, 2022
Home Office Desktop Items

The recent trend towards remote work teams has brought new opportunities to both employers and staff. To make the most of working from home, it's important to find ways to connect, motivate, and thank employees regardless of their locations. Even with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, remote employee engagement can still be a challenge as you strive to keep your company culture and team spirt alive. Successfully adapting your employee outreach and wellness programs to this new work model is critical.

Home office gifts that show your employee appreciation are the perfect way to keep staff connected, inspire creativity, and establish healthy work habits. These gifts can be sent out for any appreciation days, weeks or months on the calendar. But don't wait for a special event to recognize employees, let your staff know you're thinking of them with branded company swag or any of our other unique home office gifts for remote employees any time throughout the year.

Remote Employee Gifts that Create Comfortable, Cozy & Stress-Free Workspaces

Creating an effective at-home work environment for your staff is more than just providing basic tools like a computer and phone – it’s also about creating cheerful and enjoyable spaces for your employees to work. So if you're looking for gifts for employees working from home, giveaways like candles, plants, blankets or our other ideas for self-care and stress relief gifts below are a great way to keep your staff comfortable and focused..

Stay Connected and Secure with Desk & Tech Accessory Gifts for Teams Working from Home

From noise canceling headphones to drown out children and pets to blue light blocking glasses for eye protection, promotional tech items can help employees stay connected and enhance their productivity. Any of these work from home essentials are excellent thank you gifts for remote employees and will surely put a smile on the face of each staff member.

Stay Fueled and Hydrated with Custom Drinkware and Snacks

Some of the best work from home gifts for employees are the ones that quench their thirst or satisfy their hunger. With every sip, a branded coffee mug or water bottle will remind employees that they are part of the team, and snack gifts will keep their brains operating at a high level. Gift boxes for remote employees filled with treats like that Snack & Learn Meeting in a Box are perfect for virtual meetings with your team.

Encourage Well-Being with Fitness Gifts for Remote Team Members

If you're wondering how to motivate and energize remote employees, encouraging a fitness routine might be the right answer. At-home and outdoor fitness items like these are the perfect way to encourage employees to stay active and healthy.

Work from Home Kits to Really Impress

Maybe you are looking for several gift ideas for remote employees. If that's the case, a work from home kit makes it easy to get multiple promo items in your employees’ hands at once. Any of these kits are sure to deliver that wow factor.

Gifts that Encourage Down Time

At the end of a workday or during breaks, remote employees often look for ways to unwind, de-stress or spend time with family. That means corporate gifts for remote employees don't have to be dull. Give them a way to unwind with any of these entertaining gifts for work from home employees.

Now that you've scanned through the best gifts for remote employees and have your items selected, it's time to ship. We can help make the process simple. By using our drop shipping service, you can ship gifts directly to individual addresses. Pair that with our kitting services, allowing you to package the items in either a box or bag that's also part of the gift, and you'll quickly have your customized gifts on the doorstep of every employee, even if they're spread across the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gifts for Remote Employees

What are the best gifts for remote employees?
Top gifts to send employees include tech accessories, self-care gifts, drinkware like a coffee mug, and gift boxes filled with multiple goodies.
How do I gift a remote employee?
It’s easy to send gifts to remote employees with Crestline’s drop shipping services. Simply pick a gift, supply the individuals’ addresses, and we’ll ship everything out to arrive right to your employees doorsteps.
What can I send an employee working from home?
Anything! At the end of the day, any gift big or small is a great way to show appreciation to your remote workers. We recommend something that will get every day use or something to liven up their desk, such as a plant, tumbler, or mouse pad.
What are some inexpensive gift options for remote workers?
When looking for inexpensive gifts for remote workers, opt for promotional products that are flat, lightweight, and easy to mail. Small gifts like a webcam cover, coaster or a calendar won’t break the bank, but still act as a great touch point with your employees.