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22 Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts &
Cheap Celebration Ideas

updated: March 5, 2024
Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts & Cheap Celebration Ideas

Teachers are some of the most influential people in the lives of our children. They spend a significant amount of time educating, supporting, and forming the next generation. That’s why we need to remember them in a special way during the annual celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6 to May 10, 2024) with or without a lavish budget. If your school or parent led organization’s budget leaves something to be desired, don’t sweat it. Say “thank you” with our fun ideas for budget celebrations and inexpensive gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

We offer the following ideas for cheap teacher appreciation gifts in bulk, that make saying thank you affordable for schools and parent organizations working with a tight gift budget.

1. Tote Bag

Every teacher would appreciate a Lightweight Cotton Economy Tote Bags – Natural, which is made from cotton and feature sturdy handles and a roomy interior to carry supplies, books, and other items back and forth from school to home.

2. Desk Plant

Brighten up your teachers’ desks with the Wooden Planter Block, which includes a wooden cube planter, a seed packet, peat pellets and instructions. It is a perfect daily reminder of how much you value your teaching staff and is one of the best cheap teacher appreciation gifts from the principal and other administrators. Imprint with a saying like “Teach, Inspire, Grow” for a special touch.

3. Pen

Don’t underestimate a teacher's love for a fresh new pen for grading and jotting down notes. The Sharpie® S-Gel is a teacher favorite for its gel ink, no smear technology and vivid writing experience. Add your school logo or a fun teacher appreciation saying like “You’re INKcredible.” Our MopTopper™ Superhero Pen will be sure to bring smiles with its patented, smiling MopTopper™ head with microfiber hair that doubles as a screen cleaner. Imprint with a fun “Super Teacher” design.

4. Journal

Crestline’s Soft Touch Journal is the perfect thank-you gift for your teachers, ready for their notes, personal thoughts, or reminders. This hardbound journal has a soft to the touch PVC cover and features an elastic band closure and ribbon bookmark.

5. Eye-Mask

Every teacher could use a little relaxation. Our Hot & Cold Plush Eye-Mask helps teachers soothe their nerves and relax after a trying day. The masks use innovative “Aqua Pearl” bead technology to deliver warm or cold therapy without any mess. With an ultra-plush material on one side, these personalized eye masks are sure to provide comfortable and relaxing wear.

6. Pin

Encourage teachers to wear our Circular Promotion Pin made of sturdy metal for Teacher Appreciation Week recognition. Pins are a less expensive option than T-shirts yet still gives your staff something to wear with pride. If you’re looking for teacher appreciation gifts under $1, pins may be the perfect solution. Take pictures and post on your school’s social media, giving your teachers the shout-out they deserve throughout the week.

7. Mug

Whether your teachers love coffee, tea, or just need an extra container for knick-knacks on their desk, these 11 oz Budget Mug make the perfect appreciation gift for your teaching staff.

8. Canvas Pouch

Check out the Ashley Canvas Accessory Pouch, which is a zippered accessory or cosmetic pouch made of cotton. Its interior pocket divider helps teachers store their items neatly and securely.

9. Highlighter

Teachers will appreciate our fun High Five Highlighter that conveniently offers five highlighting colors in one. Its chisel tip offers precise highlighting in yellow, pink, orange, green, and blue. Great for color-coding notes or emphasizing things for students, these highlighters are sure to get plenty of use in the classroom.

10. Tumbler

Help your teachers stay hydrated with this 18 oz The Roadmaster Travel Tumbler with Clear Slide Lid. This double-wall insulated travel mug has a sip-through lid and maintains a 40-degree difference between the contents and the outside, keeping drinks hot or cold longer.

11. Phone Stand

Teachers will appreciate the Bamboo Media Stand that is made from eco-friendly, polished renewable bamboo wood. Its unique base allows simultaneous phone charging and viewing and is sturdy enough to hold a tablet or a phone either vertically or horizontally. It’s a well-loved desk accessory.

12. Lanyard

Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to freshen up your teachers’ well-worn lanyards that carry badges and keys every day. Gift a new personalized one like our 3/4" Polyester Lanyard with the school logo to encourage spirit and pride.

Outside the Box Inexpensive Gifts for
Teacher Appreciation Week

Sometimes an unexpected surprise service can be just as wonderful a gift as something physically given. Here are some fun ideas that schools can orchestrate with students, administrators, and parents to extend a special thank you during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Outside the Box Inexpensive Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week
Snack Cart

13. Snack Cart

Surprise teachers in between classes by rolling around a cart loaded with snacks and drinks. Stock the cart with favorites like granola bars, pretzels, chocolate, waters, coffee, nuts, and fruit. Offering a single drink and snack costs only a few dollars at most.

14. Room Service

A variation of the snack cart, room service can incorporate a Door Hanger Oval Paper Card with a choice of snacks and drinks. Once all orders have been recorded, have the principal or an administrator deliver the items as an extra nice gesture of appreciation.

Rustic Notebook Set

15. Car Wash

Organize students, parents, and administrators to take shifts washing teachers’ cars during the week. Gather some soap and sponges, and hook up a hose for a fun, team-building activity that can say thank you to teachers in a creative, inexpensive way.

Group Gift

16. Group Gift

Another idea would be for a school to give one collective group gift that would benefit all teachers for years to come such as a new gourmet coffee machine or comfortable couch for the staff lounge.

Gift Card

17. Gift Card

Always a favorite, gift cards can be as little as $5 that gives your teachers a free coffee or snack from a local shop. Slip the gift card inside a Sticky Note Pocket Pack or Suede Card Guard as a bonus.

Affordable & Fun Activities for Teacher
Appreciation Week

Be sure the ambiance of your school is different during Teacher Appreciation Week. Decorate the hallways and plan some special events for students, teachers, and administrators to get into the spirit. Such celebrations will likely prompt individual students to add personal thank yous and gifts to the week as well.

Affordable & Fun Activities for Teacher Appreciation Week

18. Banners and Signs

Put up a Beckon Banner- 6' x 2' at the entrance of the school printed with an affectionate, “We ♥ Our Teachers” sentiment. For an even less expensive option, have students create signs with poster board and markers for display throughout the buildings, in hallways, on individual teacher’s doors, or in common areas like the teacher’s lounge or cafeteria. Incorporate balloons, streamers, and other decorations.

Potluck Lunch

19. Potluck Lunch

A great opening or closing to Teacher Appreciation Week could be a parent-led potluck meal. With each family sharing a favorite meal, side, or dessert, the celebration will surely be appreciated.


20. Raffle

Although many schools would love to be able to give a high-end gift to all teachers, budgets often do not allow the luxury. Instead, have all the teachers enter a raffle for a chance to win a hot item like a Bluetooth speaker or a Fairytale Brownies® Gift Box. You can order as few as two or three items personalized with your school logo or a fun saying.


21. Parade

Similar to a pep rally, have students line the halls one morning and have the teachers parade through the school. Encourage students to wear school spirit apparel, hold up signs, and cheer for their teachers.

Solicit Community Contributions

22. Solicit Community Contributions

A member of the parent-teacher organization can volunteer to reach out to local businesses to share their appreciation as well. After all, good education benefits the entire community. Many businesses will be happy to donate money, items or services or sponsor a recognition lunch, coffee, or snacks.

Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time for administrators, school boards, and parent-led organizations to reach out and show appreciation for all that our teachers do for our students each day. It doesn’t have to be a large budget item; many gifts are inexpensive, and celebrations just require a little creativity and elbow grease to have the desired effect.