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26 Things to Put on
Lanyards Besides Keys

updated: March 28, 2023
26 Things to Put on Lanyards Besides Keys

Lanyards are popular items that you see everywhere, from employees wearing them at retail stores to trade show exhibitors using them to keep their ID badges in view to teachers sporting them in the classroom. This incredible popularity means imprinted lanyards are not only excellent promotional tools but also extremely useful for people, including event attendees, tradespeople, travelers, nurses and even referees.

Of course, having a lanyard is one thing, but what to put on a lanyard is an entirely different question. Lanyards are most used for ID badges, event passes, and keys. However, they can be repurposed and used with several other items. So, if you’re looking for things to put on your lanyard, here are some of our favorite ideas for inspiration.

USB Drives

Transport files without hitch. Perfect for teachers and tech gurus, USB flash drives are one of the best things to put on lanyards. The Click Lanyard USB Drive 4G, for example, allows users to easily back up and carry important files from meeting to meeting with a simple click-connect between the lanyard and the USB drive. That means no more having to dig through bags to find small USB flash drives hidden underneath other supplies.

Neck Wallets

If you’re trying to think of unique ways for how to use a lanyard, personalized neck wallets are a beneficial combo with lanyards because they let employees, event attendees and anyone else carry their IDs, cards and even cash around their necks for safekeeping. They’ll know exactly where they are at all times, allowing them to protect important items like credit cards. Our Neck Wallet Badge Holder is an ideal option, for example. It has an inside zippered compartment for added security and comes in an array of bright colors to make it easy to locate. Neck wallets are also a sensible solution for travelers to areas where pickpockets are rampant.

Phone Holders

Where did I put my phone? It’s a question we ask ourselves constantly, and it’s a particularly unpleasant one when we are away from home on business. Phones holders are great things to put on lanyards. Not only will recipients have quick access to their devices, but they don’t have to carry their bulky phones in their pockets either. Not only that, but they also won’t have to set their phone down and potentially forget it after a meeting or presentation, especially if they’re attending a trade show with hundreds of people. To spice things up, choose a phone lanyard that comes with a charging cable like the Charging Cable Lanyard with Phone Holder, which lets recipients charge their devices no matter where they are.

Lip Balm

One of the most creative uses for lanyards is combining them with lip balm for your trade show or event. This unique combo provides attendees with the convenience of a lanyard and the soothing protection of lip balm, especially when you choose one with SPF protection like the Beeswax Carabiner Balm for outdoor events. If you want a comfortable lanyard that the lip balm can easily be clipped onto, the Stylin' Swivel Lanyard comes with a wide metal swivel hook that can hold both the lip balm and an ID.

Coin/ID Pouch

From school events to conferences, a zippered pouch is one of the best things to put on lanyards because of the added security for both IDs and other belongings like credit cards and cash. In addition to the security benefits, when you choose an attractive Translucent ID Pouch in a color that matches your brand, you can prominently display the name of your organization or school. Don’t forget to include a quality Breakaway Lanyard in order to easily attach and remove the pouch before and after the event.

ID Badges

ID badge holders are critical if you’re hosting an event or running a business where you need to limit access, such as for backstage passes at a concert or for staff-only areas of a hospital. An ID badge makes it easy to identify staff and personnel, which is a major benefit when implementing security protocols. If you’re wondering how to use a lanyard with a name badge, select a durable Vinyl Badge Holder that clearly shows off the name of the attendee or employee and include a fully-customized lanyard with your logo or message.

Hand Sanitizers

Are you thinking, “What can you put on a lanyard that will increase safety at your event?” You can start with hand sanitizers to help eliminate the spread of germs, which is still a concern for many people. The Sani-Spray Pen is one easy-to-use option that comes with a lanyard hook and clip for quick access. While beneficial for attendees at events, these sanitizers are also great for employees who want to have sanitizer on hand around the office.


It’s never a bad idea to have a customized pen close by, and your staff members can keep one wrapped around their necks for whenever they need to fill out documents, take notes, write down important contact information and more. Easily one of the best things to put on your lanyard, a pen – like the Bexar Carabiner Pen – already comes with a carabiner clip to make attachment simple. Of course, pens aren’t the only use of lanyards for writing utensils. We also carry a Sharpie Mini that’s particularly helpful for nurses and others in the healthcare industry who are marking documents all day.


Whether it’s your maintenance crew, event staff or tech workers, LED flashlights are useful things to put on a lanyard. They can use these flashlights to locate wires, take apart machines, search storage closets and more. They don’t have to be large and bulky either. The Slim-Lite Keychain is designed with a practical and innovative flat body but also has a bright LED light that will make it easy to locate whatever they're looking for. Why not stack functions with a flashlight/pen combo? Flashlights on lanyards are also a convenient solution for dark parking lots.


Are you wondering what to put on a lanyard for staff members who work outside at parks, wildlife reservations and outdoor adventure locations? Then, look no further than the North Fahrenheit Compass which displays the direction and measures the temperature. These safety items could be crucial in a pinch for tracking direction and keeping an eye on the weather.

Reusable Straws

There are no limits to the creative uses for lanyards. You just have to think outside the box sometimes, which is where you’ll find reusable straws. Since they eliminate the need for wasteful plastic, these are the perfect eco-friendly items for people who prefer to drink out of a straw. On top of that, if you give them out to event attendees, they’ll be able to use these straws for years with your brand on their minds.

Power Banks & Device Chargers

Whether it’s for your sales team who makes calls all day or employees who travel often, power banks and device charges are necessities in many fields. However, keeping up with these charging devices can be a hassle when recipients already have to worry about keeping track of their phones. Not when they have their power bank secured around their neck. With these devices, they’ll always have a boost of power within reach.

Eye Protection

From labs to construction sites, if your team needs safety glasses, blue light UV-blocking glasses or sunglasses, then you’re going to want to make sure they have them when they’re needed most. To ensure your team is always prepared with the appropriate safety gear, give them a pair of protective eyewear attached to a lanyard. When you choose a comfortable lanyard made from cotton, they won’t even know they’re wearing the lanyard until they need to put the eyewear on.


Speaking of safety gear, earplugs are another important safety item many employees will need in their field of work. These aren’t just cute things to put on a lanyard, either. They actually help protect your valued workforce, so if you want to promote safety on the job site, give your team a lanyard that comes with attached earplugs.

Safety Whistles

The safety of students at your university or employees, especially those who work the late shift, is paramount. One of the best ways to keep them safe is by providing the utensils they need if there’s an emergency, which is why safety whistles are great things to put on lanyards. With a safety whistle tucked close to their chest, they won’t have to worry about digging through pockets or bags to find it. All they must do is reach for the whistle around their neck and blow to signal for help.

Bottle Openers

What do you put on a lanyard if you own or work at a restaurant or bar? Well, you could start with a bottle opener keychain, which will make pumping out drinks easy. No more worrying about where they placed the bottle opener as bartenders go from making cocktails to opening bottled beverages. They’ll have it with them through their entire shift. Or re-use the lanyard you got at your last trade show to be the most popular person at every party you attend!

Multi-Tools & Pocket Knives

Multi-tools aren’t just stuff to put on a lanyard. In fact, these tool sets make simple tasks a breeze. With a multitude of functions, recipients will have access to screwdrivers, bottle openers, wrenches, files and more right at their fingertips. While one of the most popular multi-tools for a lanyard is a Classic SD Swiss Army™ Knife, there are a ton of mini-tool sets you can give out to employees for use around your office or for them to take home.

Pet Waste Bags

Pet owners have a lot to keep up with, especially when they’re taking their animals for a walk. Not only do they have the leash, but they could be carrying a purse or bag, a water bottle, their phone, keys, or anything else. To help make their walk much easier, give them a lanyard with attachable pet waste bags. These bags make waste disposal simple so that they can continue down the road with their furry friends.

Push Pop Fidgets

Looking for lanyard decorations that can help relieve stress for students, medical staff and office workers? Fidget toys are exactly what you’re searching for. Designed to help encourage focus and relieve boredom, push pop fidgets resemble bubble wrap by giving users something to focus their minds on. In return, they’ll be more attentive and sharp throughout the day, especially if you give them out with a lanyard to provide easy fidget action whenever they need it.

Keychains & Key Cards

You don’t have to think hard if you’re trying to decide what to put on lanyards because keychains are always a popular option. Whether you have custodians who need access to the building on the weekends, coaches who must open gym facilities in the morning or anyone else, they’ll have the keys they need with them at all times. Hotels and resorts can also take advantage of lanyards by giving them out to guests alongside key cards for access to their rooms. Going on a cruise? Re-use an event lanyard to make sure you have room key with you at all times, for access for restaurants, spas, and your stateroom.


What can you put on a lanyard that offers plenty of versatility? Try carabiners because they allow users to attach anything that has a keyring or hook and clip. That includes small handbags, tools, safety items and more. The best part is you can choose from an array of colors to match your brand and show off your logo. But to ensure your message is with them for years, make sure you choose a durable and long-lasting lanyard like the 1" Full Color Satin Lanyard.

Hand Fans

Keep things cool by putting hand fans on a lanyard. Hand fans are great for outdoor summer events like concerts, company barbecues, fairs and more. You can even customize them with your logo or message to encourage people to become “fans” of your brand, especially when you choose one with LED lights like the LED Lighted Message Fan that comes complete with a breakaway safety lanyard.

Badge Reel

Make it easy for employees, students, event attendees and anyone else to show off their badge or scan their ID card with a badge reel lanyard. These lanyards are designed with a retractable badge reel featuring a durable pullout cord. That means they won’t have to take the lanyard off their neck to scan into buildings and private rooms or to gain access to the gym. Don’t forget to pick up badge holders to clip onto the lanyards.


Keeping headphones in bags and backpacks can be a hindrance, especially corded headphones that get tangled up with other items. Help students, employees and guests stay organized by giving them Earbuds In Case with Carabiner that can be clipped to a lanyard for quick access and convenience. Coming with a protective case, they won’t have to worry about them getting damaged while commuting to work or school, during travel or through daily transport.

Dry Bags & Pouches

Dry bags and pouches are incredibly beneficial for holding IDs, credit cards and money while swimming at the beach, the lake or anywhere else, particularly when recipients are alone or on vacation. Many dry bags even allow users to dial, text, email and talk through the bag, so they never have to risk damaging their phones. Add in a lanyard to ensure these bags are safely with them at all times, and you’ll have a giveaway that’s perfect for your business, school or organization.



As you try to decide what to put on a lanyard besides keys, don’t limit the possibilities. From whistles and lights to first aid kits, there are a ton of unique items that people will find extremely useful. All it takes is a little creativity. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these cool multi-function attachment ideas:

As you can see, while lanyards with badges or keys will always be a popular combination, there are a ton of other creative uses for lanyards at trade shows and events as well as for employees, customers and anyone else. So don’t sweat wondering what to put on your lanyard, promote your brand with any of these useful tools that people will appreciate.