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The All-In-One Buying Guide to Custom Padfolios with Logos and Promotional Notebooks

For organizations of all kinds, promotional desk accessories like custom padfolios and notebooks are well worth the investment. That’s because they’re:

  • Cost-efficient, especially when buying in bulk.
  • Capable of spreading your message far and wide.
  • Practical for students, employees, prospects, clients and colleagues alike.
  • Useful at a variety of events from trade shows to conferences.

Plus, they can be used in a wide array of settings and industries, including:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Churches
  • Medical practices and hospitals
  • Financial and legal firms
  • Volunteer organizations

Whether you choose to distribute them at an event or keep them on hand for teachers, students, and staff, your branded padfolios and promotional notebooks have the potential to generate tons of real-world exposure.

In the words of Crestline’s own Director of Vendor Relations:

"Promotional office products like padfolios and notebooks are some of the best investments. By sitting on recipients’ desks, they get fantastic exposure on a daily basis.

They never get thrown away when given, and are useful to just about everyone, from soccer moms going to committee meetings to business professionals going to budget meetings. No matter who they are, everyone needs paper and a writing surface."

If you’re interested in choosing the perfect personalized padfolios, you’re in the right place, as this buying guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Padfolios vs. Portfolios: What’s the Difference?

Before we go any further, let’s clear up the difference between custom padfolios and portfolios.

A padfolio is a pad of paper secured inside a folder. That folder may also contain three-ring binder clips, organizer pockets for papers and documents, pen loops, business card holders, calculators and more. The padfolio’s contents may be held in place with a zipper, Velcro closure, buckle or snap. Finally, a padfolio is intended to be carried under the arm.

By contrast, portfolios tend to be roomier, are often shaped like a briefcase and often come with a handle. They’re typically closed with zippers and come in a variety of sizes depending on what they’re designed to hold. Visit our portfolio page to browse for a style and price point that will work for your brand.

While those might not sound like major differences, being aware of them can help you choose the best personalized items for your recipients.

notebook and coffee cup

Custom Padfolios

With their slim profile, multifunctional features, and an array of attractive materials, everyone can appreciate a high-quality custom padfolio with an eye-catching logo.

As an added bonus, personalized padfolios are an indispensable tool for a variety of uses, including:

  • Classes
  • Meetings
  • Business trips
  • Presentations
  • Job interviews
  • Conferences, trade shows, and other industry events
  • Marketing and advertising pitches

Let’s look at some of the options you can choose from when shopping for your custom printed padfolios.

Custom Padfolio Materials

Before you purchase a custom padfolio with your logo, you’ll need to think about your preferred material. There’s a wide range of options available to suit.


Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short, is an ultra-popular synthetic plastic polymer with a staggering number of applications. In fact, Zion Market Research reports that PVC is the third-most widely produced plastic in the world, likely due to the material’s lightness and strength.

Promo PVC padfolios, like the Arch Padfolio pictured below, are both durable and sleek.

The Arch Padfolio features interior and exterior pockets, pen loops and business card holders, making it ideal for business meetings and events.

Black, white and green padfolio with green logo

Simulated Leather

While simulated leather can be made from many different materials, we’ve found UltraHyde to be one of the best.

UltraHyde is a premium faux leather product that’s crafted from polyurethane-coated fabric. This construction makes it astonishingly similar to real leather, as well as impressively rugged and long-lasting.

Branded UltraHyde padfolios, like the Pedova Zippered Padfolio shown below, have a beautiful leather-like appearance that will last for years.

The Pedova Zippered Padfolio is outfitted with a secure zippered closure, gusseted document pocket, pen loops, business card holders, USB flash drive holders and more.

Dark red faux leather padfolio with debossed logo

Carbon Fiber

When it comes to lightweight and super-strong materials, carbon fiber is a superhero.

Composed of thin filaments of carbon atoms, carbon fiber is stiff, strong, heat-resistant and chemical-resistant, all while maintaining a feather-like weight. Plus, many people love its distinctive woven checkerboard-esque appearance.

With this in mind, it makes sense that carbon fiber custom padfolios are sought-after for their superior durability and light weight.

The Heavy Duty Writing Pad picture below is a prime example of a high-quality carbon fiber promo padfolio. With elegant contrast stitching and sleek carbon fiber detailing, it’s both rugged and sophisticated.

Black padfolio with carbon fiber spine and debossed logo


Sometimes less is more, and cardboard padfolios are a testament to that.

Although we all know cardboard as a popular material for boxes and crafts, this sturdy paper-based board is a great choice for custom padfolios, too.

Crafted from sturdy natural cardboard, these custom padfolios are biodegradable, recyclable, lightweight and aesthetically-pleasing. Which makes them perfect for distribution at conferences, trade shows or any event with a conservation theme.


Known for its beautiful appearance and premium feel, genuine leather is a luxurious material that complements any number of styles and themes.

Best of all, leather is durable, flexible, and will only look better with time. This means that a leather custom padfolio imprinted with your logo will last for many, many years.

Take a look at the stunning Grain Leather Padfolio showcased below.

With antique gold hardware, plenty of pockets, reversible pad positioning and a gorgeous debossed logo, this padfolio is designed to make a sophisticated statement.

If you’re looking for a custom padfolio that will impress even the most discerning recipients, the Grain Leather Padfolio is for you.

Brown leather padfolio with debossed logo


Beloved by artists and luminaries including Vincent Van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso, Moleskine is an Italian maker of luxury pocket notebooks, journals, stationary, planners and more.

Moleskine notebooks, padfolios, portfolios and the like are crafted from textured oilcloth covers and high-quality paper. Fans around the world love Moleskine products for their simplicity, elegance and durability.

The Moleskine Cahier Ruled Journal pictured below is perfect for artists, businesspeople and everyone in between. It features 120 pages of ruled, acid free paper and an inside flap pocket for loose papers.

Grey Moleskine carry-all with beige lining and purple logo

Custom Padfolio Features

Custom padfolios can be equipped with a wide array of functional features suited to an assortment of purposes.

  • Here are some of the features you can look for when selecting your custom padfolios:
  • Pen loops: With built-in pen loops, your recipients will never have to worry about losing their favorite pen or pencil (hint: promotional writing instruments are the perfect companion gifts to give with your custom padfolios).
  • Calculator holders: Custom padfolios with dedicated calculator holders are particularly useful for financial professionals, scientists, engineers, economists, analysts and statisticians.
  • Business card holders: Padfolios with business card holders are great for everyone, but they’ll be particularly appreciated at industry and networking events.
  • Pockets and pouches: When it comes to products like custom padfolios that are designed to help with organization, the more pockets, the better. Pockets are perfect for storing extra documents, pens, resumes, breath mints and more.
  • Binder rings: Padfolios with binder rings are built to make securely storing paperwork and documents even easier.
  • Rulers: Whether your recipients are architects, artists, engineers, carpenters, or anything in between, they’re sure to love having a ruler handy in their padfolio.
  • CD slots: While CDs may no longer be the most popular way to listen to music, they’re still used to compactly store product demos, presentations and more. So, custom padfolios with CD slots can be useful for a wide variety of users.
  • Tablet holders: In the age of e-readers, iPads and other tablets, padfolios with tablet holders are both convenient and ultra-functional.
  • Zipper closures: For users who are storing a large number of documents and accessories, zipper closures are the best way to keep everything secured.
  • Elastic closures: Custom padfolios with elastic closures are both easy and quick to use, making them ideal for users at industry events and business meetings.
  • Snap closures: Falling between zipper and elastic closures, snap closures are capable of keeping everything in place while still being quick to open and close.

Custom Padfolio Imprint Methods

When shopping for your custom padfolios, you’ll be presented with a variety of options in terms of imprint methods. These are the imprint methods you’ll be able to choose from.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a tried-and-true imprint method that’s used on clothing, ceramics, glass, padfolios, notebooks and pens alike. Screen printed designs are not only long-lasting—they also have the added benefit of allowing for a rainbow of color choices.

Custom padfolios with screen printed designs, like the Arch Padfolio shown below, can be decorated with logos in either one, two or three colors. The Arch Padfolio also features a front slip pocket, organizer panel, pen loop, clear business card holder and an included writing pad.

Black and green padfolio with green logo


Debossing is an imprint method that involves stamping a surface so that the chosen design is permanently indented.

It is the opposite of embossing, since embossed custom padfolios sport a raised design rather than a depressed one

The Penmanship Padfolio shown below features a beautifully debossed logo, an elegant horizontal stitching design, a zippered closure, interior pockets, a pen loop and an included writing pad.

Black faux leather padfolio with debossed logo

Custom Padfolios for Every Budget

In the world of custom padfolios, there’s a product for every budget, occasion and recipient imaginable. For example, padfolios under $5 are ideal for large events where you’re trying to distribute padfolios to the greatest number of people possible.

On the other hand, higher priced padfolios are ideal for showing employee appreciation, impressing high-profile prospects and thanking clients.

Let’s look at some of the best custom padfolios available in four price tiers.

Under $5

These custom padfolios are all available for less than $5, and are perfect for handing out at a trade show, large conference or school.

Bright blue padfolio with black logo
Singular Padfolio

The super-sleek Singular Padfolio comes in a downright staggering array of vibrant colors. From tranquil teal to eye-catching red, the choice is yours.

It features a large interior pocket, business card holder and small interior pocket that’s perfect for holding a calculator or CD. Plus, a 30-page notepad is included.

Purple and black padfolio with purple logo
Viva Junior Padfolio

Whatever your logo is, the slim Viva Junior Padfolio will complement it perfectly in a selection of bright colors.

Each of these custom padfolios comes with a clear business card holder and a 20-page notebook.

Under $10

These custom padfolios are priced under $10, making them ideal for smaller conferences and industry events.

Black and red padfolio with white logo
Companion Padfolio

The Companion Padfolio is a perfect example of a custom padfolio that provides a professional look for an affordable price.

It’s crafted from luxe-looking UltraHyde material for a leather-like look, and sports a pen holder, three horizontal pockets and 30-page notepad with subtle stitching on the cover.

Green padfolio with black trim and white logo
FilePro Deluxe Padfolio

If you’re looking for a modern aesthetic, the FilePro Deluxe Padfolio will be right up your alley.

It’s available in a selection of bold translucent colors, and is equipped with a five-pocket accordion file, two card holders, two CD holders, pen loop, bungee cord closure and included writing pad.

Under $25

At a higher price tier, these under-$25 padfolios are fantastic for students or showing employee appreciation.

Dark blue faux leather padfolio with white logo
Durahyde Exec Brief-Padfolio

Don’t let the “executive” title fool you. Sure, the Durahyde Exec Brief-Padfolio is great for business professionals, but its notebook and organizational pockets make it a superb choice for students, too.

This custom padfolio is ultra-popular with a variety of customers, including educators from elementary schools to universities, as well as agencies and public service offices from military branches to letter carriers.

The sophisticated faux leather cover shows off your school logo or agency insignia in three different ways: keep it simple with a screen print, get classic tone-on-tone style with debossing or amp up the contrast with a foil imprint.

Red faux leather padfolio with white logo
Urban Deluxe Padfolio

The Urban Deluxe Portfolio pairs stylish faux leather with a wealth of organizational tools to create a custom padfolio that’s as functional as it is contemporary.

It’s outfitted with a secure zipper closure, pen loops, multiple business card holders and several interior pockets.

As an added bonus, it includes a writing pad with a color-coordinated privacy cover.

Under $50

Crafted from only the highest-quality materials and equipped with the best features available, these under-$50 padfolios are sure to make a lasting impression.

Try handing these custom padfolios out to high-performing employees, star students, important clients and high-profile prospects.

Brown faux leather padfolio with beige logo
Zip It Organizer Padfolio

Simply put: the Zip It Organizer Padfolio is everything you could ever want in a custom padfolio.

Made from gorgeous faux leather, this padfolio is ready for every meeting with several business card holders, multiple internal pockets, a color-coordinated pen holder, space for a tablet and a secure zipper closure.

Black faux leather padfolio with debossed logo
All-In-One Power Bank Portfolio

The All-In-One Power Bank Portfolio is the crème de la crème of multitasking padfolios.

It’s visually appealing with a leather-like vinyl cover and understated stitching, and provides plenty of power with a built-in 5,000 mAh power bank to charge tech devices on the go.

It also includes four card slots, a frosted smartphone sleeve, a document slot, and hook and loop tabs to secure a tablet in place.

Promotional Notebooks, Journals and Notepads

Useful for notes, reminders and recording upcoming events, notebooks are an ultra-portable tool that everyone can appreciate.

Even in an age of endless calendar and note apps, nothing beats the reliability and permanence of handwritten notes in a compact, beautiful notebook. If that notebook is imprinted with your custom logo, all the better.

You can tell notebooks, notepads and journals apart by looking at their binding and cover.

Notebooks tend to:
  • Be securely bound along the sides of the paper, typically with a metal spiral.
  • Include a cover.
Notepads often:
  • Are Bound at the top.
  • Allow pages to be easily removed.
Finally, journals are usually:
  • Bound with stitching along the side.
  • Equipped with a durable cover.

So, why should your organization invest in promotional notebooks, notepads or journals? It all comes down to versatility. All three have a broad range of uses and can be distributed at an array of occasions.

For example, notebooks are perfect for:
  • Trade shows, conferences and other industry events.
  • Dentists’ and doctors’ offices.
  • Teacher, school and student giveaways.
  • Company onboarding
  • Financial firms.
  • Bookstore and office supply store complimentary gifts.

Let’s take a look at the options you can select when shopping for your promotional notebooks, notepads and journals.

Promotional Notebook and Journal Materials

As with custom padfolios, promotional notebooks and journals are available in an abundance of materials. Here are some of the many materials you’ll be able to choose from.

Eco-Friendly Materials

If your recipients are environmentally conscious, they’ll love receiving a promotional notebook or journal crafted from eco-friendly materials that support the planet while looking great.

In fact, 42 percent of consumers have a more favorable opinion of advertisers if the promo product they receive are environmentally friendly, according to ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study.

Such materials include recycled cardboard, cork and cotton canvas, all of which are biodegradable and renewable.

The Recycled Doodle Freely Notebook pictured below features a hard cover made from recycled materials, as well as 80 pages of both lined and unlined paper for notes and drawings.

Brown notebook with pink logo

Denim and Linen

If you’re after a look that’s cozy and relaxed, you may want to check out promotional notebooks and journals crafted from denim and linen. Denim is made from cotton, while linen is woven from flax.

The Denim Bound Notebook featured below has a denim cover in a classic shade of dark blue, as well as an elastic fabric closure, faux leather pen holder and included bamboo pen. Inside are 96 pages of lined paper.

Blue denim notebook with logo

Simulated Leather

As we mentioned earlier, simulated leather custom notebooks and journals can be made from a few different materials, including polyurethane and UltraHyde. All types of simulated leather can create a convincing leather-like look that will add a hefty dose of elegance to your custom logo.

Pictured below is the Large Venezia Journal, which features soft faux leather covers, as well as a color-coordinated pen loop, elastic loop closure, bookmark and page edges. Inside are 96 lined pages, as well as a handy document pocket.

Black faux leather journal with debossed logo and green bookmark


Whether you’re seeking an aesthetic that’s ultra-polished or more on the rustic side, genuine high-quality leather can help you achieve it. Plus, no one can resist feeling special after being given a real leather promotional notebook or journal.

Take a look at the Alternative® Leather Refillable Journal showcased below.

Made from authentic brown leather, it looks both refined and familiar. It features a pen loop, snap closure, cotton page marker and business card slot.

Plus, since its pages can be replaced, it’s designed to last a lifetime.

Brown leather notebook with debossed logo and snap closure


These Italian-crafted Moleskine promotional notebooks and journals are just as sought-after as their padfolio counterparts.

Take for example the Moleskine Hard Cover Grand Notebook pictured below.

Streamlined and refined, it features a bound hard cover with rounded corners, elastic loop closure, expandable inner pocket, bookmark and 240 pages of lined acid-free paper.

Yellow Moleskine notebook with purple logo


Promotional notebooks and journals made from Neoskin have soft, suede-like covers you’ll want to touch again and again.

Available in a selection of bold colors, the Neoskin Cover and Journal Duo pictured below includes a 72-page recycled notebook along with a silky, reusable Neoskin cover. Inside, you’ll find a color-coordinated pen loop and page marker.

Blue Neoskin journal cover with debossed logo


As discussed earlier, PVC promotional notebooks and journals are made from a durable synthetic plastic polymer that can easily withstand wear.

The Journal, Power Bank and Pen Gift Set shown below comes complete with a PVC journal, 2,200 mAh portable power bank and premium pen in either silver or translucent plastic, all wrapped up in a sleek gift box.

The journal itself features an expandable back pocket, 80 pages and a matching bookmark and strap closure.

Black and red notebook, red and silver pen and a red and silver power bank, all with white logos


Waterproof and durable, plastic promotional notebooks and journals are perfect for students, people who work outdoors or simply those who live in cities with unpredictable weather (San Francisco, we’re looking at you).

Take a look at the Janus Notebook pictured below. It sports a translucent plastic cover in either blue or white, and 50 lined pages of spiral-bound paper.

Blue spiral-bound notebook with dark blue logo


Made from either pure polyester or a blend of both polyester and cotton, polycanvas promotional notebooks and journals are made from a rugged material with a soft look.

The 5” by 7” Polycanvas Refillable Notebook pictured below is available in five beautiful jewel-tone colors.

It sports front and back pockets to store business cards, paperwork or a smartphone for maximum convenience. It also features 50 sheets of lined paper, a ribbon page marker, a pen loop and an elastic strap closure.

Green polycanvas notebook with black logo


Polypropylene is a versatile type of polymer that’s both rigid and chemical-resistant. Promotional notebooks and journals made from polypropylene stay protected in a variety of weather conditions and can withstand plenty of use.

The Pocket Plus Notebook pictured below features a polypropylene slip cover for document storage, twin-looped metal binding and 60 sheets of lined paper.

Black and gray spiral-bound notebook with front pocket and logo


Although you may be used to hearing about polyester in terms of clothing, it can also be used to create stylish promotional notebooks and journals.

Check out the Two-Tone Gray Journal highlighted below. Its polyester cover features a modern two-town design that’s reminiscent of a high-end executive suit, making it perfect for boardroom meetings and industry events. It’s also equipped with a pen loop, elastic band closure and 80 sheets of lined paper.

Grey cloth journal with blue logo


Polyurethane is a heat-resistant polymer that’s exceptionally durable.

Promotional notebooks and journals made from polyurethane are strong and long-lasting, and are also available in a range of attention-grabbing colors.

The Double Cover Travel Journal pictured below is perfect for taking notes on the go, thanks to its compact size and handy strap closure. It sports decorative stitched edging, two front covers, five card pockets, a pen loop, two ribbon bookmarks and 80 pages of lined paper.

Bright red journal with white logo and strap closure


Good old-fashioned paper promotional notebooks and journals have the advantage of being lightweight, super-portable and biodegradable.

Shown below is the Mini Glitter Notebook, which features a stunning sparkling color in gold, silver or pink. Perfect for distribution at large events to students, employees or attendees, this notebook also allows you to choose between graph, lined or dotted paper.

Glittery gold notebook with black logo


Vinyl is a highly adaptable plastic material with countless applications, from housing siding to medical supplies to children’s toys.

Promotional notebooks and journals made from vinyl are waterproof, durable and sleek.

The Woodgrain-Look Soft Cover Journal Set shown below features a trendy woodgrain pattern on its cover, making it perfect for nature lovers and city dwellers alike. It features an included bamboo pen, as well as an elastic closure, pen loop and 80 pages of lined and perforated paper.

Brown woodgrain-look journal with debossed logo and attached pen

Promotional Notepad Materials

Compared to promotional notebooks and journals, notepads keep it simple. Since they usually have no cover, they can be crafted from just a handful of quality materials, including paper, cardboard and magnets.


As you might expect, the most common notepad material is paper. All paper notepads are recyclable and lightweight, making them ideal for any location or event.

Shown below is the Bic® 4" x 3" Adhesive Colored Notepad, which is available in three bright colors and features 50 sheets of adhesive paper. Best of all, your full color logo can be imprinted on every single page.

Bright blue adhesive notepad with dark blue logo and image


Sometimes, notepads can include protective cardboard covers much like promotional notebooks and journals.

Just like paper, cardboard is biodegradable, lightweight and recyclable, with the added benefit of being extra-sturdy.

The Pocket Notes notepad shown below is made from cardboard and eco-friendly recycled paper, and features a micro-writer pad with an elastic loop. Inside are 60 ruled pages, all held together by metal ring binding.

Brown cardboard spiral-bound notepad with blue logo and attached pen


If you’re looking for notepads that won’t get lost or slide around, magnetic notepads are the perfect solution. These notepads can easily be attached to a desk, file cabinet, fridge or any other metal item.

The Business Card Magnet With Notepad showcased below features flexible magnets made from recycled materials, as well as a 50-sheet non-adhesive notepad. With a full color imprint area, this magnetic notepad can show off every hue of your logo.

White and blue lined notepad with orange, green and yellow logo

Promotional Notebook, Journal and Notepad Imprint Methods

Promotional notebooks, journals and notepads offer the same imprint methods as custom padfolios.

Here, we’ll give you a quick refresher on the imprint methods available when selecting your custom notebooks.

Screen Printing

Available in both full color and single color options, screen printed promotional notebooks, journals and notepads can display your design in a beautiful rainbow of colors.

The Rocketbook Everlast Executive notebook shown below looks like a normal notebook, but is secretly a high-tech powerhouse that can connect to all your recipients’ cloud services. It comes with a Pilot Frixion pen, and features reusable Everlast pages and a sturdy hard cover.

Black spiral-bound notebook with white and rainbow logo


Promotional notebooks, journals and notepads with debossed imprints present a fantastic way to showcase your custom design in an elegant way.

The Moleskine Large Solid Cover Notebook pictured below features a beautiful leather-like cover with rounded edges, elastic band closure and a convenient built-in bookmark. Inside, you’ll find 120 pages of acid-free paper.

Black faux leather notebook with debossed logo

Promotional Notebook Features

From scented paper to built-in charging cables, promotional notebooks, journals and notepads can come with a dizzying array of appealing features.

  • Here are some of the features you can look for when shopping for your promotional notebooks:
  • Binding: There’s a binding style for every person, whether they prefer to lay their notebooks flat or flip them completely open. For example, you can decide between spiral, ring and stitched bindings.
  • Specialized paper: No matter what your purpose, there’s sure to be a paper for it. Scented, lined, unlined, erasable, reusable, dotted and graph paper are all available.
  • Eco-friendly: As we mentioned earlier, there are a variety of options for organizations who want promotional notebooks that are environmentally friendly. Choices include recycled paper, cardboard and magnets, as well as an array of biodegradable materials like cotton and cork.
  • Organizational features: Notebooks, journals and notepads with extra organizational features are perfect for students, business people, teachers, medical staff and more. These can include tabs, folders, bookmarks, included sticky notes and more.
  • Closures: From elastic loops to buckles to snaps, there are a variety of closures to choose from.
  • Pockets: Promotional notebooks with built-in pockets are helpful in terms of both organization and storage. They’re ideal for stowing extra cash, tech devices, pens and more.
  • Charging cables: Your recipients will absolutely love being able to take notes and charge their tech devices at the same time.

Promotional Notebooks, Journals and Notepads for Every Budget

When it comes to promotional notebooks, there truly is something for everyone. From ultra-affordable notepads you can pass out at large events to top-of-the-line journals you can give to your most valued recipients, the choice is yours.

Here are some of our favorite promotional notebooks, journals and notepads in every price tier.

Under $1

At less than $1 a pop, feel free to give these promotional notebooks to anyone and everyone. Affordable options like these are perfect for spreading your message as far and wide as possible.

Bright green jotter with blue and orange logo
Full Color Flip Jotter

The Full Color Flip Jotter is a handy notepad that can easily slip into any padfolio, folder or briefcase.

It’s available in an array of saturated colors, and offers full color imprint area for your custom design. Its 48 pages feature a perforated seam for easy removal.

Neon yellow and black composition book with black logo
Mini Neon Notebook

The Mini Neon Notebook is perfect for that touch of retro cool.

What this promotional notebook lacks in size it makes up for in visual impact, with four bright neon colors to choose from. Best of all, its low price includes a full color imprint.

Under $5

These promotional notebooks are all priced at less than $5. Try handing them out at your next conference, trade show or large school event.

Brown cardboard spiral-bound notebook with blue trim and black logo
Nature-Friendly Notebook and Pen

The Nature-Friendly Notebook and Pen is easy on the eyes, the environment and your budget.

Its cover is made from recycled cardboard, and includes an elastic pen loop, 60 pages of ruled notepaper and a variety of rich colors to choose from.

Grey faux leather notebook with white logo
Color Burst Notebook

The large Color Burst Notebook is big enough to fit all your meeting notes while still maintaining a slim profile and streamlined design.

This promotional notebook’s cover is crafted from high-quality UltraHyde material, and features 80 pages of ruled white paper, an elastic band closure and a bookmark ribbon.

Under $10

Priced at less than $10, these journals are ideal for gifting to employees, teachers, colleagues and more.

Brown faux leather journal with debossed logo and beige bookmark
Cadet Journal

If a classic look is what you’re after, the Pedova™ Soft Bound Journalbook™ is the way to go.

Its silky-smooth faux leather cover can easily be mistaken for the real thing, and it features an elastic band closure, a ribbon bookmark and 80 sheets of lined ivory paper.

Dark blue faux leather journal with debossed logo and ribbon bookmark
Junior Tuscany® Journal

The Junior Tuscany Journal has nothing if not universal appeal.

It’s outfitted with a buttery faux leather cover, an elastic band closure, a ribbon bookmark and a document pocket on the back inside cover.

Under $25

If you’re looking for promotional notebooks, journals and notepads with a little something extra, check out these options for under $25.

Brown faux leather padfolio with debossed logo
Vintage Padfolio

The faux leather Vintage Padfolio is a timeless custom padfolio that will never go out of style.

It features contrast stitching, business card slots and a writing pad, as well as loops for both a pen and a USB drive.

Dark blue faux leather journal with debossed logo
Hampton JournalBook™

Perfect for business meetings and corporate events, the Hampton JournalBook creates a clean, professional look.

It sports a business card pocket, ribbon page marker and double pen loop lock closure, as well as 90 sheets of lined paper. Since it’s refillable, it can be used again and again.

Under $50

Promotional notebooks, journals and notepads priced at under $50 are ideal for making a truly lasting impression. Here are our favorites.

Dark brown leather journal with debossed logo and strap closure
Small Leather Journal

The Small Leather Journal has an upscale and rustic appeal that your recipients won’t be able to resist.

Crafted from supple genuine leather and stylish accent stitching, it also includes its own muslin bag. Since these journals are made by hand, each one is completely unique.

Dark gray notebook and wireless charging station
Wireless Charging Journal

With a built-in 5,000 mAh power bank, the 5000 mAh Titus Wireless Charging Journal offers wireless-charging capability.

This refillable journal also features 64 sheets of cream-colored lined paper, zip closure, and pen loop.

Padfolios and Notebooks for Education

As we mentioned below, custom padfolios, notebooks, journals and notepads are ideal for teachers, students and school faculty. This is true for every academic level from kindergarten through college.

Here are a couple great options to distribute at your school.

Rustic Notebook Set

The Rustic Notebook Set and its quirky woodgrain design are guaranteed to stand out in a school setting.

This promotional notebook comes with its own matching pen, plus a notepad, sticky flags and sticky notes that are sure to come in handy in class. To keep everything in place, a bungee holder loops right around the pen and notebook opening.

Woodgrain-look notebook with black logo and attached pen

Metro Calculator Padfolio

With the Metro Calculator Padfolio, school supplies can stay neatly organized and out of the way.

Its UltraHyde cover has the luxurious softness of nappa leather, and its built-in solar calculator, file pocket, CD pockets, card pockets, USB drive pockets and pen-holder ensure that nothing will get lost.

Black and green faux leather padfolio with debossed logo

Additional Options to Consider

Before you decide which custom padfolios, notebooks and journals you’re going to purchase, you might want to take these additional options into consideration.

Made in the USA

If you want custom padfolios and promotional notebooks that are made right here in the U.S., your recipients will appreciate it.

According to ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study, an impressive 53 percent of consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promo products they receive are made in the USA.

These are two of our favorite U.S.-made products.

Vinyl Portfolio Junior

If you’re looking for bold and eye-catching, the Vinyl Portfolio Junior will be perfect for you.

Its large imprint area ensures that your custom logo will turn heads, and its top flap keeps documents secure.

Red vinyl padfolio with white logo

Mini Camouflage Notebook

The Mini Camouflage Notebook is sure to be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts and style-minded recipients alike.

It features a classic camouflage design in a variety of colors, and comes with your choice of graph, lined or dotted paper.

Brown and green camouflage notebook with white logo


Custom padfolio and promotional notebook sets are the ultimate all-in-one gift.

Perfect for onboarding new staff, showing staff appreciation or giving away at a special school event, these sets can include:

  • Pens.
  • Sticky notes (click here to learn more about custom sticky notes).
  • Lanyards.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Organizational features.
  • Charging cables.
  • MopTopper™ screen cleaner pens.
  • Phone and storage pockets.

Here are a few fantastic sets your recipients will love.

MopTopper Pen and Notebook Set

Available in a spectrum of vibrant colors, the MopTopper Pen and Notebook Set comes complete with a spiral-bound promotional notebook and MopTopper pen that doubles as a touch screen stylus.

Whether your recipients need a pen, a stylus, a notebook or a screen cleaner, this compact set will have them covered. 

Blue and white spiral-bound notebook with blue logo, snap closure and included MopTopper pen

Perfect Three Gift Set

Have an upcoming employee retreat, business trip or school picnic? The Perfect Three Gift Set will provide attendees with everything they need.

It features a 16-ounce insulated tumbler, foil-lined lunch bag and promotional notebook and pen set, all in bright, matching colors.

Matching purple and black tumbler, lunch bag and notebook with pen, all with white logos

Woodgrain Padfolio With Sticky Notes and Flags

The sleek and sophisticated Woodgrain Padfolio With Sticky Notes and Flags will fit right in to any business meeting, college classroom or special event.

This custom padfolio features an elegant woodgrain design, and comes with a matching pen, pen loop, 70-page notepad, sticky notes, sticky flags and a paper envelope. Finally, a handy magnetic closure makes for the perfect finishing touch.

Grey woodgrain-look padfolio with white logo

Whether you choose a simple, classic notepad or a top-of-the-line padfolio with all the bells and whistles, your message will spread from the office to the classroom to industry events.

After all, ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study found that when it comes to promotional desk accessories like padfolios, notebooks, journals and notepads:

  • Sixty-four percent of consumers own a promotional desk accessory.
  • Sixty-seven percent of Millennials have a positive opinion of an advertiser who gave them the promo desk accessory.
  • Fifty-six percent of consumers use promo desk accessories at least once per week.
  • Promo desk accessories generate 1,450 impressions over their lifetime.

If you want to gain exposure, show employee appreciation, and win over your audience, custom padfolios and promotional notebooks can help you achieve your goals in a lasting and memorable way.