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Reinventing the Business Card: Creative Business Card Alternatives That Stand Out

updated: June 14, 2023
Creative Business Card Alternatives that Stand Out

Standing out in an already crowded sea of business cards isn’t easy. No matter how creative your business card design or how splashy the artwork, 63 percent of business get thrown away in less than a week—which isn’t a great system for your marketing efforts. And don’t forget the impact on the environment. More than seven million trees are cut down every year for traditional business cards.

The good news? Your business cards don’t have to be a two-dimensional piece of cardstock. From oversized magnets to bottle openers, these ten business card alternatives are the perfect way to leave an impression on your target audience. Read on to find an alternative that works for you, so you can create custom business cards that leave a lasting impression (and don’t get tossed in the garbage bin).

Oversized business card magnets

1. Oversized business card magnets

Branded magnets are durable, useful, and get a lot of visibility—perfect for generating impressions. Whether you choose to go with a standard magnetic business card or a magnet that doubles as a calendar, these unique business cards will get plenty of use.

2. Personalized bottle opener business cards

The best business card alternative doubles as a practical, everyday item, and who hasn’t found themselves needing a personalized bottle opener at some point? Choose a wallet-sized branded bottle opener or a bottle opener key light to keep on a keychain for easy access. Either way, your potential clients and customers will remember your services every time they crack open a beverage.

Personalized bottle opener business cards
Custom keychain business cards

3. Custom keychain business cards

With features like whistles, flashlights, USBs, and carabiners, promotional keychains can include several options for your customers. This business card alternative will travel with them whenever they leave the house, giving your services added exposure.

4. Stress ball business cards

Keep the vibe chill and encourage health and wellness with branded stress balls. Perfect for home, the car, or the office, they promote relaxation and come in several funky shapes and sizes. When you add your contact information, these relaxing tools double as cool business cards, and the user will remember you each time they give it a squeeze.

Stress ball business cards
5. Wallet-sized lint remover business card

5. Phone wallet business card

Looking for alternative business card ideas that will have your contact information seen daily? Phone wallets like the silicone tech pocket offer prime real estate for your contact information since they adhere to the back of a cell phone. This creative business card design will have your branding right at your prospects fingertips.

6. Microfiber business card

Creative business cards are often industry-specific, and this option is great for tech companies, eyewear businesses, and sporting industries. Custom microfiber cleaning cloths can be used to clean delicate equipment, eyeglasses, phones, tablets, computers, and more. Plus, they’ll refer new customers to your business every time they’re used. Take it up a notch with a microfiber phone pouch or ultimate screen cleaner.

 Microfiber business card
Business cards with an added element

7. Business cards with an added element

Business cards that stand out often have a surprise element or valuable feature. Choose a modern business card design that includes a branded magnifier tool, custom 7-in-1 multi-tool, mini calendar, custom air freshener, or personalized pocket-sized mini jotter. Tech-based companies can encourage security with a personalized RFID card holder that protects against hackers. Think about the area you work in and gear your business card toward a tool that your clients are most likely to use.

8. Branded coaster business cards

Raise a toast to your creativity with custom coasters that double as memorable business cards. You’ll find choices made from wood, plastic, cardboard, and even leather, so you’ll find the perfect option to represent your company.

Branded coaster business cards
Personalized Post-it® notes

9. Personalized Post-it® notes

Branded Post-its and sticky notes are among the most-used office supplies, so it’s only natural that they also make creative alternatives to business cards. From work and retail spaces to schools and homes, adhesive notes are used almost everywhere. Add your name and contact information, and you’ll get exposure every time someone jots down a note or leaves a message. For even more exposure, include a writing utensil, like our custom Textari® Comfort Cloud pen.

10. 3D business cards

When everyone else is handing out your run-of-the-mill business cards, you want to stand out with modern business cards that show your brand is a step above the rest. Square business cards or a vertical business card design are two options, or you can elevate it even more with a 3D option. These clever business cards are still easy to hand out but can be made in any size or shape, so you have even more creative options to accurately represent your brand.

Game Night

Fancy business cards will only get you so far when they’re printed on standard cardstock. Those who stand out in the crowd know that creative business card alternatives are the best way to leave a lasting impression. Ditch the boring 2” by 3.5” piece of paper and let Crestline help you create special alternative business cards that make your business the talk of the town.